From May 1st to tomorrow, amachi. Currently, we have only produced one piece, the Dusk Shirt, but we hope that you will enjoy the amachi. Sandals today. "FEIT" It's the first model that the brand made last spring/summer season, and although it won't be exactly the same this year, we'll be releasing it again in limited quantities. The reason is because I wore it last summer and it was too good. FEIT One strap sandals color_BLACK size _ M (around 25cm), L (around 26cm), XL (around 27cm) *Actual foot size this. Last season, in addition to this BLACK, we also developed a brightly colored camel-like TAN, but this is the only one. Although it doesn't look innovative, these sandals have ultra-analog FEIT specifications, a structure suitable for walking, and overwhelming cushioning. Sandals with hand sewn and rich handwork shoemaking. The leather and insole that cover the instep, the leather that goes around the side and the strap part, and the outsole. We change the type depending on where we use multiple leathers. The leather upper is sandwiched between the footbed and the sole, and is hand-stitched with thick linen thread. There are some sandals that are simpler, such as those that are simply attached to the sole, but they lack reliability when worn, so don't worry about these sandals. The edge of the leather outsole is also polished to a high level, which is rare in sandals. The outsole is cowhide leather that has been tanned over a long period of time. this. FEIT's original leather sole. Surprising hardness at first. It is unique to FEIT that it is so hard. Super hard leather. because it bends only slightly. smile Because it's in the FEIT spirit, tanned (naturally sourced) and full (100% tannins). If you want to make the leather soft leather, add chromium (derived from petroleum) or mix it, but FEIT is the best. Super full tanning. But, as expected, with a heel rubber. This is consideration for the wearer. The large leather that covers the instep is elk leather. Giant deer, moose leather. behind it. The contrast with the entire leather that makes up the sandals is effective, but... This is the advantage of wearing it. Can you tell from the photo? back side. The back side with a tremendous amount of grain. This is the original outer leather, but it is placed on the back. In general, brushed leather such as suede or nubuck is recognized as a leather that looks warm in autumn and winter, but this sandal has nothing to do with it. What is more important than the image of the world is the benefit to the wearer. Because the grain on the back is strong, it feels very dry when you wear it. A hit to the foot. The instep part is endlessly smooth. I think some people wear sandals with socks on, but basically in the hot summer months, aren't they barefoot? That means you sweat. It's hot. If you sweat, you usually get sticky. I think it would be even better if it was a leather. However, by touching the instep of the elk leather directly to the top of the foot, such a discomfort disappears. I don't know if there is any other leather that can feel so dry and comfortable to the touch. In addition, Elk leather is thick and durable, so it doesn't stretch too much and gives you a tremendous sense of security when walking. The heel has a firm and thick cowhide strap. This is different from the outsole leather, but this is also full tannin. That's why it's so strong. The stretch will come out little by little, but it will hold the heel properly and the sandals will follow your feet. Adjustable with bullet button painted black on brass. For the first size selection, it may be enough to just barely hold the button. The heel strap is also attached with black brass parts. This is not a snap button, but a screw type, so you can feel that it is a super analog sandal from there. Also, as you can see from the photos, stitch work by sewing machine is not included. Only the hand-stitched areas have stitches. So, this is the personal item I've been wearing since this time last year in the summer. The suede on the upper is bushy and has a whitish appearance. In addition to that, the shape changes according to the bone structure of the foot. After that, the surface of the smooth leather is clearly glossy and shaded. especially the footbed. That should be it. As mentioned above, this FEIT sandal is a sandal that allows you to experience overwhelming cushioning. The surface that actually touches the foot is leather, but the entire sole is covered with the leather of the insole. . As you wear them, the weight, sweat, and heat of the wearer gradually transform the latex into the shape of the soles of your feet. The insole, which was relatively flat when new, will transform into a bumpy appearance in no time at all. When I wore them last year, it happened naturally, so I didn't notice much, but when I put my feet in this time, the difference was astonishing. So-called leather sandals full of craftsmanship can be worn while bleeding, or you can enjoy the change of leather by overcoming the pain, but it's tough with bare feet, isn't it? gradually. It's always comfortable, and that brings more points. Of course, since the material is material, you can feel a positive change in appearance in addition to the pleasant feeling of putting your feet in. I don't think there are many leather sandals in that genre. The overall tone is black, but the material contrast of leather with different leather quality is also effective. There is also a shade of black, and I think it would be nice to have a moderate weight to the outfit. It is a sandal infused with black unified leather variations and FEIT's unique shoemaking. If you like it, please take a look.
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