BIEK VERSTAPPEN Spring/summer clothes

The other day I introduced calmlence, but today I'd like to introduce something else.


This is a brand that does everything except weaving the fabric themselves in a Dutch atelier.

All BIEK VERSTAPPEN clothes are made in the atelier rather than being produced in a factory.

Clothes design, dyeing, pattern design, sewing, and finishing.

We carry out the steps mentioned above, which are essential to making clothes, with our own hands.

Some of you may know us as an ``artisan dyeing brand,'' and that's true, but when you look at the clothes as a whole, we produce quite a lot of them.

The brand uses high-quality natural raw materials from Europe and takes full advantage of the individuality of the materials, but when it comes to items that are especially suitable for the spring and summer seasons, we use hemp from Belgium and linen from Ireland in the UK.

In addition to the fabric texture and dyeing that make use of raw materials, he creates clothes that are simple and sturdy no matter how you look at them, and on top of that, he draws an "outline" that is completely on target for the brand, even though it is a tight fit.

I think this quality of clothing is unique to BIEK VERSTAPPEN.

Also, this is the tightest fitting brand at our store, CASANOVA&CO.

It goes against the loose sizing of the world.

But, rather than going against the grain as a counter-idea to mainstream society, brands are just doing it because they ``just like it.''

But don't worry, it's not too tight at all.

Especially for tops, as you will understand if you look at the photos, the sizing is not loose.

However, there is a unique aura that these clothes have, and yet, the fit.

If you like this, there's a world waiting for you that you won't encounter anywhere else.

Let me introduce you a little.



material _ BELGIAN LINEN 100%


First of all, this.

A jacket made from the brand's signature high-density linen plain weave fabric.

Look at this.

Well, it looks really cool, doesn't it? This fabric.

The organization has a tremendous amount of attention.

Made from Belgian linen raw materials, double threads are used to create super thick threads that are tightly woven.

However, the quality of the raw materials is immediately apparent.

Normally, when such thick threads are woven in such a tight manner, the material becomes stiff and stiff.

But that's not the case with BIEK VERSTAPPEN.

This kind of fabric has strength and elasticity, and gives the clothes a firm shape, but it also has a wet touch and supple softness.

In addition, we can expect a lot from the transformation from when it was new.

And normally it would be heavy, but it's not.


Also, when I look at the fabric, dark spots appear here and there.

I think the fabric was probably dyed in the atelier, but I think the dyeing was done with the aim of making it look uneven, with black spots appearing instead of flat.

The fabric is designed so that it remains black depending on how tightly the threads are twisted, creating a contrast between the clearly defined texture of the fabric and the black.

It looks like a leather jacket.

The buttons are highly transparent water buffalo buttons.

On the back, there are two tucks on each side of the hem.

On the other hand, the front has two darts on each side of the hem.

The darts and tucks on the front and back greatly affect the shape when worn.

I think petite people will benefit greatly from this if they wear it.

To begin with, BIEK VERSTAPPEN is a brand that makes both men's and women's clothing.

Beak herself is a woman. It's so beautiful.

This bomber actually appeared as a women's model in the collection.

So I was able to wear the women's sample just right.

It's an impressive outline of the clothes.

So, since the collection sample had a right front for women, I asked them to change it to a left front that could be worn by men as well.

Normally, I never make women's clothes for men because they are made for women's body types.

But BIEK VERSTAPPEN is different.

As those who have seen the BIEK VERSTAPPEN clothes that we have carried in our store will understand, they have a form that cannot be found anywhere else.

I think it would look really cool on a small, slender man.

That's why we always carry BIEK VERSTAPPEN clothes for people who want to wear clothes that are just the right size and have a slim fit.

Among these, I believe that BIEK VERSTAPPEN's clothes create a "form of a completed realm," and I felt the same way about this jacket made for women. .

This is seriously amazing.

So, as I said earlier, I only had the front of the outfit changed.


A parade of extremely strong sewing specifications.

Generally speaking, imported brands are sometimes said to have a low level of sewing, but that's not the reason I choose them. Please rest assured.

The back of the button is also thoughtful.


Height 167cm, weight 52kg S.

Although the clothes are made of 100% linen, the intricate layering of elements gives them a very luxurious feel.

Well, they are expensive clothes.

A jacket that can be worn firmly on the shoulders.

"Hugging comfort" is drawn starting from the top of the shoulder.

It's a jacket that fits snugly, thanks to the "hugging room" and the hem darts and tucks at the front and back, but it doesn't show off your body line.

BIEK VERSTAPPEN draws the outline of the desired clothes.

The tuck at the hem stands out visually.

And sharp armholes and sleeves.

It's not a voluminous body width, but the arms are thin compared to that body width.

Large armholes are the mainstream when it comes to making clothes, but I believe that there is a beauty that only exists in small armholes.

The base is a casual jacket, but when you raise your hands, the shoulders pop out.

Earlier, I posted a photo of the back of the shirt on a hanger, so you can see that there is no lining or shoulder pads, but the top of the shoulder, called the sleeve crest, is built very high.

However, when the sleeve hem is set this high, the usual theory is to create a "high sleeve" structure.

But, at BIEK VERSTAPPEN, this jacket is strictly casual.

Therefore, as part of the brand's style, the sleeves are set high, but the sleeves are not high, and the body is casually high.

I can really feel the brand's intentions.

The back is also wonderfully "hugging".

A transcendental elegance that is unimaginable for clothes of this color.

It's unbelievably comfortable to wear with this kind of fabric.

I think there will be a limited number of people who can wear it because it's the last size I can fit, but I'm looking for Cinderella fit.


bou trousers



Next is this.

The "bou trouser" was first made for Mr. Beek's husband, Mr. Bau.

These pants are the face of BIEK VERSTAPPEN as pants.

Since this is a model for men, the size is XS.

Our store has carried these pants several times in the past, but for those who like them, it's hard to come across this type of power piece pants, so we got them at Shimizu Dive.

The texture of hemp changes depending on the natural environment, and the dyeing process done using the original recipe in the atelier is not the same every time.

There are elements of the brand's signature, but these pants are constantly changing and shipped directly from the Netherlands. lol

The previous fabric was 100% linen, but this one is 100% hemp.

These pants have more firmness, body, and weight, but the stonewashing breaks down the feeling. It's a feeling.

It's woven from extremely thick hemp threads at a very high density, so it can't be called soft yet. lol

However, the fabric of this bou trouser feels wetter than usual.

The rest is a natural shine made from high-quality raw materials.

The structure of the fabric is clearly visible, and the texture created by uneven dyeing in the atelier has an incredible depth.

This is unique to BIEK VERSTAPPEN.

The front has a buffalo horn button fly.

It has a back yoke, and the patch pockets are low-key.

The rise is deep, and if you were to compare it to a sarouel pants type.

As I said earlier, the details of the bou trousers change with each collection, but this time the sarueil is relatively modest.

Is it good or bad? Well, it depends on the person wearing it.

Darts at the knee position.


Just like the previous jacket, it's extremely sturdy and has a tough structure.

Extremely durable to withstand tough fabrics.

Not only the seams in various places, but also the attachment of the bag cloth in the back pocket is a specification that I have not seen in other brands.

It may not be obvious from the photo, but both ends of the pocket bag cloth are sewn around the piping at the edge of the front placket and the piping at the outside seam.

Even if you put something heavy in your pocket, it gives off an atmosphere that won't make you feel uncomfortable at all.

Of course, there is no lining, so you can feel the tough texture of the fabric, which uses a large amount of high-quality Belgian hemp.


As you can see, the length is short.

Even from a distance, you can feel the sharpness within its unique rounded form and the unusual texture of black hemp.

side view.

The outline of the knee becomes three-dimensional due to the action of the darts at the knee position.

I think black pants exist everywhere, but I don't think you come across them very often at this level.

You can really feel the power of the clothes made by BIEK VERSTAPPEN.



material_IRISH LINEN 100%





material_IRISH LINEN 100%



And finally, these two.

Shirts and pants made from British Irish linen.

These shirts and pants are definitely for summer rather than right now.

As the name suggests, it is a plain weave fabric woven from red and brown yarn-dyed linen.

As I said it's for summer, the linen thread is thin, which is different from the jacket and pants I mentioned earlier, and the weight allows the wind to pass through during the hot season.

The fabric feels nice to the touch, and I'm sure it will make you feel cool in the summer, but the mood of the clothes, with the colors, is heavy.

Another thing to note is the high quality of the linen.

It is said that it is impossible to obtain old Irish linen, but it still has the dignity that comes from the region where it is produced.

The fabric is woven with yarn-dyed yarn and then dyed in the atelier to create a stronger texture, but the fibers themselves still shine.

This is a level unique to this kind of raw material.

The calmlence linen shirt and BIEK VERSTAPPEN linen that I introduced the other day.

I'm sure you have your own preferences, but in terms of quality, both are at an excellent level.

The shirt looks standard at first glance in terms of details, but it's quite unusual.

The best way to handle the collar is to open the first button and create an open collar style.

The buttons are 4mm thick buffalo buttons that look abnormal against the fabric.

When viewed from the front, it looks like a single collar, but it has a base collar in the shape of a moon waist.

As a result, when viewed from the side, the back style is similar to the way the collar of a jacket stands.

However, the back style is very different.

If you take a quick look, you can see that the area of ​​the back yoke is large.

Well, if that's the case, you can see it.

However, the collar I mentioned earlier.

This base collar cuts out the back of the back yoke quite deeply.

In other words, the collar is attached from quite a bit below. It also has a strong curve.

Normally, the base collar and back body have a straighter joining line, but this one's position and shape are completely different.

You can definitely feel the difference when you try it on.

When viewed from the side or from the back, the collar stands out in three dimensions.

This is a photo of the back shoulder.

This is also a very important point.

The seam allowance on the back is turned to the "sleeve side".

Normal shirts have seam allowances split or turned to the body side.

However, this shirt has the same sleeves as the jacket.

In other words, it has a "high sleeve" structure.

The collar is designed to stand up when viewed from the side or from the back, and the sleeves are designed to be high on the shoulders.

The brown colored jacket that I introduced first has a high bodice.

This shirt has high sleeves, adding a dressy element to it rather than being casual.

The design of this shoulder structure is also an important essence of BIEK VERSTAPPEN's style.

When you wear these kinds of details, they have a huge impact on how you look.

Square-cut hem and cuffs.

The buttons on the cuffs are also 4mm thick buffalo like the body, but the buttons are fastened with loops instead of buttonholes.

By the way, I didn't take a photo, but this shirt has a patch pocket on the front waist pocket.

On the front, I changed the texture to create a border, but I also applied the outer material to the back to create a double pocket.

Because it's linen, when you actually put things in the pockets, the kickback of the fiber is weak and they can sag, so to prevent that from happening, I make sure that even when I use the pockets, they don't look sloppy.

Extremely kind and considerate.


Most of the stitching is done by bag stitching so that the seam is not exposed on the outside, but piping is still used.

Pants made of the same Irish linen striped fabric.

A belt is included at the waist, but this is a sturdy 100% hemp belt. I guess it's long and drips down.

Brass is placed at the tip of the hemp belt.

The appearance of this brass is also quite good.

The back has one pocket only on the right side.

This pocket is also double-layered with the outer material sewn on the back side.

Belt loop for passing the hemp belt through.

Reinforced with force by driving brass rivets.

Great contrast with the fabric.

In addition to,,,

It's really hard to see, but please look at your fingertips.

This belt loop is not a normal one, but has double layers of fabric.

I reinforced the fastening with my hand.

It's almost invisible, but the clothes are made with a combination of skill and attention to detail.

Both are wearing XS.

The upper body has a shape that captures the essence of the dress through details around the shoulders and collar structure.

Pants, on the other hand, are short and thick and fall well-balanced.

This is the characteristic of BIEK VERSTAPPEN style.

This shirt also has slim arms and armholes.

I don't think current fashion trends are devastating, but I think they're not bad at all. I.

Also, there was a bag like this, but it was sold out before I posted it on this blog.

That's a really cute bag.

BIEK VERSTAPPEN is pricey, but if you get your hands on it, I'm sure you'll reap the benefits.

These are clothes that are difficult to replace.

If you like it, please take a look.

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