"BESPEAK" Another brand

So far, we have introduced a little bit of the "DAN TOMIMATSU" jewelry collection.

And today, something else.


"Another jewelry brand" created by Atsushi Tomimatsu of DAN TOMIMATSU.

At an event at our store last year, we unveiled it for the first time as a select shop that handles DAN TOMIMATSU.

BESPEAK's distinctive feature is that it is a brand that makes all "custom-made rings."

Rings with motifs that are familiar to everyone, such as a perfect circle, oval, square, or rectangle.

When it was unveiled last year, I introduced it briefly on this blog under the title "The 'Minimum Unit' of BESPEAK Design."

So, as for what it is, our staff has created a search function in //subjunction. If you take a look at the article "Minimum unit" of BESPEAK design, you will get a little idea of ​​what it is like.

First, below is the official text of BESPEAK.

If you look closely, you will understand the meaning of this highly valuable brand.


BESPEAK is an order jewelry brand founded in 2019 by designer Atsushi Tomimatsu.

Our rings are installed one by one by skilled Japanese craftsmen after we receive an order from our customers.

Based on the concept of "a ring that harmonizes with your mind and body," we propose a series of experiences in our designs, including time for consideration, production, and delivery.

BESPEAK is the present tense of BESPOKE, a word that means made-to-order.

We will connect the culture of wonderful custom-made jewelry to a form suitable for modern times and to the future.


something like.

As we have introduced the collections so far, DAN TOMIMATSU creates jewelry with a very strong ideology and a quality that cannot be experienced with other brands.

Of course, this is also true for another brand, BESPEAK.

However, this BESPEAK is unique in that it only sells rings, and there are no ready-made products; all products are manufactured after receiving an order.

Among all types of jewelry, I believe that rings in particular are the ones most deeply connected to meaning and spirituality.

I think that in many cases, it is a ring that is chosen as a ``milestone in the lives of two people,'' as exemplified by a wedding ring.

At DAN TOMIMATSU, we make not only rings but also a variety of jewelry, but BESPEAK is a brand that exists solely for rings.

It contains a very deep thought.

As some of the customers who actually visit our store may know, Mr. Shiiki supports Mr. Tomimatsu and works together with him.

According to Shiiki-san, this happened nearly 10 years ago, around 2015.

Mr. Tomimatsu seems to have had the idea that "jewelry is a kind of symbol that reflects the times and the values ​​of the people living there."

Mr. Tomimatsu has this idea at his core.

Mr. Shiiki then asked Mr. Tomimatsu about various topics such as the history, present, and future of jewelry.

During the conversation between the two, they realized that while custom-made jewelry had a special charm like no other because of its glamor and formality, "the everyday life we ​​live every day is equally special and beautiful." Mr. Shiiki recalls that Mr. Tomimatsu felt that way.

It was at this time that she decided to develop custom-made jewelry based on the concept of "everyday special."

BESPEAK was born while facing the question of not only "beauty as a ring," but also "What kind of jewelry can make everyday life special?" After three or four years of trial and error, BESPEAK was launched as a brand in 2019. What started.

DAN TOMIMATSU's products include the Rubber Band series with a rubber band motif, the gold thread ENLINK series that recreates traditional techniques from 1,400 years ago, and the DISSOLVE collection, which can be described as modern Japanese crafts.

On the other hand, I think this is a collection that will bring you closer and closer to your daily life, which you will surely visit again and again, and will remind you of the roots, color, and specialness of everyday life.


This is something unique to "custom-made jewelry."

Not only jewelry, but everything in the world that exists as ready-made products is not just a choice of whether to buy or not.

Should I order "One Ring" or not? It's not just that.

The wooden furniture and display tools designed and customized by Atsushi Tomimatsu for the custom-made jewelry brand BESPEAK are sure to make the experience of facing yourself, whether it's the fun of ordering or the struggles you can't decide, a special one. I'll give it to you.

From choosing, worrying, deciding, deciding, and ordering a BESPEAK ring, to completing it.

The "time spent waiting for the production period" and the "time beyond" spent with the ring once it is completed and held in your hands.

All the time before and after the creation of the "one ring" jewelry is a special time with BESPEAK, and a special day for the person who holds it in their hands.

The time it took to complete it, what happened after it was completed, and the experience.

Everything is based on BESPEAK's philosophy as a "custom-made jewelry brand."

The jewelry called "BESPEAK" is designed with this in mind.

It's incredibly beautiful, isn't it?

And BESPEAK rings have a wide variety of options to choose from.

This depends on the age, gender, finger color, skin color, likes, and lifestyle of the person who wears the completed ring.

Furthermore, I think the reasons for choosing BESPEAK rings are different.

There are a total of 6 different shapes for the ring itself, but there are 5 of them, ranging in volume from delicate to impressive.

Furthermore, the material.

BESPEAK material was specially prepared by a master who produces the best bullion that Japan is proud of in the world.

10 types of K18 gold.

In addition to that, Platinum's PT900.

BESPEAK rings allow you to choose from the 11 types of super-quality bullion metals listed above.

In addition, just looking at the skill of the craftsmen who use these materials to finish the ring is uplifting.

Having chosen BESPEAK as my own wedding ring, I can feel this very much.

Until it was unveiled last year at our store, CASANOVA&CO, it could only be seen at the BESPEAK showroom in Tokyo. Until then, Mr. Shiiki had been present at all BESPEAK orders.

Mr. Shiiki says that those who have chosen a BESPEAK ring have been asked to consider the color that is most compatible with their skin, the color that visually calms them, and the weight and comfort of the ring due to its shape and finish. Some people choose it for themselves, while others order it as a pairing for their wedding ring or as a reminder of their commitment.

All of them said that they had a unique story to tell, both in choosing BESPEAK and in the process of choosing it.

I am sure that BESPEAK jewelry will bring special moments and special things to those who choose it.

We will be accepting orders for BESPEAK jewelry for 9 days from April 9th ​​(Saturday), so please take a look.

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