AUBETT Heavy Broad Shirt

This time as well, let me introduce the AUBETT shirt that will be on sale from 11:00 on January 2nd in the New Year.

The shirt I'm going to introduce today was delivered during the 22AW season, but it was delivered after the event where Mr. Sugihara of AUBETT stood at the store. So, let's start selling from January 2nd as soon as we have the delivery. I decided.

It's a fabric woven by "Kaneta Orimono" that I've introduced in this blog, so I thought it would be nice if you could see it at the right time. So, this is the shirt for the 22AW season, but I don't think it's relevant anymore, so at this timing. It's just that there's no stock at all, so it's very likely that you can't prepare it for those who want it. Let me introduce you.


material_COTTON 100%
color_CREAM size_3,4,5

this. As mentioned above, the fabric is AUBETT's original fabric woven by Kaneta. It is a fabric called heavy broadcloth of plain weave. Kaneta-san's specialty is "thick-count, strong-twisted cotton fabric", so its characteristics are unbelievable.

As mentioned above, the material is 100% cotton, but the type of cotton is still "Ultimate Pima Cotton". In terms of raw materials, the fibers are long and thin cotton fibers that are spun into thick threads. The thread is "35 count single thread". Since it is 35/1, it is a fairly thick thread. The shirt we released just one year ago on New Year's Day had a warp count of 330, so just thinking about it, it's about 10 times as thick. Instead of weaving it weakly, Kaneta is unique in that he weaves it with a strong, high-density fabric touch.

And the hard-twisted yarn is a yarn spun with a type called "compact yarn" with less fluff. However, Mr. Sugihara, who is not satisfied with that "compact yarn" at all, aims for a fabric that eliminates the "fluffing" to the utmost limit and does not cause fluffing even after repeated use, and further "gas firing". By "gas-firing the compact yarn", the surface of the yarn becomes super smooth. Also, because Ultimate Pima, which originally has long fibers, the fabric has a hard touch, but the inner part is somewhat soft and bulging. It doesn't change and it's a very good fabric.

Originally, I was going to show you the picture of the microscope, but I forgot. This kind of thread is woven at a high density, which is Kaneta's specialty. However, Mr. Sugihara wasn't satisfied with just that, so he kneaded the dough at a high temperature and gave it an external stimulus to increase the density even further. It means that it is a fabric that can be used in a variety of ways. And the characteristics of the fabric are as described above, and we realized that the outline of the "draping" created by Mr. Sugihara comes out vividly.

Shirts that are not worn by humans, and already appear three-dimensional when they are hung. The body is lifted up, and the armholes make you feel like you are not wearing a piece of a terrible form that is eaten by the body.

And the side view is already stunning. The sleeves naturally protrude forward from the top of the sleeves, gradually expanding to the elbows, sharply at the cuffs, and returning to the shoulders, creating a wonderful triangular shape. By the way, heavy broadcloth shirts have been oversized until now, but this time they are not particularly oversized. In addition, since it is a stand-up collar, it is the first time we have handled this type of shirt.

The buttons are white buffalo buttons with a soft tone similar to the fabric.

It has a loose round hem. As you can see, the hem is longer in the back because there is a difference between the front and back.

Beautiful shoulders and sleeves.

Because of the density of the fabric, the stitchwork also looks great.

Kaneta's fabric and Sugihara's three-dimensional design are really compatible. Seriously, I don't have stock, but if you can see it from the new year, please take a look.

Sizes are 3, 4, and 5, but if you own an AUBETT, you can choose your usual size. As I told you the other day, the first sale will start at 11:00 on the 2nd. Also, there aren't many new deliveries, but there are many other things, so I hope you enjoy the first sale.

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