As a newcomer to our men's line this season, seya. and Irenisa started around August, but there are still more.

Maybe some people are watching the debut at other stores.

Our store will start from the 2020AW season.

Rather, it is a brand debut from the 2020AW season.

I wonder if this brand will be the last for this season as a new development in clothes.

I'll be doing a new PETERSON STOOP deal soon.

Well, because it's a shoe.

and this brand.

The name is AUBETT.

I will omit the information about the brand and the biographies of the people involved, as you will find it as much as you want, but I think you can expect a lot from it.

Well, it's the brand of the future.

I don't want to say that, but I think there are quite a few people who will be interested in the pants I'm introducing this time.

I don't think there's any brand value in the debut season, so please look at the quality of this product and judge for yourself.

It's a very good finish.


corduroy box trousers



Corduroy pants.

In the first place, some people may know that this brand has debuted, and I think that it is already sold at other stores that handle it.

Our store is at this timing, and we are quite late.

Actually, the exhibition was over, and it was not the timing to order it, so I had it made in a hurry.

Because it was too good

I won't go into the details of the process in this blog, but when I first saw it, I was on a business trip and was pushing all the time.

But even after that, I kept in close contact with the designer and talked about various things, so I asked him to make it.

this pants.

I think it's a masterpiece of AUBETT. this.

The fabric is a corduroy woven by a weaver, a cotton fabric specialist who is familiar with our shop.

It's a corduroy with ultra-thin ridges woven by a weaving shop that people who often talk to me at the store can guess.

Color is gray. As you see.

But it's an inorganic gray with some weight.

Originally, I think that corduroy is relatively thick and soft among cotton fabrics, and has a texture that does not have firmness.

The fabric touch overturns that image.

Was it a windproof film from the back of the well-stitched fabric? Fabric that has been processed to create overwhelming firmness.

I didn't really like coatings like bonding or films that much either.

This was something else.

When looking at the whole pants from various perspectives, the processing is very meaningful, and I think it is necessary for these pants.

It's a very well made fabric.

So, as you can see in the photo above, there is no waist belt and the belt loops are thick.

Yes, it's a Dickies work pants motif.

Hari that has never been combined with fine ribbed corduroy.

This makes it possible to draw a strong and clear outline.

By embossing the outline, the ultra-unique outline of these pants becomes clear.

This, this, outline.

This is why these pants are called masterpieces.


Sharp pants that are moderately refreshing when viewed from the front.

When viewed from the side, it delivers a powerful and powerful scenery that can be said to be a buggy silhouette. Front and side are completely different.

Surprise look.

I still vividly remember the shock that ran through my brain when I first wore it.

A unique personality that is different from any pants that we have handled so far.

Although it is a casual fabric called corduroy, it has a luxurious atmosphere, and the appearance is reminiscent of a skate style that is the exact opposite of that.

It's a work pants motif, but it doesn't make you feel that it's just simple.

I think it strongly reflects the aesthetics of the brand.

A three-dimensional hip line.

It is the gift of this fabric that it is maintained without sagging even though it protrudes.

The back pocket has a water buffalo button and both flaps.

Two darts on the left and right are placed on top of it, giving the waist a soft fit from the voluminous hip line.

The front also has a water buffalo top button, Excela zipper, and inner piping.

And thick belt loops unique to work pants.

But it's not like normal work pants or mass-produced specifications.

Layer two pieces of fabric and pour the upper part into the inside of the waist.

The bottom part is not folded back and has a beautiful finish.

I wonder if you can feel more at ease if you can see this kind of thing.

It is a specification that is not just pasted.

This kind of processing is important, isn't it?

A slightly curved waistline.

Balanced and very fine corduroy surface.

It's woven by a weaving shop that you can feel very comfortable with, so there's no problem if you put a lot of trust in it.

Because the texture is completely different from cheap corduroy.

The back of the fabric is flat.

I don't think it looks like it's specially processed.

But this back is indispensable, these pants.

The length is short, so there is plenty of fabric left on the back of the hem.

Please contact us if you would like a longer length.

Also, the stitching on the hem does not show on the surface, which is rare for corduroy pants.

As a result, it is clear that the point of view is completely different from general casual pants.

The fabric draws the outline of the pants firmly, so the balance between the volume and the shaved parts is very clear.

side view.

Contrary to the front, the hip line looks strong.

If you look at it from the side, you can feel the essence of skater pants above the knee.

Spectacular view from the side.

By the way, I usually wear the smallest size pants, but for this, I went up one size and wore M size because I wanted to enjoy the view from the side.

That's why I wear it with one tuck on the left and right, even though it's not tucked on the front.

You could call it the 90's image of wearing large-waisted pants with a belt.


Well, it might be good to have a street style mood, but I think leather shoes or boots are the best way to enjoy the balance of these pants.

So, after I received these pants, I didn't put them out right away, but I put them into myself again.

About 10 days or so.

I wore it every day.

Just a little bit, just a little shadow.

I wonder if the hardness peculiar to new products has been removed.

I washed it once.

Dive into the washing machine.

I put it in the laundry with the image of a skater who wears pants that are slightly larger than just sizing.

I don't think shrinkage matters much.

Well, the center crease was removed, so I revived it with an iron.

It's a matter of preference, too.

Also, there is a bulge in the corduroy overall.

It is a fabric that you can feel that it has been carefully woven without fluff falling off.

The special windproof film helps maintain the shape, and it's been getting colder lately, so it's been a big help when I'm riding my bike.

It doesn't get stuffy, but I think I'll benefit from this more in winter.

It might be perfect for people who ride bicycles.

These AUBETT pants will go on sale from Saturday, October 10th.

The price is ¥24,000-(+tax).

This price with this quality is causing price destruction.

If you like it, please take a look.

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