AUBETT from tomorrow

AUBETT, which I told you about, will start tomorrow, Saturday, March 18th.

Tomorrow, the 18th (Sat), Mr. Sugihara, the designer, will be at the store.

On the 19th (Sun), we will be at the store until the evening.

I am happy to hear that you have contacted me about the collection and custom-made long shirts before sales.

Also, about the long shirts, on the first day, the 18th (Saturday), they will be sold only in stores.

Also, if there is stock, we will post it on the online store around 18:00 on the next day, the 19th (Sunday), for those who live far away and cannot come. .

So, if there are people far away who are concerned about it, I would be happy if you could consider it.

The center of the store is filled with AUBETT.

We look forward to seeing you and Mr. Sugihara tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

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