AUBETT "22AW Launch"

I will let you know today.

AUBETT plays an important role in our shop.

This collection, the 2022 autumn/winter season, has not yet been lined up in stores, but it will start at this timing.

From October 23rd (Sun).

At this point in time, we have almost everything in our line-up, except for shirts, as it seems that they are still in production.

I hope you can see it all.

And I was right with this timing.

It's been a long time since Kaneta Orimono made fabrics, collaborated with them, and released them.

Mr. Sugihara, the designer of AUBETT, will be at the store.

It's all day on the 23th (Sun), isn't it?

It's only for one day, but it's been a while since Mr. Sugihara.

You're a great designer.

technology, spirit, and thought.

I think I'm a very good designer, top of the top in Japan.

Therefore, I kept some of the products that had already been delivered at this timing.

On Sunday the 23rd, please take a look at the AUBETT clothes created by Mr. Sugihara.

And feel Mr. Sugihara.

Also, I'll let you know a little bit tomorrow.

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