AUBETT "SZ alignment"

Let me introduce AUBETT today.

T-shirts and polo shirts.

The fabric is an AUBETT original made by Ono Big Small in Tokyo.

Mr. Yasu Ono has written many times on this blog.

The quality of cotton-based jersey knitted fabric is the best in Japan.

That's what AUBETT makes, so I hope you'll look forward to it this summer.

T-shirts and polo shirts.

As mentioned above, the fabric is 100% cotton.

Normally, if it is a T-shirt, it is "Tenjiku knitting".

If it is a polo shirt, it is "Kanoko knitting".

I think everyone has an image of the fabric that comes to mind when they think of T-shirts and polo shirts, respectively, but these are generally the normal ones.

But this time, it's neither "Tenjiku knitting" nor "Kanoko knitting".

It is called "double-sided knitting (smooth knitting)".

First of all, tenjiku knitting, as everyone can imagine, is a knitted fabric structure that is usually used for T-shirts.

When viewed from the front, the texture of the fabric runs vertically, and when viewed from the back, the texture of the fabric runs laterally.

For example, when the fabric of a T-shirt is cut off, a phenomenon called curling occurs, in which the edge of the fabric curls up. curling occurs.

And, as everyone can imagine, kanoko knitting is a textured fabric used for polo shirts.

I think it's a very casual organization, so I'm not very good at it.

Well, the CLASIK polo shirts have been lined up in stores for the past few days.

That's what I tried, so it's preeminent. The luster is great too.

So, AUBETT this time is completely different.

As I said earlier, "Double-sided knitting (smooth knitting)". something like.

Those of you who have visited our shop before may understand this, but The Inoue Brothers T-shirts and OLDE HOMESTEADER long-sleeve cut-and-sews are both knitted on both sides.

These two are made with a lot of attention and ingenuity, so there is no need to worry about that.

That is, "easily twisted".

These weaknesses exist.

However, The Inoue Brothers' double-sided knit t-shirt has a lot of kickback because cotton's potential is super wild.

This is an Amazon Tamamono.

And OLDE HOMESTEADER's cut-and-sew, which Mr. Fukuhara has spent many years researching and researching, has solved the problem of clogging of the count and knitted fabric.

So, these two were pretty special even if you look at them in the world.

Even though it is double sided, it is very tough.

However, the great advantage of double-sided knitting is that it is solid, and when you wear it, it feels very familiar with your body.

This is a level that cannot be compared with tenjiku knitting.

I think the dimensions are completely different.

And then, this AUBETT.

Like the two brands mentioned above, we created a super-tough fabric that doesn't sag even if you wear it for a long time, even though it's double-sided.

Well, from now on, due to the characteristics of this kind of thing, you'll have to wear it with just one layer, and once you've worn it, you'll have to put it in the washing machine.

Therefore, it is NG to wear things that quickly become shabby.

As long as you don't aim for a style like that kind of crap musician.

That's the picture from earlier.


This photo is a photo of the fabric from the front side, but since it is double-sided knitting, the back side has the same structure.

As I mentioned earlier, it's double-sided knitting, so it's a great fit to snuggle up to your upper body.

And tough.

Mr. Sugihara of AUBETT is really aiming for the reason why this fabric is tough.

"Twin Thread Alignment"


Originally, it is knitted with one thread (single thread), but it is knitted with four threads.

Moreover, the two-ply yarn is of a high level.

From here, it's a little confusing, but if you read it carefully, you'll understand. maybe.

First, the fiber is spun with a "Z-twist (left-hand twist)".

In other words, it twists counterclockwise.

It's a single thread.

It becomes a single thread.

It seems to be a 30 count single yarn.

The Z-twisted single yarn is S-twisted (right twisted) to make two-ply yarn (2 yarns).

According to Mr. Sugihara, it is a super strong twist.

Then, the "SZ twist" strong twist 30-count two-ply yarn is completed.

Now you can do one.

And the other one that will be aligned.

In the same way, cotton fibers are spun by Z-twisting (left-hand twisting).

Then, Z-twisted 30-count single yarn + Z-twisted 30-count single yarn is "Z-twisted", and the two yarns are turned into one with a strong twist.

In other words, ZZ hard-twisted 30 count two-ply yarn is completed.

Then, the SZ hard-twisted two-ply yarn and the ZZ hard-twisted two-ply yarn are lined up together and knitted in the same way as a single thread.

General T-shirt fabric is usually "cotton sheeting" with "60 count" and "single yarn", so at this point the strength has already increased many times.

Knit it on both sides.

Due to the structure of the double-sided knitted T-shirt, the fabric is more bulging than the cotton sheeting knit. Soft in addition.

In addition, since the opposite sides of the S and Z support each other, there is no "skew" that is common with T-shirts.

The fabric is bulging, soft, and very familiar with the body.

Ordinarily, it tends to sag and stretch, but the "alignment" of "strongly twisted two-ply yarn".

Its toughness is beyond your imagination.

I had never seen a T-shirt with a double thread, so last summer I asked Mr. Fukuhara of OLDE HOMESTEADER to make a T-shirt with a double thread.

It was tough at a level that wasn't sharp, but it was amazingly thick. smile

I think it was quite a sloppy one, and at present, Toogood's THE SHEARER TSHIRT, which we carry at our store, is also a double thread.

That's why it's so thick.

Just Mr. Sugihara from AUBETT.

I don't make things that are thick and can't be worn in the summer.

We are making it possible for you to comfortably experience the "draping" that is common to all AUBETT clothes in Japan's four seasons.

So it's very cool.

The non-sticky touch that is unique to super-strong twist and the three-dimensional cutting make the clothes themselves stand out on their own.

It's very windy and pretty tough.

I think everyone will be satisfied with this in the summer.

T-shirts and polo shirts.

High Twist SZ Gauze Smooth Standard T-shirt

material _ COTTON 100% (SZ strong twist two-ply yarn)



price _ 13,200- (tax included)

High Twist SZ Gauze Smooth Standard T-shirt

material _ COTTON 100% (SZ strong twist two-ply yarn)



price _ 13,200- (tax included)


Two colors of CREAM and CACAO BROWN.

Choose the color you like.

The fabric and neck do not get twisted or stretched easily.

And the falling of this flowing fabric.

This is something that can only be knitted on both sides.

In terms of sewing, it's a neat T-shirt, and it's sewn properly.

It's not particularly dangerous sewing, so I'll leave it out today.

But it's not bad at all, so don't worry.

you're doing it right Enough.

As you can see, this is CACAO BROWN.

Well, the fabric is quite elaborate, and I think that you can feel that it is a t-shirt that is quite independent because of the three-dimensional cutting.

All of us can instantly sense that the feeling of wearing it is completely different from a normal T-shirt.

Due to the virtuosity of the fabric and draping, it looks like a simple T-shirt.

High Twist SZ Gauze Smooth Polo Shirt

material _ COTTON 100% (SZ strong twist two-ply yarn)



price_23,100-(tax included)

As you can see, this is a polo shirt.

High Twist SZ Gauze Smooth Polo Shirt

material _ COTTON 100% (SZ strong twist two-ply yarn)



price_23,100-(tax included)

This one has a collar and looser sleeve ribs than the T-shirt, so the details are a little more complicated.

Also comes with a water buffalo button.

A polo shirt can be worn like a T-shirt, but it has a collar that is more comfortable than a T-shirt.

I have never heard of draping on polo shirts.

It's pretty high level. this.

oh yeah. It is important to note that both T-shirts and polo shirts made of this fabric are made in larger sizes.

When washed, the length will shrink by 3cm or 4cm, and the width will shrink by about 1.5cm.

It seems that the production of this knitted fabric was very special, and that's why it seems to shrink when washed.

It's just that the shrinkage of the minute is the size design in anticipation.

For T-shirts, 3 is equivalent to S size, 4 is equivalent to M size, and 5 is equivalent to L size.

I'm 167cm tall, so 3 is roomy.

It is loose even when it shrinks.

But it's a T-shirt, so it's better to wear it without being too tight.

As for the polo shirt, I thought it would be nice if you could wear it in a slightly larger size, so only 4 and 5 are available.

However, the fabric feels very soft and there is always some shrinkage, so if you wash it, it will be a good size.

Generally, please think that a shrinkage for one size comes out.

Along with that, the sheerness of CREAM is also considerably reduced.

In the photo, there is some transparency due to the gaps in the knitted fabric, but I don't think this will bother you.

Double-sided knitting, it has a high level of familiarity with the body, is tough, and can easily pass through the wind.

I think you can use it in the summer.

Please take a look.

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