From tomorrow Private (Public) Collection

I've written this //subjunction a total of seven times so far.

Private (Public) Collection.

8th time on this blog today.

First of all, I have a request for customers who come to the store.

Even though the coronavirus has calmed down, I don't think it's completely safe.

・The store will be open at all times with ventilation, staff wearing masks, and thorough hand disinfection.

・Please be sure to wear a mask.

・When entering and leaving the store, please disinfect your hands with the alcohol disinfectant installed at the store entrance.

・Temperatures will be taken when entering the store (those with a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher will be asked to refrain from entering the store).

・Please refrain from coming to the store if you are not feeling well, such as coughing or fever.

Regarding parking.

We have a parking lot in the storefront garage and adjacent contracted parking lot (No.1 to No.4), but please do not park in other places.

There will always be trouble.

If the parking lot is full, please use coin parking.

If it is still full, please ask the staff.

Also, although I have introduced it so far, I did not post the sales method and price.

First of all, regarding sales, we will be selling it only at stores from 12:00 on Saturday, November 27th.

On the first day, we will only be in store, so please understand.

From 18:00 on the 28th (Sunday) the next day, we will start selling it at our online store if it is in stock.

Also, as we announced earlier, on the first day, the AUBETT team including Mr. Sugihara and Mr. Yoshimura from AUBETT.

And Mr. Ota from Kaneta Orimono, who made the ZZ strong twisted twill triple weave, will be at the store.

Also, for now, the AUBETT team will be at the store for a few hours on the 28th (Sun).

During the period, in addition to the Private (Public) Collection, this season's AUBETT collection will be lined up like never before, so I think you can enjoy that as well.

About the selling price.

This time, as I have written in my previous blogs, I worked with AUBETT on a completely original process, from the dyeing of the yarn to the completion of the fabric, as well as the completion of the clothes using that fabric.

And Mr. Ota of Kaneta Orimono and Mr. Sugihara of AUBETT disclosed the breakdown of all the prices. This time, the meaning is different from making clothes so far, and it is very meaningful. I was able to do it.

I can't get my head around it.

On top of that, in the end we received an unexpected proposal from AUBETT.

As production progressed, I could see that the product price would rise steadily, so I was prepared for the high price.

However, we would like to properly reflect the intentions of such "upstream" and "midstream" people in the price, so we set the price as follows.

AUBETT JACKET 77,000- (tax included)

INVERTED PLEATS OVER COAT 126,500- (tax included)


In the case of clothes with this quality, I think it is very difficult to put this selling price.

3 types of clothes that have been produced by people with Japanese technology.

For those of you who picked it up, I would appreciate it if you could read all seven episodes of //subjunction again from the beginning.

I'm sure there's something you can feel even a little bit again.

Clothes are truly wonderful things, and things that are firmly infused with "skills" always have the power to act positively.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

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