AUBETT, who acted as a bridge with Kaneta Orimono.

I wanted to do something like this together with AUBETT.

It would have been useless without AUBETT, otherwise I would never have been able to do it.

In the first place, I usually stand at the store and talk with the customers who come to the store, but I think that I wrote about what I think as a person who runs the store in my previous blog.

I used the expression "life changing" with clothes, and I think that's true, and I think the first step to that is to "know" and "notice".

Before I started working at CASANOVA&CO like I do now, I worked at a sewing factory for a short period of time.

At that time, I worked on the sewing line together with the women who sewed the garments, and worked on the process of attaching interlining, ironing, special sewing machines, spreading, and cutting.

And when I had free time, I practiced by sewing only winding chains with my precious Union Special. smile

Many things about that time are very useful now.

However, since that time, I still think that it takes a long time for clothes to reach the store shelves, and despite the fact that there are so many steps to go through, there are too many things that are not open to the public. and, along with that, the opportunity to be evaluated has disappeared.

Even if you work, it may be something you do behind the scenes like that, but the "world of clothes" is supposed to be a very cultural existence.

Moreover, I believe that it can have a very positive impact on the mind, so I think it is necessary for society to know about it.

If you don't intentionally leave the technology, I think it will disappear more and more.

Therefore, in the current situation, many producers cannot imagine the person who actually wears the clothes, and conversely, the wearer cannot see the face of the "producer".

A very closed, mysterious sense of blockage.

This may be due to the wrinkling of Japan's "clothing culture" built by our predecessors, and I think it has been further accelerated by the modern fluent and speedy society that has become more convenient.

I think the only place where I can convey that situation is the retail store where I can meet the end user directly. I think it's one thing I should do, communicating directly with Kawanaka.

So, I hope that what I felt this time can be a stepping stone in some way towards such a commonplace world as it is now.

And I was thinking about something like this, but this time it had to be AUBETT.

I myself met AUBETT and was able to learn things I didn't know before, and I want everyone to know about AUBETT's clothes and the idea of ​​AUBETT, which is created with technology that no one else can imitate. Because I thought

I think AUBETT is a kind of "thought".

And it's not just the people who make clothes in a half-year cycle.

Outstanding technology and its tradition.

Rather than being self-satisfied, he creates clothes in order to convey his wonderful "technology and way of thinking" through clothes, and aims to continue doing so for 100 or 200 years.

In other words, Mr. Sugihara, the designer, and Mr. Yoshimura, the director, want to be able to entrust it to someone even after they are no longer able to do it themselves.

Such an encounter with AUBETT came unexpectedly.

It continues to this day.

Luckily, I handle a lot of high-quality brand clothes on a daily basis, and even if I don't handle them, I go to exhibitions and see quite a few brands.

Still, AUBETT's clothes pierced my heart.

The first time we met was about two years ago.

quite recently. smile

at the exhibition.

An exhibition is literally a place where clothes from a brand's collection are displayed, and buyers from each store come to purchase them. I was able to do it.

To be more specific, the item that stood out the most was the "Baggy Trouser," which was already on sale in the spring/summer season, and which we also dealt with.

To put it simply, when viewed from the front, the trousers had a clean outline, and when viewed from the side, they formed a skater pants-like form that could not be imagined as a front.

And it was Kaneta Orimono's fabric that actually realized the trouser outline drawn by AUBETT.

A trouser that forms a form you've never seen before, a trouser with a touch and texture you've never touched.

The moment I picked it up, the moment I put it on, I felt a wonderful feeling that I had never seen before in my life, and I was very moved.

Looking back now, it seems that AUBETT was aiming to make baggy pants "chino pants without a sense of déjà vu", and that's exactly what it was.

The outline that flows down three-dimensionally snuggles up to the lower part of the body, and Kaneta's fabric that makes it a reality.

It was a very shocking trouser, and at that time Mr. Sugihara said the word "drape".

The word "drape" is often used to describe clothes, but that's not what AUBETT uses.

That is AUBETT's "masterpiece technology".

I was the same, but if you are reading this blog, what you have seen and heard about "drapes" is, for example, wide pants with a wide hem. I think that drape means "the way the fabric sways" when it moves.

In Japan and around the world, the meaning of the word "drape" is generally to represent the swaying and moving state of the fabric.

But AUBETT is not like that.

Mr. Sugihara, a designer, currently lives in Japan, but before that he was in France.

At that time, I was studying under Stefano Pilati.

The clothes made at that time are now the foundation of Mr. Sugihara's AUBETT.

What does it mean, "3D cutting".

In addition, the design of clothes that does not use any patterns of pattern paper, which is said to be the prototype.

Usually, the patterns that become the blueprints for clothes are created in the two-dimensional world of drawing on a plane or digital drawing called CAD.

However, the clothes produced by AUBETT are all different.

However, Mr. Sugihara, a designer, has always been serious about making clothes.

That's why the things I make are really sharp.

Mr. Yoshimura, who directs Mr. Sugihara and guides him as a brand.

Contrary to designer Sugihara, Mr. Yoshimura has never been involved in clothes.

Active in the world of graphics, he guides, draws out, and develops the clothing creation of Mr. Sugihara, who is sharp and sharp.

AUBETT is the clothes produced by these two people.

And about that "draping", I'm going to post the story of Mr. Sugihara, the designer of AUBETT, and Mr. Yoshimura, the director of AUBETT, so it would be nice if you could see it there, but the way of thinking about "draping" is completely different.

The drape that AUBETT envisions is not the swaying movement of the fabric in large sizes and widths, but rather a drape that puts air between the ``body'' and the ``cloth'' to ``form''.

I create it with all clothes.

The sensation I felt when I picked up AUBETT clothes came from Mr. Sugihara's "foundation" and Mr. Yoshimura's "mindset."

It goes without saying that wearing AUBETT clothes will make you look more radiant.

"Clothing that can impress you by knowing what you didn't know"

I am confident that you will have a very positive experience that "acts on the inside" through AUBETT clothes, just like what I have experienced myself.

You can't experience that with any brand or any kind of clothes.

There are countless clothes in the world today.

I've written about it on this blog before, and I often talk to people who come to the store, but the world is already full of clothes from the past.

But I think most of them are superficial imitations and copies.

Today, there are so many companies that make clothes, and even individuals that make clothes as "fashion brands," there are as many as there are stars in the world.

However, in the case of a company, I was assigned to the planning department, so I planned clothes as a simple task. It is prevalent.

Therefore, if the world were limited to "original" and "genuine" clothes that only those people could create, there would surely be very few clothes in the world.

Mr. Sugihara, a designer, studied under Mr. Stefano Pilati and mastered what AUBETT created, and Mr. Yoshimura added what he thought and what he was aiming for.

"The 'real clothes' that spring up from the collision of two hearts"

I think so.

technology of the designer.

And what is the director thinking and aiming for?

A very personal thing for the two of them.

AUBETT is 100% directly reflected in the clothes.

This is exactly the "original".

I don't think there are many brands like that in Japan or in the world.

That's why we want to cherish such brands at our store, and we want to work with them.

Neither Kaneta Orimono's technology nor AUBETT's technology and ideas can be imitated by anyone else.

I sincerely want everyone to know about it, and I think it should be appreciated by the world.

It's a brand that has a great way of thinking, but also makes clothes that are very moving.


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