Araki Yuu coat

Today, I would like to introduce Araki Yuu's coat.

Araki Yuu in this autumn/winter season will have a more limited lineup than usual due to production issues. All of Araki Yuu's clothes are produced by Mr. Araki himself, so there is a limit to the number of products that can be produced during the period.

So, in such a situation, what kind of clothes should be made? I thought more than usual. Since it is not a factory-produced brand, it is unavoidable that such restrictions will occur. I was.

Yuu Araki
soutien collar half coat

face material _ALPACA 100%
lining material_COTTON 100%
sleevelining material _CUPRO 100%

*This is sold out.

Stain collar like a half coat with a slightly shorter length.

The texture of the fabric is completely finished in the above picture of the hanger, so the color and nuances of the fabric are correct in this photo. Brown that exists in a deep place unique to animal hair.

There are three main reasons why I asked him to make this half coat with this fabric. First, I had a jerkin jacket made from this 100% alpaca herringbone fabric in the past.

I still wear it a lot. It's super light and has decent warmth. And it has a dramatically shimmery fabric texture. I really liked it, and when I checked with the brand side about the number of remaining meters of this fabric, it was completely gone, so I wanted to make it before it runs out and show it to everyone. Second, this fabric is very light, as mentioned above.

So, it would have been nice to have the jerkin jacket made again, which I also really like, but there were customers who bought the jacket at the same time as me, so I asked them to buy it first. There is also an advantage for those who are

So I thought it should be done differently. However, this fabric is warm and light. Outerwear made of this kind of fabric is sure to come in very handy for people who drive their cars on a daily basis. I thought. If you wear a heavy outerwear that is too long, you may have to take it off when you get in the car. thought it was the best.

That's why I thought that a half-coat length that I could sit on as it was would be suitable. This is the second reason. Lastly, I think that this fabric has a very attractive appearance, so I tried not to have too many details on the surface to create a unique old mood and the potential of the original fabric. And I thought that the style of Araki Yuu's clothes would come out to the fullest.

In that case, it is best to have a lot of fabric area, but not many details on the front. When I thought about these three things, this "soutien collar half coat" made by the brand was the most suitable, so I ordered it and had it made.

Do you understand? ? It has a rather large herringbone pattern.

And soft alpaca fluff. Even though there is fluff, you can feel the brilliance of the fibers from the back. Strangely.

Well, it's a very high quality fabric. this. I know this because I've been wearing it myself for about two years.

It's a relatively simple style coat, but Araki Yuu's technique shines for that. The design that the stitch is not often exposed to the face too much. However, the stitchwork that appears here and there is wonderful.

Edge stitching on the edge of the fabric on the back of the collar. The amount of backing on the back of the collar, which is made up of two pieces of outer material, is also very neat.

The same goes for the large moon waist.

The buttons are, as usual, brass buttons.

I also like the contrast of the brass with this brown herringbone fuzzy and glossy fabric. Of course, the buttons are also handmade.

And the buttonhole is hand hole as usual. It's hand sewn.

After all, the level is super-dimensional because the buttonhole is opened by hand over and over again. It's an ultra-high level buttonhole. It's stronger than buttonholes made with a sewing machine, and it's also very neat. This is amazing.

Well, the clothes themselves are made by Araki Yuu. It's OK to put your trust in me. This convertible collar half coat does not show the stitching relatively, but it requires split stitching technique. It's iron work before and after sewing. Sewing isn't just about actually sewing, it's also extremely important how carefully you cut and iron.

It is packed with proper splitting techniques while giving a solid three-dimensional appearance around the shoulders, which is important.

Both the sleeves and the sides of the body. You can see that the cloth is properly opened and the seams are firmly exposed because of the careful ironing.

oh yeah. The cuffs do not have openings such as buttons. The sleeve lining is made of 100 cupra herringbone to match the outer material.

Here is a photo of the waist pocket opening. The parts of the pocket opening that need reinforcement are hand-stitched with silk thread. This is also one of the characteristics of Araki Yuu.


The back is fully lined. The fabric is 100% cotton, and the fabric is a little dull, so I think it's dyed. No need to worry about color transfer. In addition to the outside, there are also large-capacity pockets on the inside, one on each side.

You can see that the lining is carefully made over time.

The outer material and the lining of the inside cover are neatly and clearly separated. If you put it on the text, this will never happen.

Araki Yuu's thoughtfulness is also hidden in the center of the back of the lining. In general, the lining material conforms to the movement of the wearer to improve comfort and reduce the load on the clothing.

That's why I usually set a margin for the lining in the center of the back. But in most cases, the fabric is simply folded with an iron.

However, Araki Yuu is like this. I leave the margins of the lining, but I fix the point points evenly by hand so that the back does not become stiff. By doing this, the lining fits well when you're not moving, and the lining follows your upper body when you're moving.

I think this is very well done. With Araki Yuu's clothes, I can really feel that Mr. Araki makes each one properly with Araki Yuu quality. That's why I think you can wear such clothes for a long time, and it's finished in terms of physical properties. It is very difficult to unify all clothes at this level. I stick to it.

Well, if it was factory production, it would have been made by someone other than myself, so even within the same brand, the quality of the clothes would inevitably vary. It's a very comfortable piece of clothing, and since each piece is well thought out, I think you'll be able to wear it without any discomfort.

The number of coats we handle this time is also ridiculously small, but I think that those who like it and get it will be able to use it frequently and repeatedly during the cold season. Take a look.

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