Scarf "Araki Yuu"

I've been waiting so long, Araki Yuu.

The delivery of this time has also started.

Anyway, let's start with the scarf.

"Han's Taste".

Because it is necessary to enjoy the outfit. this.

Araki Yuu's scarf.

This time, it will be available in two colors.

Beige and product-dyed black. These two.

For the beige one, the total number of productions listed on the paper tag is 19 points.

18 points for product dyed black.

Both of them have more than half, or about half the amount, made for our store.

As for the Araki Yuu collection, everything has a total production number.

I'm happy to have prepared that many.

This is a must have for our shop.

We want people who read this blog and customers who come directly to our store to have it, and it is indispensable for our gentlemen's style.

But, well, it's not good to be too attentive to everyone, so the best is the quantity that feels like it's not enough to some extent.

However, even if I deal with only one or two points, I don't know what it means about this.

I have prepared the quantity that I took for that balance.


Yuu Araki

material _ COTTON 55%, BAMBOO RAYON 45%



Available in these two colors.

First, let me introduce you to the fabric.

So far, we have handled it twice in the past.

this scarf.

100% silk fabric for the 1st and 2nd time.

The second time is plain. The second time was the houndstooth pattern, which was brushed and slightly larger in size, partly because it was autumn and winter.

And this time, 55% cotton and 45% bamboo rayon.

Bamboo rayon is a fiber produced by treating bamboo fiber with a chemical called caustic soda in the same way as rayon is made.

Rayon is written in kanji as "artificial silk thread".

In other words, it would be nice if you could think of it as artificial silk.

Ordinary rayon is chemically processed from wood pulp.

I replaced it with bamboo.

And it is a fabric that is a mixture of cotton and bamboo rayon.

And surprisingly, this fabric is woven by “Kaneta Orimono” who is very familiar with our shop.

This is the weaver who came to our store when we made the rust-colored “ZZ strong twist twill triple weave” fabric titled P.(P).C with AUBETT.

Also, Yamauchi's Hakomura camouflage fabric, which I introduced the other day, and Kaneta's fabric for AUBETT shirts.

That's why the fabric this time also has a unique expression of Kaneta.

Kaneta's fabric has a unique resilience with strength, a slight amount of fuzz, and the luster of bamboo rayon that can be seen from the back.

A dull glow.

This is pretty special.

But it's incredibly smooth.

In the collection so far, there is no inferiority to the 100% silk ones we have handled in the past.

So that added to the strength of the fabric itself.

That's a pretty high score. scarf this time.

That's why we're handling more than ever before.

"I want you to see this."

"I would like to introduce myself."

Thought it was.


The fabric of Araki Yuu's scarf seen under a microscope.

I'm enlarging the beige one.

Two-ply cotton yarn is used for the warp.

The weft is a single bamboo rayon yarn.

The cotton looks whitish ivory and runs vertically.

Bamboo rayon looks beige.

Since it's Kaneta's fabric, I wonder if the cotton two-ply yarn for the warp is ZZ? ?

I haven't heard it, so I'm not sure

But the resilience strength of this fabric, the stiffness may be so.

Both with the naked eye and with a microscope, you can see fluff all over, but as you can see, the fluff looks beige all over, so it's due to the bamboo rayon of the weft.

Therefore, there is almost no fuzz in the cotton thread, and the cotton itself has a firm shine.

Considering this, I think that the warp cotton is a compact yarn without fluff, and the cotton fiber itself is a fairly high-quality raw material.

Maybe Ultimate Pima or something like that.

And bamboo rayon that intersects with it as weft.

As it is said to be an artificial silk thread, it is resistant to sweat and water, and although it may become fuzzy due to product washing, it is firmly realized to be soft against the skin.

Furthermore, expand.

Because the color of the warp and weft is slightly different, this is a yarn dyeing that is dyed with the thread before it is woven as a fabric.

It's a light-toned beige, but it's not sticky, and if you look closely, you can see the depth of the color.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, it feels good on the skin, but since it is yarn dyed, the beige color has a higher level of touch on the neck.

I think it's more comfortable around my neck than a silk 100 scarf.

So we guarantee comfort.

I use that kind of fabric.

Rest assured.

And this scarf.

As you can see, it's not symmetrical.

It is a design that considers the volume balance at the neck and how it looks when worn.

Well, when you put it on, tie it tightly.

Araki Yuu It's made with quality and care, but it's as if it's just a piece of cloth wrapped around your neck. I think it's best to attach it with a typical image.

From now on, you will sweat.

A towel to wrap around your neck. towel.

Please attach it with such an image.

Araki Yuu's Araki-san has a collection of antique lace sewn on one side.

And this is the back.

this scarf.

It's made from a single piece of fabric, isn't it?

As you can see, this antique lace connects two pieces of fabric together.

Even more

The seams are in the middle, and the double stitches are evenly distributed.


Also, take a good look.

It's not the stitches, it's the texture of the fabric.

fabric eyes.

The direction of the fabric is the same as well, so that there is no deviation in size.

Like a continuous piece of fabric.

Besides, this scarf.

It's not just the texture of the fabric.

There is something called "direction" in the fabric, and the vertical direction of the fabric is called "ground grain".

It is common to use the vertical "ground grain" from top to bottom as it is.

Of course, depending on the part of the clothes, I use different directions.

This Araki Yuu scarf.

“Bias use”.

Using bias means using the fabric diagonally.

Speaking of the merits of using bias with this scarf,

Being self-supporting when the scarf is wrapped around the neck,

Because the drape is increased, the accumulation of the fabric around the neck comes out neatly.

Still, it's a small place, but it's a little bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of



Do you understand? ?

I think it's hard to tell from the photos.

If it were a normal grain in the vertical direction, it would be fairly easy, but I think it's quite impressive that the direction of the texture of the fabric matches so perfectly with the use of bias.

If you express it with a microscope, it's like this.

It's very simple, but it's a pretty well made scarf.

well, it can be difficult

in short,


If you think so, that's good.

So, processing the ends of the scarf.

It's also carefully folded into a triangle and hand-stitched at the end.

The stitching on the front fabric edge of the scarf.

On the other hand, the back stitch.

This is a level where you can not judge which one is sewn even if you look at both.

Generally, in this case, it is sewn from the back, but it may be sewn from the front.

Both are A-side specifications, so much that you can't tell if it's at this level.

Normally, with clothes, the stitching on the front and the stitching on the back look different, don't you think?

The table is overwhelmingly beautiful.

However, with this scarf, even if you look closely, it's hard to tell which side it's sewn from.

such high precision.

If you don't sew slowly, slowly and carefully, you can't do this kind of thing.

I think you can feel how Mr. Araki from Araki Yuu continues to sew and make his own.


As for this black, it is product dyeing.

After finishing the beige one mentioned earlier, Mr. Araki dyed it himself.

That's why the antique lace is also dyed together.

Feeling, it's a whitish black, isn't it?

If you use it and wash it, it will become whiter and give you an old mood.


The ends are also folded into a triangle and hand-stitched.

Each one comes with a case like this.

The pocket opening is a brass button hand-shaped and processed by Mr. Araki himself, which has long been a symbol of Araki Yuu.

Of course, all of Araki Yuu's stuff has a serial number on it.

Well, the performance of this case is also quite high.

It's about 100 million times higher quality than the canvas tote bag you can find anywhere.

it comes with it.

A scarf is a small item, but I think you can experience the brand and techniques of Araki Yuu.

In the summer, even just a T-shirt will look completely different if you bring it around your neck.

Of course, even when wearing a shirt, it's outstanding.

If you sweat, you should wash it.

It has already been washed, so there is no change in dimensions.

Araki Yuu's quality is still alive and well, and it's a scarf that you can use without hesitation.

Even if you don't usually wear this kind of thing, I think it's not bad.

Well, I won't know until I try it on. smile

The Araki Yuu collection is not available for sale at the online store, so if you live far away and are unable to visit us, please contact us by phone or email.

It's Kaneta's fabric, and it's full of Araki Yuu's techniques, so if you like it, check it out.

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