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Here we come. From here too.

We are still in the stage of reaching the third season, so our history is not long.

"Araki Yuu" In terms of the current line-up, I think the word "handmade clothes" is the most appropriate. Super professional. That being said, all clothes are made by people's "hands", so it's important to judge how much you're going to use the machine to do it. It's also important.

Also, how to bring out the potential of the materials you use is very important.

Well, clothes can be selected from various aspects, but I think it's extremely rare for a proper fashion brand to continue to make such things in Japan today.

I often made it by hand at local bazaars. There are clothes like that, but I think it's okay to have that kind of warmth, but it's not on that level. Araki Yuu.

This season will be delivered twice. At this point. perhaps.

This is the memorable first time.

This time, a special version of Jerkin that looks like Araki Yuu's face and a completely new form. And a shirt. and suspenders.

It's the above four.

Regarding shirts, there was a silk shirt I made with Mr. Yamauchi of Yamauchi before, and I briefly touched on it when I wrote a blog about it.

I don't think you remember me, but for the 2020SS season, I wrote it with the feeling that I want you to see both Yamauchi's silk and Araki Yuu's silk.

It will appear with full satisfaction.

Well, first, from the 4B Jerkin Jacket in the face.

Yuu Araki
4B jerkin jacket special edition

face material : Linen Cotton

size: 1

price: ASK

this. Jerkin jacket with four buttons on the front. It has a different shape like a coverall like an old tailored jacket. Last season, I prepared multiple types of jerkin jackets (or two), but this time only this one. And, as you'll see later, this is the only one. We are waiting for Cinderella Fit.

I wrote that the material is linen and cotton, but the ground part is linen.

And it is the cotton that draws the striped lines that look like beige.

So it's mostly linen.

Thick linen thread and thin linen thread are alternately arranged, and the fabric is slowly woven. It feels rough to the touch.

Easy to understand, it feels like the linen core is left.

It's never superficial, it's a fabric that looks like it's been here for a long time.

Well, at Araki Yuu, it's normal, but it's hand-washed in the atelier after completion, so there's a moderate amount of wear and tear, but you can really feel the potential from here.

I still don't have that peculiar feeling of linen.

Start here.

The button is Araki Yuu Button. An original button with a distorted shape carved out of brass. I'm painting it black there. Of course, the black coating will peel off in the future where you touch it often. When the coating starts to peel off, I think the texture of the fabric will improve by one step, no, two steps, so I made it with that in mind.

I got this one with full lining.

The reason is that the front is linen, and I want you to wear it through your sleeves from now on, except for summer.

The lining is cotton silk while the outer material is linen cotton. This lining is also top quality.

Normally, I think it would be good to use it for thin shirts, but here, I prioritize only its gentle touch and use it for the lining of the body.

The sleeve lining is nylon and rayon. It's rare, isn't it?

This one has a good glide, and it has firmness, so it supports a wonderful fall of the arm.

Also, compared to the sleeve lining made of cupra, I think it goes better with the outer material.

If you touch the real thing, you'll understand, but the outer material is a fine fabric like a sandbag.

The buttons are made with plenty of brass.

There is already a whitish atmosphere, but the high quality of this linen is still not hidden. Glitter shines from the inside. There is a brilliance of the material that is a little like silk.

All-over stripes. And this jerkin. I wrote special edition in the name,

The mixed ratio notation of the lining is slightly wrong, but don't worry about it.

this. Customized jerkin. In other words, it wasn't a collection sample.

But I really wanted to make it with this fabric.

That's why I had only one piece made. Good, isn't it?

As written at the bottom of the tag, 1/1 piece.

yeah yeah In this vast Japan, in the world, in the universe, it means that there is only one.

So, I wanted to fully express my gratitude to everyone, so this is the only jerkin jacket for this season.

Of course, Araki Yuu quality is still alive and well.

All the buttonholes are hand-stitched with silk thread, and the pocket openings and places where stress is likely to be applied are hand-stitched. I'm no longer an idiot.

For me, size 1 looks like this, so if you know it, please refer to it. Next.

Yuu Araki
motorcycle jacket

Face material: 100% Cotton (Sea Island Cotton)

size : 1.2 (2 will arrive later)

price: ASK

This is a completely new form.

It's a motorcycle jacket.

That's it. Various things about clothes 100 years ago are packed as information.

There are 3 ways to wear it.

It's a deep front, so it's like a double, and it can be worn as a single. After that, the front full open pattern.

The fabric is 100% cotton.

Even though it's 100% cotton, it's Sea Island cotton. Sea island cotton. When written in kanji. Those of you who know me will understand, but you don't see Sea Island cotton at all these days. I can't get it anymore. sea ​​island.

Needless to say, unbelievable texture, luster, smoothness, the king of cotton, KING.

Micro herringbone woven with high density using it. The appearance of the delicate and beautiful pattern is coveted. and

Of course, I'm on MS. microscope. I didn't take a picture. I'll try to post it properly from now on. It doesn't make sense to just give my impressions here. I will try.

Regarding this, as you can see from the photos, it is full of extraordinary quality.

this fabric. It is high-density cotton with little fluffing and firmness.

In terms of thickness, it is difficult to say that it is a shirt fabric because it is not that thin, but please think of it as a thin among thick and a thick that is closer to normal.

No lining. Experience one million percent of this Sea Island micro-herringbone fabric.

Well, since there is no lining, I would like you to roll up the sleeves and wear it like a shirt even in warm weather.

Beautiful stitchwork by Araki Yuu.

In the first place, it feels like a review, but all of Araki Yuu's clothes are made by Araki Yuu from start to finish.

As expected, the fabric is made by a weaver, but I do everything myself, from cutting, patterning, sewing, special processes (buttonholes and candome), button production, finishing, and delivery.

That's why all clothes have a serial number and the total number of production. In modern times, it is common to outsource the production of clothes to a factory. The total number of products that can be made in a year is also determined by the low number.

And it's not just handmade clothes, but the production level is astonishing. Anyone can see the fineness of the stitch work, but even if you explain the processing method behind it, who will notice this specification that will leave a line of question marks in your head? I keep doing that.

It's comfortable and durable, and it's not God is in the detail.

And yet, I don't finish it neatly and tell people to take a look at it, but I wash it myself in the atelier at the end. So it erases something like the hardness of a freshly made squirt.

The technique and texture production are rare even in Japan.

That's why, at first glance, people who don't understand it can see it as worn-out clothes, and sometimes it looks like old clothes, but people who like them can't escape Araki Yuu's atmosphere. clothes.

Even Shiroto-san can make a certain level of clothes that look like they're worn out and have a certain atmosphere, but that's just a strange and unbelievable eccentricity, and there's no backing. I don't think it's grounded. It really depends on who makes these things.

Back to the topic,,, There are two types of buttons here. brass black coating,

Newly made from the previous season, this charred horn button is carved out of water buffalo and roasted with a burner. The expression of this water buffalo is also excellent. It sticks to the inside, so you can't see it at all when you put it on.

The cutting of the cuffs is also peculiar to old clothes.

Hand stitched buttonhole. In Japan of Reiwa, what was done in Europe when Japan was called the Edo period.

The processing on the back is also pekikan. Specifications that combine piping processing, careful folding with lockstitching, plain stitching, and frame tailoring.

The back is also done so far.

It really makes me think from the bottom of my heart that people who are making clothes like this want to leave a legacy behind and pass it on.

It doesn't interest people who don't care, but I think this is important as a culture.

All hand-sewn reinforced pocket openings and closures.

yes. This is 1/2 piece.

In other words, the size 1 that has already arrived at our store and the size 2 that will arrive in the future.

Well, I don't want to appeal only to rarity, but I think that's what happens, and if you look at it from the perspective of the person who wears it, it's something that really bothers you.

Price is price, and it's going to be this far.

As a light outerwear, it's best to wear it roughly as a shirt when it gets hot.

It would be nice if you could wash it without worrying about it.

At first, it looks shiny and luxurious, but I'm looking forward to seeing it wither away in three to five years.

Come on, and the shirt.

Yuu Araki
New Classic Shirt

material: 100% silk

size: 1

price: ASK

100% silk.

Unlike silk shirts of this kind, the texture draws contours that flow downward from its thickness. And Araki Yuu's silk that has been washed to make it stand out even more.

The silk made in Yamauchi was silk oxford, which was thick, but this one is different, and has a unique depth.

But this. I'm doing more hand finish.

In other words, the sewing is hand-sewn depending on the part.

The clothes we handle at our store are mainly finished with high-level machines.

There is also a place where the stitches are carefully stitched with a sewing machine.

However, the difference is that "all parts that affect comfort are hand-stitched."

Specifically, collar lining, yoke, cuffs, sleeves, etc.

If you sew it with a sewing machine, it will be sewn tightly, but the tension of hand sewing is different from that of a sewing machine.

That's why there's a little leeway where it's sewn, and the edges of the folds are rounded and stretched according to the movement of the body.

A new stage for Araki Yuu to climb.

And this silk shirt is the strongest against the skin.

Undyed, unbleached silk.

Coloring of the material itself.

The reason is that the touch changes slightly when dyed.

There is no stress of wearing because it is sewn by hand finishing. In that case, I want you to feel the best of silk fiber, so I made it undyed.

If you're reading this blog, I'm sure you've worn many different shirts. But I don't think we've reached this level yet.

Furthermore, the sleeves are retrofitted. With this, the movement of the arm will also be exhausted. The level where the arm is no longer easy to move and the arm moves without permission.

In addition to that, this is also a new Araki Yuu.

This is the treatment of sword rags. A processing method different from the shirts that have been developed so far.

I can't understand this even if I explain it completely, so in terms of benefits, it eliminates extra hits on the skin. So I don't think you feel anything when you wear it. When I come here. Say it clearly.

As for this item, we only carry one item at our store.

The reason is completely price.

Unfortunately, it's not something that many people can experience, but Araki Yuu's clothes aren't just something you wear.

It's not even a work of art. something to wear.

For this, old clothes that are close to regular pants are enough. I've already washed it, and the person who received it can wear it as they please.

Since it's silk, it doesn't matter what season it is.

It's warm now, but it's strangely cool when it's hot.

Also, this shirt is relatively roomy compared to previous Araki Yuu shirts. So I don't think the size will be a problem. Until now, there have been thin ones.

Also, this.


We have received this item, but when it happened to arrive, someone who liked it came to the store, so it was already sold out.

However, it was the first time for us to wear Araki Yuu's suspenders, so please allow me to post them here as a memento.

It was a thick Italian calf. brass parts. full handson.

I washed it. I don't know why anymore. It was great.

The beginning of the 2020SS season is also making good things. Araki Yuu.

Take a look.

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