Araki Yuu Fall/Winter Season Part2

I introduced you the other day, but I would like to introduce Araki Yuu again today.

Last time I introduced knickerbockers and scarves, but today I'm going to talk about jackets.

“Motorcycle Jacket”

Two different fabrics.

Yuu Araki

Motorcycle jacket

material_WOOL 98%, POLYESTER 2%


button _ BRASS, HORN


*Sold out

A motorcycle jacket with an old mood.

The front is a deep double specification.

However, one brass front button is also placed in the center so that it can be used for single specifications.

Araki Yuu's technique is overflowing, and it is an outerwear that puts a lot of effort into it.

First of all, if you look at the fabric, I think you can roughly understand what it is like.

Here is a picture of the back neck.

The outer material is black with complex colors such as green and brown, but herringbone.

However, the herringbone is regularly switched at small intervals, and it is a lattice-like fabric.

and the back is gray.

The back part is a regular twill weave.


It's a double weave fabric. this.

The blend ratio is 98% wool and 2% polyester, but only wool is visible on both the front and back.

This mix ratio is because the polyester binding thread is used to connect the two double weaves.

The touch of the fabric is also overwhelming.

I think you will feel a lot of swelling.

But I don't think you'll get used to it right away. In a good way.

In a sense, it may be a fabric that needs training.

There are old-fashioned woolen tweed coats that you wear for years and then get used to your body.

Well, it's not as stiff as classical tweed, and the fibers aren't that strong and rugged, but the double weave structure is enough to entrust your upper body to in the winter. this.

For example, an extremely high-quality wool blanket is shrunken, and while its softness remains, it becomes quite strong and heavy.

That's why it feels like a blanket to wear.

For those of you who watch this, I think it will make it very easy for you to imagine what will accompany you for years and years.

Well, actually, this fabric is the second time we have developed it at our store.

2 years ago maybe?

I had a 4B Jerkin jacket made from the same fabric not so long ago.

It was so good that I couldn't forget the depth of the fabric, so I asked the brand if they could use the fabric from that time, and they said there was enough left over to make three garments.

Then I have to use it.

That's what I thought, so I asked him to make this motorcycle jacket, which didn't exist in the brand's collection at the time.

yes. In other words, this is our shop CASANOVA&CO EXCLUSIVE, which also has no samples.

The number of production is ONLY 3 PIECES as mentioned above.

The compatibility with Araki Yuu's brass buttons is also outstanding.

Of course, the buttonhole is not processed with a sewing machine, but a handhole.

If you look at the back, you can see that the crochet of the hole firmly grips the fabric and the thread is firmly cut into it.

If the hall was built this strong, it would be safe and secure no matter how anyone looked at it.

It's a motorcycle jacket, so it has unique details, but I think it's a super power piece because it's combined with the fabric. this.

The opening of the cuffs is also an old style with a sharp angle, but of course the hand-sewn candome is reinforced at the end of the opening.

Araki Yuu has a strong essence of classic clothes.

It's overflowing with curved construction, or rather overflowing.

Reinforcement of the pocket mouth is also done by hand.

It will take time. I'll get you one.

It's not the current trend at all.

In the truest sense, Araki Yu himself physically faces the clothes.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to produce clothes of this quality.

This brass button will also be finished with your own hands until the very end.

The distorted shape is also proof of the hand shape.

All buttons are reinforced with cowhide leather.

back view.

With a center vent, the back is slightly shorter than the front.

Because it's a motorcycle system.

this. back.

Extremely dangerous.

The jacket doesn't have a lining, so you can see the quality of the clothes just by looking at the lining.

In modern times, there are various sewing machines that facilitate the production of clothes in the process of sewing, but Araki Yuu is only for lockstitching.

A super spec that can do everything with lockstitching.

This is not the construction of wool outerwear. seriously.

The beauty of the edge stitch and the beauty of the stitches lined up next to it.

And the stitches are no longer visible to the naked eye, and the fineness of the needle movement makes it look like a "line" as a whole.

Looking at this structure, you can see the time and energy put into this piece, as well as the amazing sewing level of the designer himself.

Well, the number of production per year is limited.

That's right.

It's difficult to maintain this quality once it's sent to a sewing factory.

Because there is no place to re-sewing due to thread breakage or stitch omission.

The stitches overlap and there is no place to re-sewn.

This is Araki Yuu's clothes.

Well, fortunately, our store has clothes with a very high level of sewing, and we place great importance on that, so it's intentional, but the quality of all clothes must be completed by the designer alone. I think it is difficult.

Clothing is a strange thing, and it tends to be confined to a specific genre, isn't it?

In terms of Araki Yuu, people would say “Artisan”.

But I don't think it has that kind of atmosphere at all, and the reason why Araki Yuu's clothes are at "this level" is because of how seriously Araki Yuu himself makes each piece of clothing, "even now". I think that is a very clear part of it.

Basically folded.

PP (Piping) where necessary.

Also, the one on the left side of this photo is a water buffalo carved out by the designer himself.

The processing of the two sleeves is also perfect.

Kobasutetchi is also perfect.

You made it so well.

If you have it in your hand, please use it with full peace of mind.

It would be nice if you could wear it as you like, double or single, but I think the best is fully open.

It's a double weave fabric, and the same fabric is placed on the back near the front, so it's quite thick. It's unique.

It is impossible to experience this with other clothes.

At the time of writing this blog, you have already purchased size 2 at the store, so there are only two size 1 left.

However, this size 1 has a lot of magic, and I'm a small man with a height of 167 cm and a weight of 52 kg, but I can still do it. I think you can wear it.

This is a sizing with great depth of pocket.

It's very three-dimensional.

Also, when I posted about Knickerbockers and scarves on Instagram yesterday, I got a lot of inquiries about the price, so this Motorcycle jacket is ¥126,500- (tax included).

Well, I hope you can take this very well.

Please consider if you like it.

Yuu Araki

Motorcycle jacket

material_COTTON 100%




*Sold out

And here is another.

The previous one was made in the field of outerwear that can be used in the middle of winter, but this one is more like a soft coverall.

100% cotton twill fabric with a different weave structure.

It's a deep blue cotton, but it has an unimaginable luster against the skin.

Since the fabric is softer, the collar will return to its new state more beautifully.

Needless to mention here too, hand buttonhole.

Buttons are black brass.

If you use this black coating, it will peel off little by little, and you can see the brass base.

I think I have about 6 Araki Yuu clothes. One of them is the black linen cropped pants that I ordered when I first started handling them at our store. I got it, but that's not bad.

The contrast between the texture of the different weave and the buttons, the stitch work, the structure of the curve, this combination is very beautiful.

Supple and soft fabric touch.

Every time the fabric moves, it reflects the light well.

The texture of the fabric is strong on the front, but the back is relatively flat.

Therefore, even if you wear it over a camisole, you will be satisfied with your skin.

As before, there is no lining.

As I mentioned earlier, rather than wearing it as an outerwear in the middle of winter, I think it's more suitable for early spring or early winter, or for those who don't wear heavy clothes in winter.

Comfortable to wear.

Well, now I might be able to wear it in the middle of the night. Absolutely impossible during the day. It's a texture that feels like it.

This one has the same details as the previous one, but it is 100% cotton, so the price is ¥107,800- (tax included).

We currently have sizes 1 and 2.

If you like it, please experience the quality of Araki Yuu.

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