silk scarf "Araki Yuu"

This spring/summer season, I'm focusing on things other than clothes more than usual, and one of them is a silk scarf.

I knew from the previous season that Araki Yuu was making something like that, so I thought it would be the right time to do it this time, so I asked Araki Yuu to make it.

However, silk scarves are luxurious and decorative to make your outfit look gorgeous, but that's not what I'm aiming for.

Since long ago, HERMES scarves have had a certain size for all patterns, giving a gorgeous impression, but that is not the goal.

Wearing this scarf can result in a decorative effect on the outfit.

However, that is not the top priority.

I'm bringing silk because it's comfortable.

Add this on the premise that

Also, compared to ordinary scarves, it's plain and hard to understand, but please feel what Araki Yuu is doing.

Well, it's getting hotter and hotter year by year as we get closer to summer, so I can only wear a T-shirt on my upper body, and even if I wear it over it, I think the thin shirt is the limit.

However, by wearing short-sleeves, the lightness comes out at once, but the appearance will be appropriate.

Of course, it adds a little extra to that kind of outfit, but I want you to experience Araki Yuu, who does a lot of things with small scarves, even though there are benefits to this.

Yuu Araki

petit rhombus scarf

material_silk 100%

color _ garment dyed dark

price _ ¥16,500-(tax included)

As the name suggests, it is a small lozenge-shaped scarf that has been dyed in a dark tone that is very close to black.

One of the characteristics of the brand is the antique ribbons collected by Araki Yuu.

At first glance, it looks like it's just a small piece of cloth sewn together, but it's not. this.

Araki Yuu is Araki Yuu even in this kind of thing.

Left-right asymmetry with a rather peculiar shape.

Moreover, this silk is actually made of two parts.

The fabric changes at the border of the antique ribbon part.

It's easy to see if you look at the back. I forgot to take a picture.

This asymmetrical shape helps tie it around the neck.

It creates a unique twist and bends the fabric evenly around the neck.

Both ends of the scarf are neatly processed.

You can barely see it, but it's hand sewn here.

The seams are not exposed on the front and the edges are not sharp.

A scarf that does small things in a limited area.

As you can guess, I think that it is 100% of the finest silk and has no complaints against the skin.

However, there is also a garment dye, so it doesn't give the impression of being too smooth.

The coloring is very close to black, and there are uneven colors and wrinkles throughout, but I think it will create a world that is the opposite of gorgeous.

However, due to the nature of scarves like this, it may be better than just wearing a t-shirt because it looks surprisingly decent.

I feel like I'm wearing this.

If you like the color, you might like it because it has just the right amount of weight.

It may be good to put out the part that hangs down in a small size, or sometimes put it in.

The way to attach is simply by tying the knot twice.

That's enough.

If you tie it in a complicated way, it will look like you're trying to be fashionable, so I don't recommend it.

As much as possible, it's best to give a feeling that you're not aiming for.

Well, I think it's good to wash it when you sweat and then put it back on without thinking about it.

Take a look.

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