Araki Yuu in mysterious deadstock fabric

I haven't been able to write much lately, but I'm doing a lot of things, so please look forward to it.

That's how I got there.

Araki Yuu.

I think this season has a lot of power.

Moreover, the number of requests for setups from customers is increasing year by year, so we have prepared this brand.

However, well, I don't know if the person who raises such a voice is looking for Araki Yuu lol

When it comes to setup, it's only natural that you'll be buying two items, top and bottom, so the price wall is huge.

Well, I know that, but I went around in circles and circles in my head and ordered the jacket and trousers, and as a result, the set up came to be cool.

But I think the benefits to those who get it are beyond imagination.

That's all there is to it.

What's more, I'm super bearish with only one pair of pants for each size.

In short, if it becomes a setup, it is a guide that it is limited to two people. .

Well, but I think that the strike zone there will be forcibly narrowed, but if you can clear that, you can make something amazing, so even a single item is pretty good maybe.


It looks like corduroy, but it's completely different.

The blend ratio is 53% linen with cotton remaining.

It's still stiff, but you can immediately feel the suppleness that comes from the high quality of the material.

And it seems that this is a dead stock fabric from a weaver in Shizuoka Prefecture.

It seems that it is the fabric that was lying around when Mr. Araki and his friends were digging out the warehouse of the weaver.

However, it seems that this fabric was made with the meaning of a prototype from that time (not very old), so I don't know much about the details. It seems that they were trying to make it by changing it to wool.

However, it seems that the hurdles were extremely high and the fabric cost was also messed up, so it was shelved.

it was rolling

So, when I found it, I had a reaction, so I bought it and made a sample, and it went great with Araki Yuu's clothes.

It seems that no one (brand) has ever made clothes with the same fabric.

So, we also ordered.

Well, in clothes different from the sample.

That's why today we're introducing a CASANOVA&Co. limited style that doesn't even have a sample.

Yuu Araki

motorcycle jacket

color_off white



price_¥114,000-(without tax)

It is a model that first appeared in the 20SS season and has been developed at our store at that time.

Motorcycle jacket.

A single, unlined jacket with a stand-up neck.

Whether the front is fully open, double, or single, it's a super piece that makes a high-level look a reality.

And this fabric.

Super compatible. Great.

Since this fabric has not been processed in any way since it was woven with kibata, the potential of the fiber, the strength of the thread, and the expression of the fabric are overflowing.

Normally, fabrics are arranged and finished, and the fabrics are finished, and various post-processing is done, but this does not do that at all.

It is called "kibata".

I don't hear about this "grey machine" very often, but I think that people who read this blog will never forget it again in the near future, so remember it.

well, that's good,

Because it is greige, Araki Yuu's unique hand wash gives it a wonderful look.

Bumpy appearance and natural wrinkles.

Plus rusty brass buttons.

Such construction is all Araki Yuu's specialty, meticulous and meticulous work.

I think this kind of ivory is already in the frame of white, but please don't worry about stains, spill coffee, and wear it just like a G jacket.

Sizes are 1 and 2 sizes.

Usually, the minimum size is set to 0, but this size is quite acceptable.

This size 1 may fit up to about 175cm, depending on your physique.

More than that is 2.

A magical size that can accommodate people with a fairly wide physique. I think

Yuu Araki

Baggy pants

color_off white



price_¥73,000-(without tax)

So, pants.

This is called a buggy, and it is shaped like a thud.

The hips are a bit small and the buttocks fit snugly without sagging.

The outline of the pants is clearly visible, so I think the compatibility between the fabric and the shape of the pants is very good.

Length is not full length.

Taller people may find it too short.

The top button on the front is a rare three-hole, and the same brass placket button.

The hem is adjustable as the hem is equipped with buttons and straps.

The attachment of this strap is also very elaborate. Well, it's all elaborate, but Araki Yuu.

The peculiarity of this construction is astonishing.

That's what clothes are made of that isn't factory-made.

Because you can create your own clothes exactly as the designer envisioned them, the clothes that you have in mind will take shape.

And it evolves every season, and this season is the highest point so far in the high degree of perfection as clothes.

This is unique to clothes made by people who are constantly improving.

I said it's a set up, but the white top and bottom are really difficult, so I feel like I'm the fiercest of the fiercest, but the durability of the fabric is amazing, so it's best to wear it like work clothes.

If it breaks after wearing and washing it for many years, I wonder if it will be completed after repairing it.

In recent years, there have been very few clothes that can be worn that long, and although it is an era where only a few people can make it, it is a level that not everyone can make. this is.

I would be happy if those who could pick it up would use it very heavily.

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