Yuu Araki

All of Araki Yuu's clothes for this season are now available.

There are brand signature Jerkin Jacket, Atelier Coat, and Soutien Collar, which is one of the few new coats.

Also Baggy Pants and one-size-fits-all Pyjama Pants.

I will introduce them little by little.

Yuu Araki

4B Jerkin Jacket

material _ wool 55%, linen 45%

button _ black brass

color_deep gray

size _ 0,1,2 ※0 and 2 are sold out

jerkin jacket.

This is the production of only 5 pieces in the world as a brand.

We used to have sizes 0 to 2, but currently we only have 1 in stock.

We produce 5 pieces, but not all of them are handled at our store.

The blend ratio is 55% wool (warp) and 45% linen (weft).

The warp is a relatively thick wool.

Also merino wool.

It's black, but I think it's a pretty deep black due to the characteristics of wool.

On the other hand, the weft is linen.

It is thinner than the warp threads.

The linen is set in a state of medium white, similar to the warp threads of denim.

That's why it looks like the white part of the core is already peeking out thinly.

The weave is made with a dobby loom, which creates a so-called unevenness, so the surface of the fabric does not look flat, but it has shadows.

After that, I feel the depth of feeling.

It's also Dobby's character.

The fabric is originally unique and has a strong atmosphere, but the linen core has a white structure, so you can feel the change in appearance as you wear it, and I think it will give you a stronger atmosphere.

It's great for people who like that sort of thing.

It's also a durable fabric, so if you wear it anyway, it's okay.

I like it, wear it a lot, and then a few years later, when I realize it's a jacket that has more depth than when it was brand new, it's a jacket that gives you a sense of depth.

I wonder if the shape of the collar is classified as a stand collar.

It has a different Chinese feel to it from tailored collars.

However, there is no Chinese feeling or religious feeling that occurs in this kind of stand-up collar jacket.

As you can see, the design is a combination of a tailored jacket and coveralls.

But it's not too close to either, and there's a bit of an intelligent air about it.

Like Araki Yuu, the buttons are straight and made of black brass.

It's plain cotton.

The lining of the sleeves has fine stripes.

I feel a little oriental scent here.

The lining of the sleeves is also cotton, but compared to the lining of the body, it slides very well.

As for the cuffs, the hand-made buttonholes and hand-made buttonholes are still alive and well.

Yuu Araki

Baggy pants

material _ wool 55%, linen 45%

button _ black brass

color_deep gray


These pants are made of the same fabric as the jerkin jacket.

Well, I wonder if you could help me set it up.

There is no problem even if it is not set up.

It's called a baggy, but it's not really thick, it's the result of the use of darts on the waist, which gives it a soft fit and the image of it falling strongly from there to the hem.

Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of me wearing it, so please imagine.

It also has black brass buttons.

With repeated wear and washing, the black coating on the surface gradually peels off, exposing the brass base. but,,

The top button has three holes.

It's no longer relevant to what you wear, but in this day and age, buttons with three holes are almost non-existent.

The reason is that I can't attach buttons with a sewing machine.

Three holes.

Two-hole or four-hole buttons are suitable for sewing buttons, but three-hole buttons have gradually disappeared over time.

Araki Yuu's buttons are all hand-made in the first place, but it may be good to keep it in mind as a bit of knowledge.

Another feature of Araki Yuu's clothes is the numerous hand-stitched reinforcements.

I don't know if you can see it in the photo, but it's a photo of the pocket opening.

Normally, the opening of the pocket receives the most stress at both ends, so it is reinforced with multiple backstitches using a Kandome sewing machine or single stitch, or with rivets. .

It is a brand that draws a line between modern and commercial clothes making and continues to make clothes over 100 years ago, so it is a specification that is rarely seen nowadays.

Brass cinch on the back. With belt loop.

The bottom of the belt loop is poured into the waist belt.

Baggy pants that change the hem width with the two attached buttons.

Adjust with curved, sword-shaped straps.

It's the back side.

It is a lining specification that is close to the hem.

cotton 100%.

The stitches on the back are not exposed.

The reason is that it hits the skin.

Araki Yuu has been paying close attention to the backside that comes in direct contact with the skin.

The lining is also three-dimensional, and not only does the fabric feel smooth, but it also has a super function that follows along with the movement of the lower body.

The back of the main body is piping, but the lining and the outer material are connected by chain stitch.

As a result, the lining has a certain degree of freedom, but it is designed to prevent excessive movement.

It's considered

Even the back that you can't see is neat.

If you look at this kind of place, you can trust it as clothes, really.

As with the jerkin jacket I mentioned earlier, I think these baggy pants will change as you continue to wear them.

The jacket is only size 1, so the number of people who can set it up is limited, but for those who aim to become a superman, the style of set-up may be good.

I'm quite acme.

In many ways.

However, I think that you can feel the change in the fabric more and more in the pants than in the jacket.

The range of motion of the lower body is greater than that of the upper body, and the tension on the clothes is also greater.

Especially in the coming season, it will be difficult to sweat, so it would be amazing to wear it like I used to when I bought my favorite rigid jeans.

It's strong even when it's new, but it looks like it's going to be a more amazing atmosphere.

I'm not going to show you all the details, but these pants are made with so much care.

Wouldn't it be nice to wear them as the finest work pants instead of jeans?

So, when I noticed it, it looked completely different from the new one.

If you like this kind of thing, you'll love it.

Yuu Araki

4B Jerkin Jacket

material_alpaca 100%

button_engraved horn

color_brushed herringbone brown


And this is the Jerkin Jacket that I briefly introduced the other day.

All sizes are currently available, but there is no stock.

This season, there are two types of jerkin jackets, the one I mentioned earlier, but I get the impression that you are at a loss as to which one to choose.

We also offer two types of exquisite items: the wool linen type, which has a safe color that allows you to enjoy the change to your heart's content, and the alpaca type, which is wrapped in the shades of the fabric structure and is full of warmth when you wear it. intend to.

The price is also the price, but there is also a 2000 yen difference, so I have the impression that you are trying to figure out how to get along with each other.

We are planning to offer the best paradise for both, so it doesn't matter which one you choose.

I'm doing everything I can until it hits the shelves (it's not me, Mr. Araki), so please choose the one you want to wear.

This jerkin jacket is a water buffalo button. Araki Yuu spec.

It's a button that looks like an antique. really.

That kind of atmosphere is drifting in the air.

When I ordered this jerkin jacket from the brand side, I was worried about brass, black painted brass, or horn.

So, when I was standing at the store, when I was taking a bath, and when I was eating, I think I was always thinking about it.

Me more than half a year ago. surely.

I've been thinking too much about other things and have forgotten how I thought about it recently, but when it arrived, it turned out to be the correct answer.

Top-dyed (dyeing in the state of the fiber. It is the most costly and expensive dyeing method, but it has excellent color and texture) and the alpaca is the best.

There's a hand button hole and it's already super dangerous.

I'm proud that a great chemical reaction occurred just at the button. this. Really.

This is the cuff.

The water buffalo buttons are hand sewn, the hand buttonholes are perfectly framed, the lining is hand-made, the cuffs are hand-stitched (although you can barely see them), and the dark brown herringbone cupra sleeve lining.

It looks like this with just the cuffs.

You make good things.

The lining is 100% dyed cotton.

I think the contrast with the outer material is not bad.

Of course, all Araki Yuu's clothes are also equipped with serial numbers.

So this.

please look.

pocket mouth.

Also the other side.

This is now an obsolete specification.

Nanjing beads.

In general, beading has become more and more mechanized, but this is proof that it is not.

Treatment of the edge of the pocket mouth.

This is Nankin Yuen.

Is this process recent? This is the specification that Araki Yuu is working on, aiming for further technical improvement.

Even in recent years, I feel a complete separation from the apparel market, which has been further homogenized, rationalized, and mechanized.

It's one of the so-called good old dressmaking techniques, and it's a kind of tailor-made word that you don't hear much these days.

In this day and age, it's not so easy to pour the high technology of clothes making into one piece.

The attitude of the brand trying to tackle that is something that we are very proud of as a store that handles it, and it is also a place where we are firm.

There are so many things that I can feel from Araki Yuu's clothes, but after all it's something you wear.

For those who can use it for ultra heavy use.

I've been wearing it too, but it's gotten a lot more fitting than when I took the last photo. I feel like In particular, the alpaca jerkin jacket has soft heat retention, so I think it will come in handy when it gets colder.

Take a look.

After that, as I wrote at the beginning, there are others, but I will introduce them later.

I had a deli from Yamauchi again today, so maybe that's next.

Well then.

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