Araki Yuu 2020AW shirts

Yesterday, I talked about Nobuyuki Matsui, and today I will talk about Araki Yuu.

There are two types of shirts.

Normally, the autumn/winter deli would be a month or two later, but this time, due to the current situation of the coronavirus, it seems that they made it as early as possible.

However, even though it's faster than usual, the quality is outstanding.

I think that people who like it will like it very much.

Yuu Araki
no collar utility shirt

material_linen 100%

button _ black brass

color_double brushed dark gray



First, this. Collarless utility shirt.

The fabric is a plain weave of linen with a relatively thick count.

Color looks black but is dark gray.

As it says double brushed, it is a fabric that has been slightly brushed on both sides (front and back).

It doesn't have a strong linen feel, but it has a nice thickness, so I think it can be used as a shirt or as a light version of a shirt jacket.

As mentioned above, the color is dark gray.

Don't you have that "feeling" of worn-out black linen turning white?

It looks pale. It's been close to that since the beginning.

But it's still new, so it's from now on.

From here on, heavy use will make it grow tremendously, and I think it will take you to a state that only the owner knows.

By the way, this shirt is a sample and there is no same one.

It will be an exclusive that our shop requested production.

It's not a bespoke order, but thanks to Araki Yuu's flexible ordering system, it's only available at our store.

The total production number is 3.

yes. There are three sizes, 1, 2, and 3, so you will get one of each.

I would be happy if you could enjoy such a special encounter.

Slightly brushed surface.

The buttons are black coated brass.

The brass base does not show its face immediately, but it will start to show its face a little after a lot of contact (wearing) with this shirt. Either.

The more you wear it, the more the brass of the base will be exposed, and by that time, the linen of the body will also show its unique potential.

The utility shirt is the base, but this shirt is the type that has the most amount of body width among Araki Yuu's shirts.

Well, it's not oversizing at all.

Therefore, in early autumn, some people may be able to wear a high-gauge knit or something like that.

Therefore, blouson type cuffs are used instead of normal shirt cuffs.

It's just getting hotter now, so it's hard to imagine that it's going to be hot from now on, but in October it feels like wearing it over a T-shirt, and after that it's fine to assume it's a long-sleeved cut-and-sew, high-gauge knit top. maybe.

The back yoke has antique lace that only comes with Araki Yuu shirts.

Over 100 years old lace and brand new shirts are in perfect harmony. This is really strange.

Laces and shirts that give off exactly the same air even though the length of time that has passed is completely different.

It's one of the tricks that Araki Yuu can do.

So, of course, this shirt is also Araki Yuu quality.

The stitches are finely sewn, and due to the brushed fabric, the threads are almost invisible.

It just looks like a single line because the sewn parts are sunk. It's so detailed.

Basically, it is sewing that makes good use of a sewing machine, but I do not miss hand-sewing where necessary.

For example, as you can see in the photo, the front utility pocket.

The pocket openings on both sides are hand-stitched.

Well, you can't see it in the photo.

Art is too detailed.

Hand stitching on the left body is also alive.

For shirts, the antique lace on the back yoke is more eye-catching, but the hand stitching on the left armpit is the signature of the shirt.

in terms of brand.

Of course, since it is a shirt, the lining is not included.

It's a little different from standard shirts compared to general shirts, but you can fully experience the quality of the fabric and the fine workmanship.

It's best to repeat the process of wearing and washing.

The designer hand-washed it after completion, so there are some natural wrinkles, but we still have a long way to go.

First of all, if you wear it too much and the fluff of the fabric is gone, you can finally stand on the starting line.

White things that can be expected 3 years later, 5 years later.

Yuu Araki
new classic shirt

material_cotton 100%


color _ brown hound tooth



Another is this.

new classic shirt.

The width is similar to the utility shirt mentioned earlier, but the length is set longer, giving this shirt an air of esprit.

I haven't used this kind of combination very often, but after wearing it many times, it's a straight fabric choice that can create an old mood that can be mistaken for an antique shirt.

A small brown-based hound tooth makes us expect just that.

Also, this shirt has a high back neck due to the structure of the pattern, but the front of the neck is deep, so I wonder if the shape will make you feel the age.

A distinctive back style.

I think this will create a gorgeous style that is not excessive.

All buttons are uncoated brass.

Of course, the button is carved out by the designer, but this button is a little rusty.

This is also due to processing in the atelier.

I think it's a level where you don't notice this rusty part anymore because you're so focused on using brass buttons.

But it's important. This kind of thing too.

After all, such a small small collection forms the first suit.

The shirttail round is deep.

See also reinforcement.

Also, the utility shirt I mentioned earlier had blouson type cufflinks, but this one has shirt cufflinks.

But it's dangerous to deal with the back of the sword rags.

It is an excellent specification that does not interfere with the skin with extremely complicated processing.

Also, unlike the utility shirt mentioned earlier, the sleeves are attached after the bodice is sewn.

I didn't take a picture.

Please check the actual item.

This shirt is already full of old-fashioned moods.

I think people who like this sort of thing will really appreciate it. Well, I only have one at a time. Take a look.

Also, I posted a picture of me wearing it on Instagram, so you can see it there.

With these two types of shirts, Araki Yuu's 2020AW season shirts have already ended.

Then there are pants, jackets and coats.

I would appreciate it if you were looking forward to it too. I think it's still over a month away.

Well then.

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