amachi. "wood cut knit"

We are holding a LIMITED STORE with Graphpaper and BODHI, but let me introduce amachi.'s knitwear.

Amachi.'s characteristic is that each collection has a very clear concept, and this knit especially expresses this season's Collection #007.

"Notion of Forms" = "Notion of Forms"

That's what amachi. is expressing in the collection, but the research and considerations that went into reaching that point are incredible.

Listening to amachi.

And now the theme of the collection.

It's better not to change the context, so I'll post what I got from amachi.

"How did we build the current civilization while interacting with trees until the modern urban space was born, which can be said to be unique even in the history of humankind, where an environment without trees and wood can be established? A collection that was born from the research of "Was it coming?"

There is research that the concept of "circular" shape, which can be seen in many of the earliest man-made structures such as Stonehenge, which can be said to be the origin of man-made structures, was discovered from the cross section of trees. There is a theory that the origin of a structure that combines wood began with splitting trees to make square timbers.

It is very interesting to me that not only the aspect of trees as a material, but also the concept of shape that is the basis of the present city = Notion of Forms itself has been learned from trees. It is a concept season. Specifically, the shape of the most primitive tree, hand knit Into the tree and Wood cut knit that reflect uneven circles in the production process and pattern, Primitive forms shirts that express the cross section of trees with pattern work, Cross grain jacket Inspired by the texture and structure of trees processed as timber, the concept is incorporated into the structure and fabric of clothing from various perspectives, such as the Wax wood series and Wood flame knit. "


wood cut knit

material _ wool 97%, kid hair 2%, silk 1%



As the name suggests, it is a knit with a cross section of a tree as a motif.

This is the "wood cut knit" that appeared in the collection introduction earlier.

The brand also has machine knits, but this is a hand-knitted knit that is only available in 15 pieces due to its production efficiency.

In the first place, when ordering to a brand, the desired quantity is sent, but not all of it is delivered, and the amachi.

Our store understands this in advance, and since we always have a modest personality as our motto, we only order one item from the beginning.

Then, he made me only one piece.

In terms of raw materials, we mix three types of thin and delicate wool, kid mohair, and silk, and convert them into very thick threads to create strong knitted fabrics.

Due to the nature of the thick knitting thread, which cannot be produced by machine knitting, the structure is clearly visible.

The ground part is dark brown, and the annual rings are made with multiple colored threads, perhaps representing an organic coloring.

Something with life, like a tree, is never uniform.

And, as you can see, there are parts where the weave is cut off, recreating cracks in the wood.

The knitting structure of the front body is distorted in an elliptical shape to follow the annual rings.

On the other hand, the knitted fabric runs horizontally on the back body and arms, wrapping the back and arms.

But, this knit, or rather, knitted fabric.

It's about three times harder than you think.

The strength of the hand-knit thread is amazing.

Strongly twisted yarn.

Normally, knit sweaters are expected to be soft, gentle on the skin, and have excellent heat retention properties.

This knit is not in that position at all.

If you're looking for the softness, superb feel, and warmth that a sweater possesses, you can check out BODHI, which is currently being held, and MOTHER HAND artisan, The Inoue Bros., which is coming up.

The vector of production is not directed there. amachi.

However, it's not about low-level stimulation such as the tingling of the material alone, but a higher-level and sophisticated feeling of wearing that is directed to the whole body.

I think everyone will be stepping into untouched territory so far.

It may take a while for this knitted fabric to feel familiar to the body.

Are you sad or happy?

For the time being, I think people will be able to wear it with the feeling that they have just owned it.

That's how independent the knitted fabric is.

Over the years, I wonder if your body's heat, steam, movement, and the weight of the knit will sway your upper body.

Enjoy the state of hand knit that only this wood cut knit can have.

Hand-ribbed hem.

This kind of heavy sweater is often described as an outerwear, but no matter how hard and thick the knitted fabric is, I wonder if it's different from the function of wearing it.

So far, we have introduced the quality of our fabrics and sewing on this blog. I didn't introduce myself as a work.

But I think this is as close as possible to the position of a work.

It's like an art piece that can be worn.

I interpret that this is where amachi. is put.

However, I tend to think about wearing it as a major premise, so this look is based on the motif of "tree", and while enjoying the rustic and country look, I can just say that it is an abnormal atmosphere for clothes. Feel the two-match, and fully enjoy the value of owning a knit that can only be found here.

Well, I can't make it with this kind of knitting trick, and I'm sure it's impossible to create without amachi.

Due to the nature of this kind of thing, it has a very positive connotation, and I think it will be seen by people who have a very biased way of thinking, but I think that people who like it can't leave their brains. .

Price is price, but when you wear it, you can sense everything. No way.

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