LIMITED STORE with amachi., which I announced the other day. In the past, it was held when the amachi. This is what it looked like two years ago. It was the end of August, so it was the autumn/winter season. Mr. Tenchi Yoshimoto from amachi. also visited the store, and I think he was able to see a little of the brand archive. And the collection theme of the brand at that time. "Observation Records of Light" "Observation record of light" That's what it means. Since the time of this collection, we have been working together, talking with amachi. And because of that kind of start a few years ago, I myself still wear the clothes from "Observation Records of Light" quite often. It's something that all amachi. clothes have in common, but when you wear them, you get a unique look with a bit of a mystique that is unique to amachi.. It's not something you can feel in other brands, and I think it's something that can be said to be the originality that only amachi.'s clothes can give. Even now, people who have been coming to the store since then talk about seeing the installation at our store during the opening season of amachi. I think that it was a very good period that I got. At the same time that the amachi. installation was held, my own living environment changed dramatically, and it was a time of great change. I'm sure those who saw the work we were doing with amachi. It was time for such a change. "Observation Records of Light" It was also the beginning of us and amachi., and the core of the collection at that time was "Light." In ancient times and the present, in big cities and in nature, nature that can be felt equally at any time and place is “sunshine”. A collection that "observed" it and "recorded it in clothes". For those of you who come to our store on a regular basis, you may have noticed that there is a large old painting of the sun in the store. Mr. Yoshimoto, the designer, says that the “sun” is the most impressive among CASANOVA&Co. With the designer Tenchi Yoshimoto, who I always talk to, we reflect our originality, which is our personal part, at the time of "starting" and "transformation" of our store. With that in mind, we created amachi. The designer's handwritten tag attached to this item. "Dusk Shirt" from the "Observation Records of Light" collection. The Dusk Coat from the same series was once used on the cover of GRIND magazine at the time, but at our store, it's the Dusk Shirt. As the name suggests, it's not pitch black, but it's a hand-processed shirt that expresses the sky as the sun goes down and the sunlight shining through it. Also, it has a characteristically long length and large tucks here and there, and when you put it on, you can instantly enter the world of amachi. I myself wear that shirt quite often. I wear a considerable number of different shirts myself, and depending on the season, the store handles so many variations that I often feel like I'm in a shirt shop. Especially when it comes to clothes in the "shirt" genre, we take pride in our specialty selection. In the case of amachi.'s "Dusk Shirt," the strike zone is inevitably narrowed down, but I don't think there's anything in the world that's set on the same vector, let alone similarities. I think that the closer we get to summer, the more often it will be just a T-shirt, in summer, just by wearing In the twinkling of an eye, in one shot, Unbelievably, become amachi. "Dusk Shirt" This time, as an exclusive of our CASANOVA&Co. All 5. All five of them look different. That's why it's written like "5/5" like the picture above. Each piece is unique. For 5 people in the world. We will guide the summer of 5 people to another dimension. There are two types of base fabric. Blackground stripes in wool cupro, A solid black with a slight but expressive weave structure of rayon, linen, and ramie. Both of them have good ventilation, and the expression of the fabric is very deep. Of course, it's okay to wash it. Hand process by amachi. designers there. It's a combination of the designer's original sewing technique and handwork. The combination of embroidery, the base and the image are carefully discussed and conveyed, but the rest is left to the mind of the designer. And the pattern is also a transcendental arrangement based on the Dusk Shirt from the previous collection. Normally, when I make custom-made clothes like this, the pattern is very detailed. , Leave the rest to amachi. Amachi.'s clothing is a big key to the designer Yoshimoto's mind. Then, I was able to transcend firmly and have a superb view. amachi., but the balance of our store CASANOVA & Co. is included. All sizes are one size. However, as long as there is nothing to worry about, I think that most people will be able to handle it. And the shirt and this too. A T-shirt born several years after the "Observation Records of Light" collection. I myself have always thought about how I can deliver to everyone in a T-shirt, which has a very limited space and framework. However, in addition to pursuing the materials and fabrics to be used, how far can we go in terms of appearance? It goes without saying that simply going too far is unacceptable. And it was very important to have the designers who worked with us put their origins to the limit and create something that could only be found here, rather than the countless imitations that exist in the world. At amachi., the brand's T-shirt fabric has been renewed from this season, and the brand's original high-spec fabric is used 100%. A T-shirt with special specifications for pattern construction and details. There are two types, black body and white body. The size is 4.5.6 full size based on the size of the brand's T-shirt. It's almost all similar, but as a result of discussions with the brand, Mr. Yoshimoto created everything that was in the designer's mind with his own hand process, so this is also a one-of-a-kind dress. It's plain, but the embroidery is different, and although the material is high-quality, we created an original product for the brand and our store that everyone can't wear (in a good way). Please look forward to it if you like it. I will introduce you tomorrow.
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