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As I was informed, tomorrow, May 1st (Sat) will be held for 5 days. amachi. "LIMITED STORE" 2021.05.01 (Sat) >>> 2021.05.05 (Mon) This is the second time at our store. A special event with amachi. This time, designer Tenchi Yoshimoto will be in the store all day on the first and second days. As I announced the other day, I made it with Exclusive "Dusk Shirt" "Ray T-shirt" It will be on sale from tomorrow. We would like you to enjoy the space of amachi. for five days from tomorrow, so we have specially designed the store. Also, in addition to CASANOVA & Co. Exclusive, the amachi. collection archives and the current collection will be lined up a little more than usual, so I think you can see a lot of things. The "Dusk Shirt" you mentioned. As you can see, there are 5 items this time, but there are 2 types of base fabrics. 63% rayon, 32% linen, 5% ramie, 2/1 twill fabric. Because of the high rayon content, it has a unique weight that snuggles up to the body when worn. Linen and ramie peculiar natural joints run in the horizontal direction, and you can feel the ice touch of rayon on your skin. this. It is a fine twill weave that is almost invisible to the naked eye. It's black, but this fabric is dead stock because the designer Mr. Yoshimoto searched for a fabric that could be used for hand-processed embroidery at a weaving shop. This time, I used a microscope, and the fabrics that appear here are all black, but the fibers are more shiny than ordinary ones, so it was difficult to focus. So grab it by the atmosphere. in the atmosphere. Here's another one. This fabric is a brand's original fabric that was made in the 19SS season collection at amachi. 50% wool and 50% cupro. This was the fabric just before we started handling it, but I remember seeing this fabric and having an electric run in my brain from that time. That's how cool the fabric is. this. At that time, I hadn't started handling it yet, so I thought it was good, but now I have a chance. I heard from Mr. Yoshimoto that he had permission to use the original fabric from the brand's archives, and that there were only 2 pieces of this fabric left, so he immediately secured it and was able to use it for our Exclusive this time. rice field. The fabric touch is quite light. A hybrid type that simultaneously stimulates the skin with the comfortable texture of wool and the smooth texture of cupra. I think all fabric lovers will love this fabric. The wind blows well, and you can easily imagine how comfortable it will be in summer. Cupra is a product of Japanese material development, so it is made by amachi. in its production area, Fujiyoshida City. Despite the first contact that looks like a pin-stripe dress, the fabric has a depth that makes it look like it's sticky when you look closely. The fabric is also black, and it's too high quality, so it's blurry, but don't worry about it. In this case, the warp is wool and the weft is cupra. You can see that the thread is tightly tightened. So, both are two-ply yarn, and I think the fabric will be pleased if you abuse it in the summer. The quality of the fabric is high, and even without the embroidery, it can compete with the high-level shirts in the world, but the hand process is very good, and they made it even more special. Characteristic long length and sleeve length below the elbow. Dusk shirt with large intucks on the front on the left and right. There is also a large center pleat on the back. The button is a special shell button with three holes inherited from this season of Collection 008. In the production of clothes, the three-hole button has declined due to the fact that sewing buttons have become mainstream in modern times. The ultramaniac button expresses the current collection's "Taphonomy = learning to study the mechanism that a certain substance turns into stone over a long period of time". That's why it's a button that looks like a stone surface. Handmade of course. All 5 types of Dusk Shirts have different appearances. The size is equivalent to size 5 in amachi., but it is one size. All come with hand-processed serial numbers and handwritten hangtags. I think we've created something that's positioned at a fairly high level as a shirt, so it's enough if you just wear it over a shirt in the summer. And a T-shirt. Ray T-shirt color_WHITE, BLACK size_4,5,6 Here, "Ray" from "Observation Records of Light" is finished by the designer's hand process. As I wrote in my blog the other day, one of my themes was how far I could go with a T-shirt. Or rather, do it. This is not something that anyone can ask, but amachi. I think the reason is that he is a designer who can create things that no one else can do, both in terms of materials and appearance. First of all, the body is 100 cotton, but the original fabric. Less fluff, firmness, firmness, and smoothness. It's a phrase you often see in slogans, but this fabric is on another level. In the first place, the brand side of amachi. doesn't openly talk about the T-shirt fabric, but it's too good, so let me write about it. The fabrics that the brand has used so far have also been of very high quality. I thought this feeling was original, but when I asked the designer, it was different at that time. smile And from this timing, we have adopted the original production in the brand's collection. The fabric has an overwhelmingly beautiful surface, and when you put the fabric on and put your face on the ground, you will be impressed by its appearance. It's clear that the fineness of the eye and the quality of the fabric are clear no matter how you look at it. But you know, the T-shirt body that only looks beautiful on the surface is a Parisian brand. However, although it is good at first, it is not suitable for us Japanese boys, and it is not suitable for me who wears it like work clothes. That kind of. Also, some fabrics are too soft and are not suitable for summer in Japan. I don't think soft and smooth t-shirts are very comfortable in Japan, which is not only hot but also humid. On the other hand, this original fabric from amachi. So, to put it simply, it doesn't cling to the skin. But when it hits my skin, it feels really good. It's a cotton sheeting knit with very tight threads, like a shirt. I forgot what kind of cotton it is, but it's 100 extra long cotton. I twisted it stronger and used a thin thread, but it was tightly packed. But the fibers are thin and the threads are tight, so it's not too thick. And I feel very comfortable wearing it. With this, you can deposit your upper body as much as you want. A hand-processed T-shirt by Mr. Yoshimoto of amachi. The setting where the sun shines from the right side. A hand process that grows out of high-quality fabric and shines. This is also one by one, the designer looks at the face of the T-shirt and hand processes it. In terms of sizing, the 3 size settings are the full size of the brand but don't differ significantly from the measurements in the collection. However, the pattern is made from scratch. A unique shape switch is placed on the right body. It's a little hard to see the change when wearing the black body, but it's embroidered with a sewing machine technique from the change position. Normally, amachi.'s size is 4, but this is a size 5, which is one size up. I've had this much embroidery put in, so there's a hit on the back of the embroidery part, but if you like it, I think you'll be able to accept it, so please allow it. Dusk Shirt and Ray T-shirts will go on sale tomorrow, Saturday, May 1st. Sales at the online store will be available from 12:00 on the 3rd (Monday). Also, tomorrow, the 1st (Sat) and 2nd (Sun), amachi. Designer Tenchi Yoshimoto will be at the store all day. And regarding the LIMITED STORE, The store will always be ventilated, and the staff will wear masks, wash their hands, and disinfect their hands before speaking. Also, if you are visiting us, ・Please be sure to wear a mask when you come to the store. ・Please refrain from visiting if you are not feeling well. ・When entering and leaving the store, please use the alcohol disinfectant at the entrance of the store to disinfect your hands. Thank you for your cooperation. Although it is a limited period of 5 days, we are looking forward to seeing those who can come to the store.
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