For the previous collection, which started in August 2019, we had the designer come and do the installation at the same time.

It's not just a brand that creates clothes for each season, it just happens to be "clothes" that designers create.

Do you feel that "clothing" is the main expression of amachi.?

Every season, amachi. makes a collection video, and that video is also a form of expression. I'll paste the page below so you can take a look.

There are also past collections here, so you may be able to get a feel for what kind of collections we have done.

And this time. COLLECTION006.


Designers have very strange roots, so I try to express what is at the root of the designer himself: a sense of the land.

A designer born and raised in a hippie commune deep in the mountains of America.

Now I'm digging deep in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture and outputting it. As a designer who grew up in an unimaginable wilderness, I present my collections with what I have actually seen, such as my experience with the wildfires in California and the cycle of plants.

006 is filmed in Portugal and uses the common plants of California and Portugal and the location, climate, soil, color and feel of the place as clothes.

It's an ultra-maniac collection, but it's something only designer Tenchi Yoshimoto can do.

The collection of amachi.

Since amachi.'s clothing reflects the personal aspects to the maximum extent, I don't think there are many fashion brands in the same genre.

The "HAND PROCESSED GARMENT" tag is attached to items in the collection that are individually handcrafted by the designer.

The hand process that enhances the individuality of each piece of clothing, like amachi., which expresses plants.

I'm using a good button too. It is a white water buffalo button.

I think it's a very important part because how to use these accessories greatly affects the atmosphere of the clothes.

Contour lines that represent the height of land seen on a topographic map. The tucks and darts are added within the very limited framework of a T-shirt, giving it a unique finish.

A switch that represents the elevation of the land position.

Not everything is ready yet, but it will arrive soon.

I wonder if it's all going to be divided into a few times from here.

Please enjoy the world expressed by amachi. through COLLECTION006.

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