AFOUR shoes

Today, after a long time, I will introduce AFOUR shoes. Actually, I thought I would introduce it here a little while ago, but after doing various things, it is now.

Also, regarding the business hours during the year-end and New Year holidays, I will tell you again, but our shop will be closed only on January 1st. Is it until about 16 on December 31th? We are planning to open for business, but we will also be open on New Year's Eve. Also, the new year is scheduled to start around January 2th.

So please feel free to visit us. And AFOUR shoes. The timing is a little bit back and forth, but here is the full lineup for this time, so let me introduce it.

AFOUR Orongo

material _ Oiled Nubuck
color _ Matt Black

First, this. So far, we have only dealt with the model "Code", but from this time we will also have another model.

A model called "Orongo". The upper leather is AFOUR's iconic matte leather. Anyway, leather with a dull black texture by applying oil to nubuck leather (cowhide) with fine pile.

this. Leather that emits a dull, oily luster from the back. I think this is unique to AFOUR. The best way to wear them is to wear them without worrying about anything. Then, of course, wrinkles will be carved into the upper, but the area around the toe and other frequently rubbed areas will gradually be polished. A dull, matte part and a polished and shiny part. That contrast is the best match. this. But well, for example, if you brush the whole thing like leather shoes, you can get an even gloss and a beautiful mood. Which one you choose is up to you.

The shoes look like this, and the side tape on the sole is white, so it feels like the most sneaker among AFOUR so far. I think Leather piled up on heels and sides.

Other than that, there are very few places that interfere with the leather on the upper. The opening, heel, and even the edges are not stitched, and are designed with bag stitching. So please enjoy the texture of matte nubuck.

Shoelaces are cotton flat laces. The lining is the usual natural color leather lining. It looks like a so-called "court type" sneaker, but AFOUR has a unique comfort that feels like a rebound when you put your feet in. In particular, the high resilience of the sole is quite outstanding. Not only when it's brand new, but it's a transcendent ball that keeps standing on its own forever, and the way it snuggles up to your feet is amazing. Because the quality from the start of the brand is not at the level of sneakers. It can be definitely asserted that this is a quality sneaker that reigns at the top of the world. Well, it's completely different from the general sneaker production process. AFOUR. The theory behind sneakers is that they are mass-produced and made in large-scale industrial equipment, but the world of making sneakers in a small workshop in Russia is completely different. I think that everyone can experience the fact that it appears in things splendidly.

As for the size, it's a smaller fit than the Code we've developed so far. Anyway, for those who like just the right size, I think the same size development as Code is fine.


material _ Vegetable Tanned Leather

And then this. The same model as before, but with different materials Ver.

In contrast to the dull texture of fine nubuck leather that has been oiled and laid down, this is undyed leather made from full vegetable tannins. It's a so-called Nume leather condition. However, this feeling is completely different from the tanned leather that everyone often imagines.

A common image is that if you wear Nume leather, it will quickly burn and turn amber. Isn't there something like that? Some call it aging. But this is not so. Not too burnt. That's why it's not like the color keeps changing. Of course, nothing will change. Because nothing stays the same. However, I think that if you wear them normally, you won't be able to notice the color change yourself.

This leather is a natural partner, so there are subtle changes in color tone during production, but this is a wonderful slimy nude color. It has a translucency that cannot be imagined with vegetable tanned leather. I think it's really cool. It's not white, but it's not the typical tanned leather coloring either. I think it's a leather quality that can only be experienced here at AFOUR. If anything, Nume leather has an image of containing a lot of oil, but this does not contain a large amount. That's why I think you can feel the smoothness when you touch it. For that reason, it is difficult to get sunburnt. In other words, for those who want to make the color darker and darker like regular tanned leather, it is okay to actively apply oil.

Even humans have sun oil when they get sunburnt. When you apply oil, you get tanned by the scorching sun. It's the same principle.

Well, if you like the texture of this slightly clear vegetable tanned leather, it's best to have them put on as little oil as possible.

After that, if you want to change it a little, it may be a good idea to add some oil.

The part where the corners of the leather parts were cut firmly and the part where the round cut was made. The contrast of the edges of each part is also very visible with this coloring.

I think this color is trendy. Clear and slimy nude color

And this model called "Orongo" has a different type of outsole from AFOUR so far.

Until now, the outsole was called SVIG, but for this Orongo, it is called "MOREFLEX" with Vibram sole. Anyone know this? This sole specification is astonishing. you're kidding. The lightness that I think. Are these really shoes? And a level that makes you doubt the sense of your hands and eyes. I'm already surprised at how small this mass is. Mr. Izumi, who handles AFOUR, said that it is almost never used in town. feel like. This sole. Are you sure it was outdoors? perhaps. It's such a high-spec outsole. That's why I can walk and walk. I can't help but walk. All AFOUR shoes are great for walking.

Of course, sometimes you can run. A pretty strong ally even for a standing job like me. Well, I often sit and stare at my computer. It is a shoe that is quite suitable for walking and ultra-hyper heavy use. AFOUR. However, even if you use it all the time, it will not collapse or become useless. The shoes continue to stand on their own and welcome the owner's feet no matter where they go. This easily undermines the notion of expendable sneakers. Well, that kind of thing isn't easy, so it's the fruit of Vladimir-san, who continues to make everything in his Russian atelier, and Izumi-san, who controls it, facing shoemaking.

That's why the AFOUR shoes in our store are very necessary to introduce to our customers.

AFOUR Code Matt Black "Trekking"

material _ Oiled Nubuck
color _ Matt Black

And then this. "Code", the foundation of AFOUR


The upper is the "oiled nubuck" introduced at the beginning of this article. Then, the leather is punched like a mesh depending on the part.

Fine punching on oiled nubuck leather with fine surface.

And this zigzag outsole. Punching gives the impression that normal shoes look lighter, but in the case of AFOUR shoes, it feels like the weight has increased.

A unique nuance added to the leather quality of the dull shining upper. I think that there is a preference for this, but I think that it is a shoe that can be classified into a quite peculiar genre in terms of appearance.

The structure, which has been firmly and finely shaped over time, is still alive.

The outsole is still SVIG. However, it is a model with a different sole shape. As a result, it has a unique appearance from the side view, volume, and a high grip that firmly grips the ground. And the midsole is fitted with a sheet-like sole of "MOREFLEX" like Orongo earlier.

Until now, Code midsoles used EVA soles, but for this model alone, Izumi-san seems to have once again verified the best match for the sole. So, although the entire sole looks heavy, the feeling that the foot moves forward when walking is quite strong.

Although it is an all-black shoe, it has a unique new genre finish. And this.


material _ Vegetable Tanned Leather

This one also has a missing size, but it's vegetable tanned leather like the "Orongo VT". Its normal Code type stuff.

This is a different production lot of leather from Orongo VT, so it has a slightly beige vegetable tannin. There is also the leather quality of vegetable tannin, and there is leather hardness that leads to cordovan leather. I think the feel of this upper is very close to cordovan shoes.

So, is this about half a year for me? PETROSOLAUM's side gore boots and what I've been wearing alternately. I've been walking outside quite a lot since this summer, and I've worn them quite a bit in the park, but I haven't had any major burns, probably because I didn't put oil in them. Of course, I've been hit by the rain many times.

It's not just that the color is getting darker, I think it has a unique nuance. I use them a lot, and once I wear them, I use them for a long time, but the shoes themselves still stand up.

For the past six months, I haven't oiled or cared for it once, but I think I'll be fine as is for the time being. As mentioned above, it was hit by rain, but there is no such stain, just a trace of alcohol disinfectant leaked from the hand near the toe of the left foot.

So this. Combined with toogood pants made of coat fabric, which has also become rough due to heavy use.

AFOUR shoes need time to get used to your feet at first, but they are shoes that will fully respond to that amount if you use them a lot. There is a lack of size, but it's been a long time since the lineup has been completed, so if you like it, please take a look.

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