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DAN TOMIMATSU's "ORDER EXHIBITION" has been held since the other day. Tomorrow the 10th (Sun) is the last day. If you are planning to come to the store, please take a look. Today, I would like to introduce AFOUR sneakers. This time, I was a little hesitant to write about this AFOUR sneaker on this blog. That's because AFOUR sneakers are made in "Russia". I don't think anyone has a positive opinion of the word "Russia" at the moment. No matter what anyone thinks, it's absolutely ridiculous. In the middle of the war that makes me think. The fact that so many people have been brutally murdered and died is something that everyone knows even if they don't watch TV, and it's on the news every day. That would be impossible in this day and age. I think And it was "Russia" that caused it. Politics cannot be handled by individual civilians, and I believe that their mighty power is immeasurable. In the current wartime situation, introducing AFOUR, which is made in "Russia", would make many people feel disgusted just by hearing the word "Russia". However, I thought it would be wrong to sell AFOUR sneakers in stores instead of writing them on this blog. So, today, I called Mr. Izumi, who manages AFOUR in Japan, to confirm various things just in case. And then I thought. Rather than hesitate to introduce, what you should do is to protect the brand in your own way. So, I wanted to share my thoughts with the people reading this blog. Today, Mr. Izumi, who lives in Osaka, taught me a lot about Russia. I think it's natural, but from the outside, there are many sanctions, including economic sanctions, from countries around the world, and inside Russia, it is impossible to oppose the government. It seems that Mr. Izumi also communicates with Mr. Vladimir, who makes AFOUR shoes, using something like LINE in Japan. However, Mr. Izumi seems to only contact Mr. Vladimir about "business contact" as a brand for making shoes. It is said that Mr. Vladimir never elicits a personal opinion about how he thinks about the government or about the war. The reason for this is that the content of that communication is, and will continue to be, monitored by someone in the Russian government. And now, President Putin's approval rating among the Russian public is about 80%. This is because the Russian government has newly enacted a law that imposes a 15-year prison term for negative remarks or dissemination against the government, such as "rebelling against the government" or distributing "fake news for the Russian government." Because it was done. That is why many people now cannot stand against the Russian state. I think so. We all have things to protect, such as work, family, and ourselves. That's why it's very difficult to act like "backlash". As reported in the news, courageous people in Russia are sending out their opinions to the world, but there are only a handful of such brave people. But even those who can take such bold actions are increasingly surrounded by the government. Countries like that are North Korea and Russia. no longer. I think that many people died in this war, so of course that kind of situation will disappear as soon as possible. But it can only hope. I believe that what I need to do is to handle the AFOUR brand, and to protect and pass on the brand that is created with this wonderful technology. Therefore, there are things that I cannot write on this blog, but I would like to convey them to everyone in my own words as much as possible. AFOUR is now in a state where it is difficult to see the future of production due to this war. Of course, it has become difficult to arrange the raw materials that will be the ingredients. Also, as I wrote in a previous blog, AFOUR, which is being developed in Japan, is a ready-made shoe brand. However, in Russia, we are making made-to-order sneakers for AFOUR customers all over the world. But economic sanctions for provoking this war. Procurement of raw materials has become difficult, and furthermore, all orders from individuals from all over the world have stopped. Because I can't pay in Russia. Economic sanctions have made it impossible to send money or make payments from abroad. Vladimir's source of income comes from making AFOUR shoes and delivering them to customers. It all stopped. Honestly, if it's a half-baked brand, I can't help it. I think that's what I'm thinking. But AFOUR is different. As I told you when I made the bespoke shoes in February, these shoes have Vladimir and several other members of the small shoe workshop. Mr. Izumi, who is in Japan, is also living there. I think I know how Mr. Izumi started the brand. AFOUR is a shoe that carries the life of the person who makes it. Making shoes for life. That is why, until now, we have used all the technology that the brand has, and even if the delivery date is delayed, we have still carefully taken time to make shoes. For customers who live far away from Japan, they worked hard to make shoes with a level of care that would be unimaginable for sneakers. AFOUR has the world's rare first-class technology and people's thoughts. It's that kind of shoes. So, I would like to introduce this brand to everyone. That's what I thought, and I've been dealing with it, and I believe that it's something that can "move the heart" of those who get it. However, this too big wall stands in your way. Even though I wrote a blog, I know there is nothing I can do about it, but AFOUR is a brand that should definitely remain in the future. In the future, we will continue to make shoes, and we should "touch people's hearts" through AFOUR shoes to as many people as possible. If this technology were to die out, I would be extremely sad. I was hesitant to introduce AFOUR shoes at this time, but the bad thing is the "Russian government", and AFOUR is single-mindedly making high-quality shoes. As a limited store in Japan, we would like to introduce this brand's shoes responsibly. AFOUR Code VT material _ COW LEATHER (full vegetable tannin) color_NATURAL size_40,41,42,43,44 This time, this. This is the first type of product that we have in our store. The model is still the same as before, called Code. The upper is made of cowhide leather, as is the lining. Undyed state without any dyeing. Leather is described as "leather" when it is in the raw skin stage, but it becomes "leather" after going through the process of "tanning". Leather is distributed around the world using the by-products of cows that are eaten for meat. Same for this time. If you use the leather as it is, it will rot, so there is a process called "tanning" to prevent that from happening so that you can continue to use it as "leather". There are two main types of tanning. ・Vegetable tanning ・Chrome tanning These two. The leather for this shoe is "full vegetable tanned". Since the word "full" is attached, it is 100% vegetable tanned. "Vegetable tanning" is done with natural raw materials. Therefore, it is characterized by being relatively water resistant, thick, hard, and easy to change with use. Say it out loud. On the other hand, "chrome tanning" is characterized by a strong texture, softness, thinness, and resistance to change. In modern times, the image of "compound tanning" that mixes the two tannings is the main image, but this time Code VT is full vegetarian. It takes months to tan leather, but the change in using it is exceptional. It's already a leather shade that looks like pink. In general, when it comes to this type of so-called tanned leather, it burns quickly and changes greatly, and it is common for it to become amber. This is also, of course, not the reason that the color does not change. However, if you wear it in this state, it is relatively difficult to change. This is rare. As a way to do that, apply a waterproof spray and take care of brushing. Then the speed of change slows down. On the other hand, if you want to change it, put oil in it and wear it. If you do that, the color will turn brown in no time. It's the same as a human's sunburn on a summer day. Are humans like sun oil? Doesn't it accelerate sunburn if you apply it? along with it. Therefore, the care method may change depending on how you want to go out with these shoes. My recommendation is to wear them for a while first, and if you happen to get caught in the rain, switch at that point. If it gets wet in the rain, add oil with shoe cream or the like. And anyway, wear it roughly. I wonder if that's the best. EVA sole and SVIG gum sole that match the coloring of this upper. This specification is the same combination as our store model with mysterious coloring sold in February. But this one feels more modern. The laces are 100% cotton waxed. Also included is the polyester shoelace that was originally attached when the sneaker was released in an unprecedented coloring in February. And AFOUR shoes. This independent appearance at the time of a new product will continue forever. This is dangerous. I have never seen a sneaker like this. Tough shoes anyway. No matter how much you wear it every day, your shoes will stay upright and not sag. Regular sneakers that are mass-produced will become crumbly in three months if you wear them every day, but AFOUR is astonishing. Even though it looks like a sneaker when you put your feet in, it has a high resilience that you can never experience with other sneakers, and your feet go forward, forward, and forward. Furthermore, leather shoes are completely familiar with wearing. How the insole sinks in and how the upper fits your foot. I like it, and the shoes continue to stand on their own, no matter how rough I use them. This amazing durability is due to the fact that Vladimir and other craftsmen are working hard, spending time, and making everything in the workshop. And Izumi, who lives in Osaka, raised it to that level. The way this AFOUR team deals with shoemaking is extraordinary. Therefore, it can be felt not only when it is new, but also "beyond it". Please be surprised. The back is also very beautiful. No matter who looks at it, I have a feeling that it will fit gently on the heel and Achilles tendon. As mentioned above, the lining is also cowhide. I've been using AFOUR shoes for ultra-heavy use as well, but there's no sign that they're going to wear out at all. The vegetable tannins make the leather dense and firm, so the toughness of the leather is greatly improved with the addition of the leather. One stitch and two stitches are used for connecting parts, depending on where durability is required. The leather quality of the upper, which is essential, is also finely textured at a level that everyone can be very, very satisfied with. However, since it is fully vegetable tanned and it is a very natural leather, I think you can feel a bit of wildness. In a good way. I think the quality of this shoe is definitely something we can be proud of in the world. If you are interested, please experience the level of AFOUR created by Mr. Vladimir and Mr. Izumi. I'm sure you'll be able to feel what you can only get at AFOUR. The shoes are actually made in a place called "Russia", but people are more important than the country. How much the person is reflected and how much it dwells. There is an element in AFOUR that can never be possessed in the thinness of things that do not feel a mechanical temperature. I don't think these shoes are cheap, but I would be happy if you could take a look.
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