AFOUR "shoes" delivery

It has arrived for the first time in about a year since it started around the fall of 2019.

Russian shoe brand AFOUR.

If it were true, we would have been able to handle it around February this year, but the timing has been decided because the worldwide coronavirus has greatly affected the production and shipping from the home country.

Originally, there were only a few stores that carried it in Japan, and it seems that all the stores were sold out, so for the past year there has been no AFOUR anywhere in Japan.

So it's a long-awaited arrival.

I kept my head up and waited.

It's a long delay, but the quality is still top-notch.

It looks like a sneaker, but the production process and choice of materials are not the frame of a sneaker.

The finished product also surpasses the concept of sneakers.

Due to production constraints, we are unable to handle large quantities, so there is a risk that we will run out of stock again soon, but we believe that those who get their hands on them will be satisfied.

Made by Vladimir and a handful of sneaker craftsmen to ensure good quality.

Up-and-coming brands pop up from time to time, but Russia has a unique culture that is a little different from the world's fashion market.

Its a Russian old fashioned Russian original.

There are so many types of "sneakers" in the world, but I think this scenery can only be seen at AFOUR.



material _ Oiled Nubuck


size_35.37.38(women's size),'s size)

price_¥33,800- (without tax)

This time we are increasing the size variation a little.

For the first time, we also have ladies sizes available.

Well, how to wear it and what size to choose, I hope that the person who picks it up will like it.

Because this leather contains a lot of oil, it's OK to polish it like leather shoes and wear it beautifully, and it's like wearing sneakers. It's OK to have rough dating.

However, as a safety point, it is extremely difficult to wear out.

Because it's so well made.

Also, regarding the size, it is originally a slightly smaller size.

Therefore, it is possible to choose one size up.

However, the upper fits well and the insole sinks as you wear it, so there is no problem with just sizing in anticipation of that.

It is up to the owner how to choose and how to get along with them.

If it is true, I would like to explain the details on this blog, but please let me talk at the store.

Also, yes.

Speaking of shoes, I haven't announced it yet, but I'll be holding an order event for PETROSOLAUM soon.

From next Saturday the 19th.

Please let me make an announcement later.

Well then.

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