AFOUR shoes

Landed in Japan in October 2019 and arrived at our store for the second time.

AFOUR. A-Four.

I wonder if it was about 3 people centered on Vladimir.

A Russian shoe brand made over time using old Russian machines and tools. The number of shoes that can be made to meet high standards is very limited because they are made in an ultra-analog way that you can't think of as sneakers.

At the moment, there are 3 stores in Japan, and I heard that one more store will be opened from this spring, but still only 4 stores. It seems that Mr. Izumi, who handles the brand, carefully selects carefully.

So, when it arrived at our store in October, it was a very small amount, but this time too, it was very small. One pair of sizes 42 and 43.

*This shipment has sold out.

Well, actually, I think that I will be able to prepare a small amount of items in the middle to the end of February, so I think it would be good if you could take a look at that time.

Luster that can be felt from the depths of matte leather. You can feel plenty of mellow oil on the bottom of the nubuck.

Unusually for sneakers, the shoes stand three-dimensionally. The PETROSOLAUM that we carry in our shop is also a very good standing shoe, but the way AFOUR stands is also exceptional.

If anything, it's a New Balance-like shoe with a little volume, but the goodness of the materials everywhere is perfect.

I think there are already a lot of things that are said to be somewhere between sneakers and leather shoes, but I think that you can feel the uniqueness of AFOUR when you see the real thing.

For the 20SS season, we have no plans to sell anything other than this Code model, Matt Black.

I'll let you know the details at the store.

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