2 white shoes AFOUR

Cottle's order event that was held until the other day.

It was a limited period of only 3 days, but thank you to everyone who came to see the clothes of COTTLE.

Also, thank you to everyone who ordered.

I would appreciate it if you could wait for the completion with a long neck and a lot of fun.

And today, I will introduce AFOUR.

We have been handling this brand since its debut in Japan.

The performance of the shoes is outstanding.

It's insanely good.

However, even though they are shoes, they look like sneakers.

That's why we treat them as "sneakers" at our store, but the "production process" is completely different from ordinary sneakers. at all.

Normally, sneakers are mechanically mass-produced in well-equipped factories.

In general, I think sneakers that are generally recognized are those of sports brands, but the scale of their production lots and a tremendous amount.

Well, the scale of global expansion is amazing.

The sense of scale is a world that I can't imagine just by hearing about it.

It's a world of quantity. amount of.

So AFOUR, it looks like a sneaker, but the production process is the leather shoe itself. It just so happens that the finished product has a rubber outsole. Like.

In a small atelier in Russia, Vladimir-san and a few other people work diligently to make it.

Each piece of leather is cut into individual parts, and gradually shaped according to the carefully planned design.

It's a very elaborate thing, and it's been shining as number one in the sneaker world championship match for me.

Not only the quality, but also the price, durability, and feeling of wearing.

The amount of time it takes to make a pair is amazing.

That's why Izumi-san, who handles AFOUR in Japan, will never allow you to make something half-finished, even if you order it until now.

Mr. Vladimir's technique, which was originally a high skill, has been intensely polished by Mr. Izumi in Japan, and on top of that, the sneakers are made very carefully, taking time and effort.

That is, of course, when the shoes are new, and even after many years of wearing them, the shoes themselves do not deteriorate.

I have always been "independent".

Shoes carry a lot of weight, heat, steam, and friction, so AFOUR's sneakers endure that and continue to demonstrate their polished quality.

Within the existence of the framework of "sneakers", I don't think there are many things on that level.

For that reason, the initial repulsive feeling of the upper is a completely unexperienced zone for those who do not have AFOUR, but once you get used to your feet, you can walk tremendously and continue to use it.

Even though it is called a sneaker, the upper and the sole do not wear out.

These are shoes of such quality.

That's why, even if I look around the world in terms of quality, there are no sneakers that surpass this level in my mind right now. in me.

Well, putting aside the likes and dislikes of the appearance, I think that everyone will be "impressed and moved" by the quality if they use it.

Many of the designers of clothing brands that we carry also wear and use them.

In that sense, it is also the shoe of choice for professionals.


Well, this time, it is "white shoes" that will be the first development at our store.

"White AFOUR".

There are 2 types.

This time, I talked with Mr. Izumi of AFOUR about various details and asked him to make it.

Until now, except for the special order models that we have released in the past, we have mainly seen relatively dark tones, but this time it is completely new for our shop.

I personally like white sneakers, but there are many white-based sneakers that look pure white and cheap.

I think it's even more so if the upper is a single color system of white.

Also, things that only float at your feet, things that suddenly become too casual, and things that make you feel like you're a yankee-ish older brother wearing them.

Well, I don't think it's that good. now. That's how I feel.

So, this time, I worked with Izumi-san of AFOUR many times, and I also had Mr. Vladimir, a craftsman who is single-mindedly making AFOUR shoes in his atelier in Russia, try various things over and over again to complete it.

That's the two "white shoes" this time.

AFOUR Code White Craquelure Beige - 1


Code White Craquelure Beige

color _ Craquelure Beige


First, the first is this.

AFOUR Code White Craquelure Beige - 2

As the name suggests, these shoes use "crack leather" for the upper.

The base is natural color leather.

On top of that, it's a pigment, but a special paint is applied to create cracks.

That being said, it's not all white. This is.

In the past, brands used crack leather.

I haven't seen the actual thing at that time, but it seems that it was a gray-based leather that cracked.

It seems that the crack leather was made from the image of ice in the cold Russian world, or ice cracking in the natural world.

And this time.

As mentioned above, cracks in natural color leather like beige.

This is a leather that has been perfected by further pursuing the cracks that "crack" when new.

It has a unique appearance that looks as if it has naturally cracked over time, rather than being artificial and artificial.

Fine cracks enter the whole, and the texture is not superficial, and you can feel it deep inside.

Pursuing it with the upper of the shoe and shaping it.

This crack leather is said to be leather made in Italy, where the soil for leather production is very well established.

Italy has long been the home of leather production.

The soil for the production of elaborately designed leather is ready.

That's why I was able to create the "crack texture" that I'm looking for in AFOUR.

However, because it is a special leather, it cannot be produced in large quantities.

There was a limit to the number of shoes that could be produced with that leather.

So, I used all the leather that the brand could make and asked them to shape it.

But, well, having said that, there aren't many at all.

Moreover, it is divided into 4 sizes from 40 to 43.

AFOUR Code White Craquelure Beige - 3

This surface leather.

As mentioned above, it is natural color cowhide. the base.

Special paint there.

Complex and irregular cracks, not mechanically created by humans with computers.

A texture that can't be created even if you aim intentionally.

AFOUR Code White Craquelure Beige - 4

AFOUR Code White Craquelure Beige - 5

AFOUR Code White Craquelure Beige - 6

It's all in there.

White over the natural color of the base.

These cracks don't come off as soon as you use them, so you won't be able to remove all of them.

At first, when I touch it with my finger, it feels like it sticks to my finger, but it doesn't come off easily.

Also, it's not something that will fall apart like paint.

Overuse and continuous wear, the base leather gradually shows its face from the places where it rubs and hits.

That's why it's an upper that becomes more expressive the more you wear it.

Only the surface of the new leather looks like it has been used for a long time, but on top of that, wrinkles and stretches of the leather come in through use, taking you to a whole new world. I think you will.

AFOUR Code White Craquelure Beige - 7

Regarding the outsole, Mr. Vladimir and Mr. Izumi simulated many patterns, and as a result, although it is a rare arrangement and color scheme, I think it was completed with the best balance.

The midsole is light brown and the outsole is white.

I think that the color of both the upper base and the special paint on it match the colors of both, and I think it's a combination that anyone can immediately sense that it's not a normal sneaker.

AFOUR Code White Craquelure Beige - 8

The outsole is SVIG white sole.

The sole of this shoe is also very resistant to friction.

It is a super safe silomono.

AFOUR Code White Craquelure Beige - 9

For the interior, AFOUR has fine leather lining as standard.

It is resistant to friction and has no complaints about the feet.

The same goes for insoles.

As for comfort, AFOUR's unique super high resilience.

This high repulsion performance is also very unique.

My legs never get tired.

AFOUR Code White Craquelure Beige - 10

The crack leather model comes with two types of shoelace replacements.

The material is cotton shoelaces.

AFOUR Code White Craquelure Beige - 11

AFOUR Code White Craquelure Beige - 12

AFOUR, the more you wear it, the more you keep using it, the more it will look a little stronger.

For those who like things that change visibly, I think the act of wearing them and going out will have a positive effect, so it's best to use them heavily without hesitation.

Also, I think that you will be able to fully experience AFOUR's high level of shoemaking by using it like that.

Regarding size selection, we recommend that you wear the right size as much as possible.

Of course, it looks like a sneaker, and you can increase the size if you tie it with a shoelace.

However, the leather on the upper stretches and the insole sinks in, so I think the perfect size is the best way to make the most of this quality.

Well, depending on the person, it hurts at first if it's just the right size.

At first, I couldn't wear them all day.

Because the width of the foot is wide enough to be surprised. smile

But once you get used to it, it's paradise.

It is more comfortable to wear than not to wear.

That's just a sign of good shoes.

Well, it would be nice if you could choose the size you like.

AFOUR Code White Beige Yarn - 1


Code White Beige Yarn

color _ Beige Yarn


And another white shoe is this.

The Crack mentioned earlier has 4 sizes from 40 to 43, but for this model, I ordered 5 sizes from 40 to 44, out of what I thought when ordering. . smile

That's why this model has a wide selection of large sizes. smile

AFOUR Code White Beige Yarn - 2

As you can see, this sneaker has a white leather upper.

The outsole is a gum sole type.

So-called "white sneakers".

But, although it's a small detail, there's one thing that AFOUR's Izumi-san and I never gave up on.

As it is in the name of this shoe,

"sewing thread".

In other words,

Stitch color.

This is a very important point.

AFOUR Code White Beige Yarn - 3

Look. look.

Do you understand? ?

Isn't the stitching the same coloring as the upper?

It's "beige".

Mr. Izumi of AFOUR is a very strict and meticulous person, but this shows what he always feels, what he sees, and what he experiences.

I always think that Izumi-san lives in AFOUR shoes.

It's a pair of shoes that are made with great care and sincerity, so the creators are deeply reflected in them.

Even at our store, there is one customer who has met Mr. Izumi from AFOUR by chance, and AFOUR's shoes have Mr. Izumi's "face". .

I think that's a really good thing.

I don't think it's possible to get to the point where things remind us of the faces of their creators.

You've reached that level.

In the first place, in general, not only shoes, but also clothes, it is customary to bring sewing thread in the same color as the fabric and main body.

However, I think that white shoes are a big problem because there is nothing that can be convinced.

Of course, there is also the issue of quality in the first place.

By changing the color of the upper and the stitching on the AFOUR shoes this time, I think that I was able to solve the "problems" that white shoes have.

However, it is NG to overstate the sewing thread, and it will change the overall impression of the sneaker, but it was important to be familiar with it.

So, after a long discussion with Izumi-san, we came to this conclusion. on the phone.

AFOUR Code White Beige Yarn - 4

For me, it was important to have "quiet strength".

"A strong, neat mood in silence".

In order to achieve this, Mr. Izumi actually sewed several types of sewing threads that he imagined as possible candidates to the leather used for the upper, and selected the best balance from among them.

Thanks to you, I wouldn't have noticed unless you told me, but I think I've created a pair of shoes with a mood that would definitely not come out if they were stitched in the same color.

AFOUR Code White Beige Yarn - 5

The contours of the parts stand out a little, and the shadows become stronger.

By the way, the upper leather is very smooth calf leather.

AFOUR Code White Beige Yarn - 6

The insole and lining are natural colored leather.

The matching here was also excellent.

AFOUR Code White Beige Yarn - 7

AFOUR Code White Beige Yarn - 8

AFOUR Code White Beige Yarn - 9

AFOUR Code White Beige Yarn - 10

how is it? ?

Be quiet, be strong.

AFOUR Code White Beige Yarn - 11

The shoe laces are the first ones with polyester bulges.

This seems to have never been introduced to Japan, and when we made custom-made sneakers at our store, we used the same shoelaces.

Until I saw this shoelace, I thought that "shoelaces are made of cotton", but the moment I saw this shoelace, my thoughts were easily destroyed.

I really like it. This shoelace.

AFOUR Code White Beige Yarn - 12

By the way, waxed cotton shoelaces are also included.

AFOUR Code White Beige Yarn - 13

As for the sole, the midsole is white.

The outsole is a gum sole type.

AFOUR Code White Beige Yarn - 14

This is also a very durable sole of SVIG.

AFOUR Code White Beige Yarn - 15

This is a feeling that fine wrinkles will enter when you wear it.

Considering the quality of the leather, I think it would be difficult for it to get dirty.

I wouldn't call it glass leather at all, but it's fine, transparent, and pretty high quality leather.

Up until now, our lineup has centered on dark tones, but I think AFOUR has created something of a good level.

Two white shoes from AFOUR.

I would be happy if you could see it.

And experience the transcendent quality of AFOUR shoes.

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