A.PRESSE jeans and leather JKT

Let me introduce A.PRESSE today. It will go on sale tomorrow, Saturday, August 27th. Of this time. This time, there are various things such as shirts, setups, and sweatshirts. A.PRESSE has quite a few variations in its collection, so this is one of them. I'm dealing with what I think. So, I'd like to introduce two particularly dangerous items from this release. Jeans and a leather jacket. It's a lineup that introduces something like an American casual shop. smile A. PRESS Washed Denim Pants E material_COTTON 100% color_INDIGO size_30/27,30/30,32/30,34/30,36/30 *2 types of length for 30 inch waist only this. A.PRESSE divine technique jeans. This time, "BIG E". Last time we released jeans, it was "501XX". But this time, the "501 BIG E" is a little more advanced than that. XX was there until the early 60's? Certainly. My memory is vague on that point. The motif of A.PRESSE jeans this time is the late 1960s. Commonly known as XX to BIG E. But that's super rare. If you know the difference in detail between XX and BIG E, I think you can enjoy the detail just by looking at it. At first glance, the appearance around the waist is not that different from XX. If I'm not mistaken, did you use XX fabric for the original at that time? I have a memory like that. I'm not a vintage maniac, so the knowledge I had in my head a long time ago is vague. At that time, when the "XX" changed to the "E", the specifications were simplified a little and the rationalization of production progressed. And "before full migration"... 501XX and 501BIG E, the time when "jeans with both elements" existed only a little. Mr. Shigematsu has an original vintage from that time. In terms of brands, there are two colors, INDIGO, which we carry this time, and BLEACH, which has faded. I wear the transition period model carefully, and yet "perfectly reproduce" the one that was in a very good storage condition, INDIGO from Washed Denim Pants E. BLEACH wasn't bad either, but INDIGO was the one that made me think that even though I used to sell vintage replica denim, I've never seen jeans with this kind of processing. BLEACH is easier to understand, but I thought that INDIGO's quality was very maniac, that no one had done. I thought this would only be possible with A.PRESSE. That's why, this time, at our store, we only have INDIGO in the dark blue transition period BIG E. Of course, the front is a button fly. Buttons, tuck buttons are all A.PRESSE original iron. This thing will rust if worn. So, just by looking at this picture, I think that people who understand the difference between XX and BIG E will be able to understand it in an instant. "V stitch" that goes into the waist belt. This is a unique stitch that goes into XX, so it becomes two parallel stitches at the transition E. If you judge the original at that time only by this V stitch, "This is the 501XX". But no. When you move your eyes to the right side of the photo above, there is nothing that exists in XX behind the back pocket. "hidden rivet". Here, first of all, the simplification of the details that happened at that time. Until then, the mouth of the back pocket had a "hidden rivet/hidden rivet", but by changing to E, the hidden rivet has been eliminated. Therefore, just looking at these two points around the waist, to some extent, the possibility that it is a transitional model from XX to E comes out even when looking at the original of the time. And in the transition, the difference between XX and E is also in the color of the stitching. XX was sewn with two types of cotton thread, orange and banana yellow, while E has a higher proportion of orange colored thread. So even if you look at this front photo, you can see that it is sewn with only orange thread. If it's XX, maybe half and half? orange and banana yellow. coin pocket. Because the color is dark blue, the coin pocket has a strong sign of a hit. Inazuma is running. And behind it. When it comes to E, Selvage, which was previously placed behind the coin pocket, disappears. This area is also a very famous point of the original at that time. However, looking at this photo, if it hadn't been for the A.PRESSE brand name, it would have looked like the original. The previous XX model was also amazing, but this time it's also a fierce level. Well, Mr. Shigematsu actually owns the original car, and all the details are still there. outrageously, unusually, surprise, What impressed me was "processing". It's got some super crazy processing in it. This INDIGO. Do you understand? ? This shade. This is the face of the "thing at that time" that existed in a miraculous state due to the combination of various favorable conditions. "Greenish Indigo". Can you tell from the picture? As I said earlier, I think that the ones at that time were made of leftover fabric from XX. Is it due to production timing? ? Only the old denim fabric changes to a "greenish" color due to sunburn and oxidation. I'm directing it perfectly. that too,,,, In "hand painting". Well, even if I say hand-painted, it means that the dye is hand-dyed in the right place. However, the base fabric is denim of a level that anyone who likes old jeans will be satisfied with. . I'm really doing something because I'm going to realize that hand painting at this level, on this pair of jeans, at this price. The front, back, near the hem, and even the pocket opening. It's very hard to understand, but that's definitely, definitely, directing the old mood of this transition period BIG E. I have never seen this kind of processing other than A.PRESSE. If it's normal, if you're going to process it, you should drop the overall color more and add sharpness. If you want vintage. Well, even if that's not what you're aiming for, I think the focus is now on light coloring. A.Aside from Mr. Shigematsu of PRESSE, who would do such a labor-intensive process in this state of dark blue denim? I thought. And at this level. This is the culmination of Kojima's proud technology. After all, if people like this really work together with the people of Kojima, they can do amazing things. That's why I decided to handle only INDIGO. Of course, the belt loop of "medium and high specification" is still alive. Jeans with a great old mood with green painting. Even though it's hand-painted, it's dyed properly, so the green dye doesn't come off. Of course, if you continue to use it, nothing will change from the new state, and the color of the whole will fade from this point. If you wear this and wash it repeatedly, it will accelerate the appearance of wearing things at that time. The bag cloth on the back is also dyed in beige. The front was only orange stitch, but the back is mixed with white and yellow. The back is tightly sewn. oh yeah. This time, when ordering, I was able to choose from two different lengths. So, basically I ordered the longer 30 inch length. However, for petite people, we also ordered a 30-inch waist and a 27-inch length. There are clear reasons for that. this. A photo of the hem. Do you understand? The hem is chain stitched 8mm wide from the edge of the fabric, just like the original, but the stitch color is different on the front and back. By comparison, The table is orange. But the thread on the back is yellow. On the front, the overall stitch color is orange. On the other hand, the back of the hem is yellow. Transition period from XX to BIG E. In other words, I wanted you to roll it up and wear it. Then, even though the overall stitching is orange when worn, only the hem is yellow. Mixed feeling of "THE transition period". The color scheme of this colored thread is only for this season, so I really want you to roll it up. Such a thing. Well, it's up to you whether you can do one roll with a 30-inch length, but for me, this is the premise of roll-up. Even with the same waist of 30 inches, the length on the left is 27. The right is length 30. Such a difference. Well, I'm 167 cm tall and I have short legs, so it feels good to do one roll with a length of 27, so 30/27 might be good for someone with that physique. I think it's good because it's not just the front side, but when it's rolled up, the feel of the weft thread is quite strong. roll up. Also, this A.PRESSE jeans is the slimmest model in the brand. It is completely different from the XX type sold last time. However, there is also a reason for this: Mr. Shigematsu washed the original vintage and shrunk it completely, and then took the pattern from the unworn, most shrunken original. Therefore, E is also shaped like that. Three colors of inner thigh interlock. The hem chain starts and ends on the inside. There are various theories, but it follows the original firmly. Mimi of the outseam which opened to the batch drumstick. As a result, a splendid Mimi's Atari appears on the surface by processing. Mr. Shigematsu of A.PRESSE has various collections under his brand, but the quality of his jeans is really amazing. If Mr. Shigematsu started a denim brand with just denim, I think he would definitely be the top of Japan. that much quality. And one more thing. A. PRESS 3rd Type Suede Jacket material _ DEER LEATHER color_ORANGE size_44,46 this. power piece. It's leather. This is amazing too. Don't you have a 3rd type trucker jacket from the 70's? This is a suede type thing made of super high quality. Deer leather as described. It's deerskin. Deerskin from New Zealand. As for why it's from New Zealand, Mr. Shigematsu said that he saw a lot of different deerskins when making this. Among them, this deerskin from New Zealand was the best, by far the best. No matter how you look at the leather quality, you will instantly know that it is super high-quality luxury leather. Fine texture and supple smoothness. This is a masterpiece. However, the processing is also amazing. And it seems that it was this New Zealand product that had the most suitable leather "unevenness" for the processing and the finished shape that Mr. Shigematsu was aiming for. And that "processing". what are you doing This product is what we actually sell. A sample of it is called a sample. Mr. Shigematsu actually wore the sample, and in the state of wearing it, "Roasted with a burner" It seems that it was very hot. because it's flames. Then, while Mr. Shigematsu was wearing it, he directly looked at it and instructed the craftsmen at the processing factory to complete the sample. This product was made with the sample as a sample. By roasting it with a burner, it will burn and darken in color, giving it an uneven appearance that looks like it has been worn. This trucker-type leather jacket was designed with a color contrast and leather texture that makes it look like it has been worn for years. It's also made from very high quality leather. That's why the seam part reproduces the bite, the fluff is removed, and the color has changed. I think that you can feel that the real thing is very strong. I've made it look like it's really aged, so when I turn over the flap pocket, the leather color is bright where it was covered by the flap. The skill of burning with a burner is amazing, but above all, this luxurious leather quality is amazing. Although the leather is naturally uneven, it is full of luxury. the real thing. back. It is a specification that does not have a lining. Outer leather comes on the back. No sleeve lining. It's smooth leather. No lining needed at all. The leather is quite thick, but if you could see the seam allowance, would you be able to convey the nuances of the leather? As a result, it feels quite heavy when worn. This is completely the goodness of the material and the power of processing. Well, no matter how you look at it, it looks vintage, but I think you can feel a lot of luxury moods that never exist there. I think that it is unique to Mr. Shigematsu of A.PRESSE to complete such a thing. In addition to this, the items we announced at the beginning will be released tomorrow, Saturday, August 27th. We are planning to start the store and online store at the same time, but depending on the situation at the store, there may be a slight delay in being able to post online. Tomorrow, COMOLI denim shirts and silk swing tops will be on sale at the same time in stores, so I will do my best, but I hope you can forgive me for the time lag with the storefronts until they are posted.
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