A.PRESSE brand started in July. It has already been posted on the brand's Instagram as a store that handles it, and such things are hardly brand-led. Moreover, it is an unprecedented and unprecedented brand that you can find out which store will handle the entire collection line-up on Instagram six months in advance. That should be it. This is a brand run by Mr. Shigematsu, who stood at the store with Mr. Kaneko during the ETS.MATERIAUX launch event. Mr. Shigematsu has produced and directed a number of brands that you all know, and A.PRESSE operates without following the conventional "brand" theory. In addition to that way of thinking, Mr. Shigematsu himself knows and owns a lot of vintage clothes. It's amazing that you have this, and you have the same clothes from the same brand over and over again, and they're beautifully analyzed. The quality of A.PRESSE's clothing is endlessly upgraded, so that the person who obtains A.PRESSE's clothing can continue to use it heavily in the future. That's why A.PRESSE's collection is made over and over again, corrected and improved over and over again, and finally it's finished. Our store started in July, but at that time there were only two types of pants, so I thought I'd introduce a little at this timing. And the lineup this time is three types of coats, jackets, and trousers. To put it bluntly, you can't tell which brand the clothes are from, so they look very anonymous. In a good way. But hidden in the clothes is the high-spec quality that Mr. Shigematsu approved. A. PRESS Balmacaan coat material_COTTON 100%(FINX COTTON) color_BEIGE size_1,3 First of all. A coat that shocked me when I first saw it in the collection. Finks cotton 100%, the quality of the thread is 140 count two-ply yarn. What's more, 140 pairs of Phinks are used for the same outer material and lining, which is a dual specification. Although it is a 100% cotton coat, you can fully experience the overwhelming quality of that cotton. this. The British Balmachan coat is a motif, and the coat has a considerable amount of volume, but the front and back are made of Finks cotton. The brightness of the thread is wonderful with high density. Although we sometimes see it, this Phinks variety is quite expensive among cottons. And it's not the kind of thing that's commonly distributed around here. Therefore, even if there are, there are not many brands who hesitate to use it, but we make it with the amount that is used as much as possible. Extremely dangerous. The arm is also similar to the authentic coat of the time, and the one-piece sleeve is firmly thick and falls down. The button is genuine water buffalo. As I said earlier, there are quite a few. Recently, it is convenient to have a short length like a coat that is "easy to wear" in order to adapt to moving by car, but this has nothing to do with that. I'm making it by shaking off what I can only put out on the coat. But hey, this coat. It's 100 cotton, but it doesn't wrinkle at all. Because the repulsion of the dense and fluffy fabric is dangerous. Well, to put it bluntly, no matter how you look at it, you can immediately see that it's a bad coat. It looks good, feels good, feels comfortable, and is easy to care for. So, to make the most of this amount of coat, the same finks are placed on the lining, but the hem of the fabric is not sewn together. Shaking specifications. This is because if you sew it on, the drape will become stiff. The outer material and lining sway independently of each other, creating a spectacular appearance. What's more, the back processing is done properly, so the quality you can trust. Well, it's a coat like this. For the next eight years, I think I'll be able to experience an even better view when I wear it every day and get worn out. Size expansion is handled in 1 of the smallest size and 3 of the largest size. It's a mysterious size development, isn't it? A. PRESS double breasted jacket material_WOOL 60%, LINEN 40% color_CHARCOAL size_1,2,3 this. Mr. Shigematsu also posted it on his Instagram. It's also very well done. Firm and deep double breasted with peaked lapels. As for the fabric, if you look at the mix ratio, you might guess that the warp is wool and the weft is linen. Wool is properly combed. Wool can be spun or worsted, but properly worsted. In addition to the worsted hair, it is slightly higher than the shoulder. Nowadays, I rarely see jackets with tailored collars that have high shoulders. Most of them are said to be bodice high, and the position of the fabric is higher on the body. But after all, I think it's better to wear a jacket like this with high shoulders. But if you do too much, you'll suddenly become a business uncle, so that's a difficult place. Of course, the suits are all high shoulders, but isn't that overkill? And this A.PRESSE double-breasted jacket. The fact that it's combed and that it's made with shoulder height. In addition, the "interlining" is invisible, but it is very important when wearing it. This is a "plush core" rather than a fusible core that is hard to finish. these three elements. ・Worsted hair ・Shoulder height ・Plush core This has become quite important in the tailoring of jackets. I think, but what a jacket that is constructed like that, "one-Wash" In other words, even though it is made precisely, it is delivered with "looseness". It's hard to find a jacket like this. If you want to wear a jacket, let me see this. I also have trousers for Kumishita, but try wearing this with the pants you always have on hand. Honkiwa of course. Roll up your sleeves. Classic side vents. It's hard to tell from the photos. The pattern is also properly matched. It's slightly rounded, so I think it's easy for people who aren't used to wearing jackets to wear it. A. PRESS Two Tuck Trousers material_WOOL 60%, LINEN 40% color_CHARCOAL size_1,2,3 Trousers made of the same fabric as the jacket above. It also has a very classic construction. Fully equipped with Tengu, Takeout, and Marvel. Of course, the hem is a festival specification that does not expose the stitches. Only the front is cupra half back. Matching thighs. front intac. The construction is classical, but the shape has plenty of blank space where necessary, giving it a modern shape. If you have a jacket, you can set it up with trousers. Please take a look at A.PRESSE.
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