I want these things in my wallet

The wallet made by PETROSOLAUM, which I announced the other day.

When it comes to wallets, everyone should have one and use it every day.

When I go out somewhere, I think I almost always take it with me.

That's how important it is to always be together.

It's the same with the clothes you wear, and it's the same with the wallet you carry in your hand.

When it comes to things like that, I sometimes think, "It should be like this."

The main reason for this is that I run a "clothing shop", but I have a clear standard in my mind that "it must be like this", even with the existence of a "wallet" that I always use every day. be.

First of all, high quality leather is used. This is the absolute first condition.

It is also very important to be able to "directly" feel the material characteristics of the leather itself.

Of course, the assumption is that it will be used, not just when it is brand new, so it also includes changes that accompany use.

It's boring and a little lonely that nothing changes even if you keep using it.

In addition, color is also important.

This is also related to the "changes that accompany use" I mentioned earlier, but when coloring leather, in order to make the leather a vivid color, it is necessary to add a color called "pigment", which is "just put the color on top". There are cases where

But I think that the surface will inevitably get dirty as you use it.

Then there is the color black. This is also a change of "black leather", you know.

I guess you can imagine it easily.

That's why I'm not interested in that kind of "monotonous" black.

And a super important step for leather.

The process of "tanning".

As I have written many times on this blog, there are two characters for leather, "skin" and "leather", when written in kanji.

This is because the skin of an animal that has been eaten as meat is called "genpi," and if left untreated, it will rot.

Therefore, in order to prevent the raw skin from rotting and to be able to use it as leather, a process called "tanning" is performed.

Before tanning, the kanji character for “hide” is used.

After tanning, it changes to the kanji for "leather".

This is so often confused that I still see frequent misspellings.

Also, by the way, the kanji for "leather".

In idiom,




Isn't it sometimes used like this?

What these all have in common is the implication that when a certain thing or incident occurs, the society will change from what it was before.

In other words, by going through the process of "tanning",

"skin" = "hide"


"leather" = "leather"

It means changing to

Furthermore, there are two types of "tanning". Say it out loud.

The first is "chrome tanning".

This is done using petroleum-based chemicals.

The leather is soft from the beginning of use, and it is hard to be scratched by use, but it is a leather that does not easily change.

The second is "vegetable tanning".

This is a natural tanning method.

It takes time to tan, and although it is hard at first, it softens and becomes glossy as you use it.

I've been overwhelmingly good at "vegetable tanning" for a long time.

After all, it's because he's a genuine old man.

I don't think anything should change, but I want my wallet to have vegetable tannins.

After that, by asking for a wallet,

It is very important that it does not look excessive.

I don't need decorations anymore.

As much as possible, I want it to be only parts such as limited secondary materials. Of course, the lining is also NG.

There are others.

I always use CHACOLI's 01 bag, so I often carry my bag with me, but I often put my wallet in my clothes pocket.

That's why it's important that it fits easily in your pants pocket without getting caught.

However, it is better to be careful that it is a wallet that pursues only compactness.

Even if it's compact when it's brand new and empty, you'll have to put it inside when you need it.

If I do that, I'll be puffed up right away, and suddenly I'll become round, and sometimes my form will collapse.

Even if that doesn't happen, you need to think about it when choosing.

"Compactness" and "Usability".

Because the storage capacity that considers both of these things has a good effect on the exterior.

Also, be tough. because you use it every day.

It is also important to feel secure in the thickness of the leather itself.

You can't ignore the detailed stitchwork of the sewing.

In addition, the sewing thread itself is not thick, and the stitches are fine. Also, straight lines are straight lines, curves are curves, and sewn without distortion.

Even if it's well-made and well-made, it's not acceptable for it to show a sense of craftsmanship.

Yet, while being compact, it can hold coins, bills, and cards.

And it's no good to have to fold bills and put them in. Because it's inconvenient.

It's best to be able to put it straight in and fold the bills at the same time as you fold the wallet.

So, while it is, the design of the wallet itself.

I can't ignore the three-dimensionality and constructiveness of the modeling.

Besides the form, it is also important that the wallet itself has an aura, that it has a good mood, and that it exceeds a certain level that I always set for myself.

Also, it must be made by someone you can trust. That's what matters in the end.

I want to ask for this kind of thing in the "wallet" that I use every day.

oh dear,

I'll introduce you again.

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