"Partnership" with CASANOVA&Co.

Thank you to everyone who purchased THE STANDARD DENIM made with NEAT the other day.

There are absolutely no things in the world that face the same direction or are made with the same process, so I would be happy if you could continue to work with us for a long time.

And irose, which is currently being held at the store.

This was also held yesterday from the 6th (Sat) to the 14th (Sun), so if you can come, please take a look.

There are things that are not available in the regular lineup, so I think that you can choose from a wide variety of variations.

I will let you know again today.

Due to the nature of our business as a select shop, we have always worked together with brands and manufacturers.


On a daily basis, I have been working with creators who are in the position of "brands", whether it is dealing with them or working with them on a slightly limited basis.

But this time it's a little different.

A super famous store with stores in Osaka, Umeda and Minamisenba, Tokyo, and Ginza.


This time, no, it may be correct to say from this point on.

I teamed up with CATHEDRAL and tried to create clothes together.

Started in 2008, I think that the direction of selecting the items and the style that excels in editing ability continue to fascinate people all over the world.

A shop made up of a small group of elite professionals, not a large organization.

I have absolutely no sympathy for the ideas and styles of other stores, but that is not the case.

Mr. Cathedral.

Of course, we are a select shop, but we are also a group that can make things by ourselves and also act as an agent for brands around the world.

A style that always creates their own beliefs as the axis without pandering to the "general and prevalent" orientation of the current world in any aspect.

And this time, we will create clothes made by Mr. Cathedral.


OPUS JAPAN used to produce non-knit cloth clothes for The Inoue Brothers, which we also carry.

Hey, you know.

That high level sense.

CASANOVA&Co. and CATHEDRAL met quite a while ago.

I forgot exactly when.

However, at the BYBORRE exhibition, which will finally be available at our shop.

Of course, I knew it as one of Japan's "few famous restaurants" even before that.

At that time, we only met and talked, and I didn't deal with BYBORRE at that time, so I'll see you in the future. After that, we kept in touch with each other, and sometimes CASANOVA&Co. visited us, and I myself went to the Umeda and Ginza stores.

I also went to a shop in Minami Senba when it had nothing to do with it.

Well, I rarely go to other shops.

It is a clothing store with very few connections in Japan.

So, while talking about various things so far, it was OPUS JAPAN that was very moving, transcendentally thrilling, and pierced the depths of my heart.

So, at first I asked them to let me handle it, but they refused at that time.

I don't do wholesale. smile

But, if you keep thinking and drawing, you will reach it.

Your wish has come true and we are now able to deliver it to you as CASANOVA&Co. Ver.

March 13th (Sat) and 14th (Sun).

However, this time you can't take it home on the spot.

In other words, it is an order system.

At this timing, we are planning to make it for those who ordered it.

Production is currently in progress and we are in the middle of making the fabric.

So there is a limit to the number of minutes I'm making right now, but I think I'll be able to unveil it from the 13th (Sat). The sample. smile

I think it was made with a very biased way of thinking, but the moment I heard it, the moment I saw it, it was the clothes that stimulated me the most.

I'll let you know again.

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