2021AW "LIMITED STORE" Irenisa

As we announced yesterday, Irenisa will be holding a limited-time event for 4 days from the 23rd (Thursday). Since it will be held under this kind of situation in the world, there are of course the development of other brands, but I plan to set the space where you can see Irenisa a little wider. I think the collection lineup will be the most complete on the first day, and I think there may be more lineups than the past two times, but on the 25th (Sat) Irenisa is scheduled to be in the store, so I would appreciate it if you could see it at a convenient time for everyone. "COGNITIVE DISSONANCE" = "cognitive dissonance" This collection is called. I would like to introduce some of the lineup. Irenisa MODIFIED SLEEVE ZIP BLOUSON face material _ WOOL 100% body lining _ POLYESTER 52%, RAYON 48% sleeve lining_COTTON 50%, CUPRO 50% color_ASH BROWN size_2,3 A front zip blouson made of original fabric that Irenisa tried with herringbone wool that is sometimes seen in vintage coats. A blouson with a uniquely shaped large collar and "modified sleeves". This "modified sleeve" is produced by Irenisa's supernatural pattern. This is crazy. The outline from the shoulder to the arm has a beauty that makes you doubt your eyes when you look at it from the front. And the flowing sleeves. But as you can see in the picture, the shoulder line is straight. When viewed from the front, the straight shoulder line reaches the apex, and the angle changes at once. I've never seen anything like this before. Moreover, the armpits are also switched at a steep angle so that the armpits do not appear at all. This is it. The bottom of the pot under the armpit. This has a superhuman three-dimensional effect that also uses the grain of the fabric. Visually, the back style of the switching line that looks like it was pulled out is also very distinctive. And it possesses an extraordinary amount of momentum. When you wear it, when you look at it from the front, the line where the front shoulder and the body switch is inside the human shoulder. Mr. Kobayashi from Irenisa said that he wanted to give the look of clothes that are worn on the shoulders, like traditional Italian and British clothes. So, in the age of drop shoulders, the appearance is the opposite. It looks good. However, when you actually wear clothes with shoulder lines inside your body like that, the range of motion of your shoulders becomes narrower. Therefore, the "modified sleeve" was born by combining and complementing all the advantages of set-in sleeves, dolman sleeves, and raglan sleeves. When I saw this for the first time and wore it, I was impressed. very. It exists in such beautiful, moving patterns. . I was at a loss for words. In a good way. Even so, the armholes have a large capacity, so even if you wear a voluminous sweater or innerwear in winter, it won't feel stiff at all. I think it's the shoulders that have the words "COGNITIVE DISSONANCE" of the collection firmly infused. Wear this and be impressed. As mentioned above, the fabric is Irenisa original. A very unique herringbone. The material is 100% wool, but both the warp and weft are based on the bulging "wool yarn" that is normally used for winter knits. I add a certain "worsted thread". So-called, it's the one that twists woolen yarn and worsted yarn. Twisting is the process of combining one thread with another thread and twisting it into a single thread. Moreover, the combined worsted yarn is the top yarn. The top is dyed in a different color from the stage before it becomes a yarn, and it is a yarn dyed during yarn dyeing. It's a very fine thread. As a result, there is a melange feeling, but it has become a fabric with a lot more depth. Also, since the twill is different depending on the herringbone, the twill of the left twill (rising to the left) swells softly, and the twill of the right twill (rising to the right) is related to the twist direction of the yarn. , the thread is tight. It's a dress that you can enjoy both the pattern and the fabric in many ways. Irenisa MODIFIED SLEEVE ZIP BLOUSON face material _ WOOL 100% body lining _ POLYESTER 52%, RAYON 48% sleeve lining_COTTON 50%, CUPRO 50% color_BLACK size_2,3 This is a blouson that uses the same pattern work as before. The fabric is a light melton with a very fine texture and short pile. It seems that the raw material is SUPER 120s, and the touch of this fabric is the same. Amazing light melton. Thick white stitching combines not only the drape but also the reflection of light into a beautiful look. Not all the stitches on this blouson are white, but the color scheme of the stitches is arranged visually. The back style looks especially good The relationship between black and white. Black is made to look particularly structured. Hey Hey. The lining of the body and sleeves is different from the previous fabric and this black one. Each one supports the back with the idea of ​​​​the right person in the right place. I wanted everyone to see this blouson. I took it during this period. Irenisa LARGE COLLAR ZIP COAT face material _ COTTON 62%, WOOL 38% lining_COTTON 50%,CUPRO 50% color_BLACK size_2,3 here. It's a unique looking coat. This is also the original high density medium high density plain weave fabric. Cotton for the warp and wool for the weft. The coloring is black, but it's not after the cotton and wool are woven, but the threads are dyed black at the stage, so the material properties are different, so the black is dyed in a different tone. It's a fabric that weaves it, so it's not a flat look, it's a shaded black fabric. This is also a large collar and sleeves from the shoulders that make it easy to imagine the beautiful outline of the shoulders and arms even in the hanging state. There is no problem with raising the hurdles anymore, but I was surprised when I wore it. It is a coat with a contour that is too beautiful. And the characteristic metal parts that match the fabric and pattern of this coat. The opposite combination of natural fiber textures and metals. It's straight, but it's a collection piece that has such visible details that symbolize the season. But it's not just the appearance of the parts that are used, it's also the parts that support the structure itself, such as to hide the zipper on the front and to realize the opening of the collar. Very well thought out. Irenisa CENTER PLEATS CLASSIC SHIRT material _ CUPRO 82%, COTTON 18% color_IVORY CHECKED size_3 Center pleat classic shirt, representative of Irenisa shirts. It has a wide-spread collar, and the chest pocket is a built-in type with a single bead. The back is a style shirt with center pleats all the way down. 2021AW Ver. of that shirt. The slope of the shoulder feels relatively strong. The shoulders are very rounded. And what is common to all Irenisa clothes is "shoulders and sleeves". I think it's an outstanding degree of perfection. The pattern matching is perfect, and the highly transparent water buffalo button is not excessive, but it has strength. Can you tell by looking at the photo? this. The ground ivory is also divided into two colors. In this photo, the thin blue stripe in the center is the boundary, the left is yellow ivory, and the right is pink purple ivory. Based on that, it is an original fabric that forms a check with blue, yellow, and gray colored threads. this. Is it a thread made by blending cupra and cotton? this. I understand well that cupra and cotton are interwoven in the plain version that was in the previous season. However, the number of warp threads is changed to 3 yellow and 2 blue to create a checkered pattern. Abe said that more monotonous things are common, but Mr. Abe has quite detailed specifications for the weavers. That's why this fabric looks. However, in addition to the arrangement of the threads, this fabric has a high mix ratio of 82% cupra, but we added a process called liquid ammonia processing, which is usually applied only to 100% cotton fabric, to expand the cupra. I don't think so. But the touch is cupra. However, there are no negative elements that make you feel the sometimes unreliable side that is unique to Cupra. It's a fairly rare genre of fabric. For this shirt, we can only prepare size 3, but we plan to develop pullover type and pants of the same fabric. Irenisa MODIFIED SHAWL COLLAR JACKET face material _ WOOL 80%, MOHAIR 20% body lining _ POLYESTER 52%, RAYON 48% sleeve lining_COTTON 50%, CUPRO 50% color_RED BRICK size_2 Irenisa original color wool mohair jacket with high quality twill weave fabric. I also have pants. The Irenisa shawl collar has an edge that combines curves and straight lines in a series to "modify" the normally soft nuanced shawl collar. It's completely different from the usual shawl collar, and it's very Irenisa. The shoulders are naturally high sleeves, with a thin 2mm pad and a slight amount of room to create an original balance of Irenisa. I have been looking at jackets from various brands for the Irenisa jackets that we continue to make every season, but at our store, we believe that they are a must-have item every season. I didn't take a picture of the internal structure, but there are many half-finished jackets in collection brands, but it's made with a neat structure. I think you can enjoy The weft is a hard-twisted yarn that is a blend of wool and mohair. This has a great positive effect on the touch of the fabric, so I think you can feel the benefits when you wear it. Irenisa TWO TUCKS WIDE PANTS face material _ WOOL 80%, MOHAIR 20% lining_CUPRO 100% color_RED BRICK size_2,3 These pants are made of the same fabric as the shawl collar jacket. It's also quite different. First of all, Mr. Kobayashi said that due to the structure of the pattern of Irenisa's pants, much attention is paid to the inside of the crotch. Super-adjustment of the inner thigh line that is very thought to fit the Japanese physique. Irenisa's pants are characterized by the amount of room and the margins that I aimed for, but if the size fits, there is no needless bulkiness. Irenisa is the one who has outstanding power in her pants. The color of this fabric sometimes catches my eye, but look closely at the outline. We also have a lot of other pants lineup, so please experience it. The waist detail is also very elaborate. Belt loops for mounting with unique specifications. It clearly has more parts than normal pants, and you can see that it has a complicated structure. The lower part of the belt loop is poured into the waistband, but since I've never seen the upper part, I don't know what it's called. Irenisa's clothes incorporate specifications that I have never seen before. I think the clothes are very original. Irenisa MODIFIED SLEEVE JERSEY PULLOVER face material _ COTTON 60%, POLYESTER 40% rib_wool 100% color_HEATHER BLACK size_2,3 This is also full of originality. Irenisa original pattern "modified" like the first blouson. The sewing specifications are different due to the characteristics of the fabric, but it is definitely a "modified sleeve". This is a three-needle seam, but only one of the middle threads is white. The rib is a single rib of wool 100. And the fabric is also the original jersey. But this fabric looks like a sweatshirt at first glance, but it's not. "quilting" An original quilting in which batting is poured between two cotton knitted fabrics on the front and back and converted into a double knit structure with a binding thread. So unexperienced volume, independent touch and lightness. The white dots on this fabric are binding threads. You can wear it like a sweatshirt, but it's not like that at all. I think the fabric is something I've never experienced before, and it goes really well with the shape of Irenisa's clothes. It's a high quality new outfit. this. I introduced some of them today, but there are more than 20 other types. The period will start with that lineup. As I told you, Mr. Abe and Mr. Kobayashi from Irenisa will be at the store on the 25th (Sat), so please look forward to that as well.
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