It's mid-July, and the new season, 2020AW, is about to start.

I'm already working on the 2021SS in parallel.

Until yesterday, we had HEALTH's 13th event.

Thank you very much for coming to a lot of people every year and for those who ordered.

The other day, The CLASIK shirts were released as the first item of the 2020AW season, and thankfully, they sold out in two hours.

I think it's a new season, especially autumn and winter, so you can enjoy it with a slightly different feeling than spring and summer.

Even after The CLASIK was sold out, we received a lot of inquiries, but I am also very obsessed with shirts, so I may be able to discuss various things with the designer and do something special in the future.

So, in July, various brands will start their season little by little.

In terms of women's wear, Ohnopaisen said that Baserange will be coming soon, and HENRIK VIBSKOV and Graphpaper, which are steadily developing every season, have started.

It's finally here.

Well, for men, starting with The CLASIK earlier, I wonder if The CLASIK and Nobuyuki Matsui's cool clothes will start, and NEAT will start this month.

Oh yeah, and also Seya, who I've been working with since the 20AW season.

Krista Seya is more famous, but Seya is more popular than Krista Seya at our shop.

Mr. Seya, who lives in Paris, is doing it, but for some reason, it's incorrect information that Mr. Seya is still doing Christaseya.

It seems like they've been away since about 2017.

on various occasions.

Well, let's put that aside,

I would be happy if you could look forward to it too.

In addition, I will introduce various things.

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