About Nobuyuki Matsui Limited Space

We would like to inform you about this project, which is scheduled to be held from Saturday, April 4th.

Due to the current situation where the infection of the coronavirus is spreading, there are many closures and event cancellations, but we will hold the event for a limited period of 3 days.

However, this time, in addition to the simultaneous holding of the "online shop" at the store, we will set up an "appointment system" at times other than the store business hours (12:00 to 20:00).

In addition, the designer was originally planning to stay in the store, but due to the Tokyo government's request to refrain from going out, we have decided not to do so in order to eliminate concerns in all fields.

Therefore, in order to enjoy direct conversation with the designer, we are planning live calls at the store and at the atelier.

This project has been planned with Nobuyuki Matsui for more than half a year.

After many discussions with the brand, we decided to hold the event because we wanted to deliver our products to the customers who supported us no matter what.

That's because I'm sure that the things that you made for this project have turned out to be wonderful products that will surely please those who get them.

It's a time like this, but I would like to release a product that incorporates the thoughts of our store and the brand.

Even those who were originally planning to visit the store may find it difficult to go to the store in the current situation.

Therefore, the three days during the event will be held at times other than 12:00 to 20:00, but if you wish, our staff, Fukuda, will talk to you, so please contact us in advance. I would appreciate it if you could get it.

I kindly thank you.

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