20SS from January 2nd

The 2020SS has arrived.

So far, I've introduced Yamauchi and The CLASIK, but there's still a lot more to come. both men and women.

The photo is HENRIK VIBSKOV. Cho is cute

So today, I will introduce mainly photos. We are planning to start selling all the 20SS that have arrived from January 2nd.

Every season, TAAKK delivers at lightning speed.

The 2020SS season is also a creation that appeals to the eye overwhelmingly.

And prasthana also received a coat, pants and a hat.

A slightly classical stainless steel collar coat with the essence of prasthana.

This is APPLE TREES. I'm here again. Big guy.

A masterpiece of APPLETREES with the concept of making this shirt for everyone. ALL OVER THE WORLD. In addition,

came out. Kindergarten Yellow. This color is shaking off with the quality of this fabric.

Half sleeves already. Short sleeve version of ALL OVER THE WORLD.

It has a pocket. Only short sleeves.

And it's also a new type.

Short version of ALL OVER THE WORLD.

I wonder if this is a wide strike zone.

In 2020, wash and wash and put out the puckering.


Henrik Vibskov as before.

It's a combination of patterns and patterns, but it's not that dimension anymore.

I think that the strength of clothes that can be felt from this pattern work has a firm position among womenswear.

me too.

As for HENRIK VIBSKOV, the 2020SS PRE collection will arrive.

This collection appears every year around this time.

This season also bursts with things that can only be found here.

Look at all the women. You can see the man too.

This is Graphpaper's WOMENS. 2020SS will start. Satin band collar dress.

There is also a black that is so cool that you will be stunned.

For women, this kind of item is great for daily use, as well as for special occasions.

Denim jacket in spring colors. It's stylish and light, and it's very gorgeous.

There is also a series of ribs.

This is one piece.

We also have tops and jumpsuits in the same ribbed series. They are all cute. this.

This is just a part of it, but there are plenty of other 20SS.

There are MENS from Graphpaper, sneakers from STUDIO NICHOLSON, bags from MARINEDAY, chukka boots from bench that arrived late, my beautiful landlet, and many more.

Instagram may be able to post the whole thing.

Please take a look there too.

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