Silk knit made from silk spun MOTHER HAND artisan

Today is MOTHER HAND artisan.

It is not a sweater that is perfect for the fall and winter seasons, but it is a series that we have introduced about three or four times in our store.

Since it is a brand that exclusively makes sweaters, it is true that they make amazing products in the fall and winter to keep you warm, but most of the brands that make clothes that are said to be ``specialized brands'' like that. , I think all of them are good at certain seasons.

However, MOTHER HAND artisan is not like that.

Spring and summer season is coming.

Especially during the months of April, May, and June.

Well, I think it's very comfortable to wear as underwear in the really cold midwinter.

100% silk knit.

However, even though it's 100% silk, I don't know of any other knit made from this kind of silk.

Super quality unique to a brand that continues to produce only knitwear deep in the mountains of Tokushima Prefecture.

However, the quality is not only seen as a level of clothing, but as I said earlier, it is a definite benefit that can be experienced by those who wear it during the spring and summer seasons, when people tend to wear light clothes for the season.

First of all, silk is a fiber spewed out from the mouth of insects.

A larva called a silkworm moth continues to eat large amounts of mulberry leaves, producing a protein called silk protein in its body, which it spits out as thread.

This is the home of the cocoon when it turns into a cocoon and becomes a pupa.

The fibers spewed out from its mouth continue to be spewed out for what seems like an infinite amount of time, and the tiny insect continues to spew out threads that are approximately 1000m to 1500m long.

It's a super special fiber. What is silk?

The clump of fibers is loosened and a single long fiber is extracted.

This single fiber is the source of the "silk" that everyone knows.

It is then processed with or without a process called ``refining'' to become the product used in clothing.

・Raw silk (kiito)

・Silk spinning

・Silk spun pongee thread

Generally these three.

There is also something called raw silk, which is sustainable. From that point of view, I think it's relatively popular among women in the mass market.

As far as I know, most of the silk knits that exist in the world are at the stage of silk spun pongee thread.

I think it's difficult to make knits made from 100% raw silk from various aspects.

However, the material used in this silk knit by MOTHER HAND artisan is not the spun silk pongee thread.

Silk called kenboshi.

There aren't that many 100% silk knits out there, but the most common knit is silk made from spun silk pongee yarn.

The silk spun pongee thread is made from a by-product of the "silk spinning" used by MOTHER HAND artisan.

Of course, that's not a bad thing either.

Silk at the "raw silk" stage that I mentioned earlier is where you can most experience the characteristics of the fiber.

Considering that it needs a certain amount of fluffiness and the optimal comfort against the skin as a knit, using it at 100% is not very suitable.

MOTHER HAND artisan has an ultra sweater for fall/winter that uses a large amount of raw silk and is knitted with mohair. So I mix it with mohair as well.

But this time it's "100% silk".

A knit made from 100% silk, allowing you to feel the characteristics of silk fiber.

This yarn is made by intentionally cutting raw silk, which is over 1km long, into short lengths to make the fibers similar to wool, and then spinning them.

What's more, the Nagai couple make full use of a home-use hand flat knitting machine, based on their own theory.

That is this.

As I mentioned earlier, this knit is made using 100% silk called kenboshi.

Last year, I had it made in a reddish-brown color, and before that, I had it made in a lead color or a color that looked like a mixture of brown and green.

This time, the color is PAVEMENT.

This color is the coloring in the photo above, and I've thought about having it made in this color many times before.

When you look at the photo, you can clearly see that the threads of multiple colors are combined, but the real thing gives a different impression.

Due to the diffused reflection of silk's unique fibers, the complex and uneven hues appear, similar to unevenly dyed clothes.

I think people who like this will really like it.

By the way, in the photo above, the silk reflects the light and looks whitish and too bright, but the color is a little more subdued. Actually.

There are two types of knits made using it.

Until now, we have only released a model called HUY, which is a pullover type with a slightly higher neck, but this time we have also created a new model.



material _ SILK 100% (silk spinning)

color _ PAVEMENT


First of all, this.

A new model called HASSELT.

Visually speaking, it looks like a cardigan with no buttons on the front.

In the first place, we started handling this silk knit from MOTHER HAND artisan because the brand spent many years prototyping and researching, and after that, we were able to create a very high quality silk knit. However, at that time, there was something that I had been thinking about for a long time.

Until then, I only wore shirts in spring and summer.

I always wore shirts with different creative ideas.

I used to like wearing shirts, but at the time, I hadn't found any other clothes that I really wanted to wear during the spring and summer seasons.

MOTHER HAND artisan created it at that timing.

That's why, during the spring and summer seasons, we've been selling products other than shirts that are not only comfortable to wear, but also show off their high quality.

Since it is made of 100% silk, I have an image of wearing that high-quality material casually.

Until now, we only carried the pullover type model HUY, but for the first time we carry a model called HASSELT, which can be worn more loosely.

100% silk knit with nothing attached to the front.

Normally, for open-front knits such as cardigans, the front edge and hem of knitted fabrics are changed to ribbed knitting in order to process the edges of the fabric, but in this case, the knitted fabric cannot be switched and the knitted fabric is left as it is. .

Utilizing the characteristics of knitted fabric, the neck edge and front edge are designed to naturally curl inward.

This model called HASSELT has a super three-dimensional structure when worn.

Do you understand this? ?

When laid flat, it falls straight diagonally from the shoulders to the sleeves, leaving the fabric loose at the sides, but when a person steps inside, it creates a transcendent form that makes it hard to believe that it is knitted. That's it.

This is amazing.

In terms of nuance, I think it's close to the feeling of wearing Isabella Stefanelli clothes.

Seriously, this shape is impossible for knits.

I didn't take a photo of me wearing it though.

Knitwear is completely different in nature from woven clothing, and is formed with each stitch.

Therefore, since the eyes are connected straightly one by one, it is almost impossible to create a three-dimensional shape if you make it normally.

Taking advantage of this, we created a form with a completely original design.

There is some stitching only in the middle of the back neck, and the stitching disappears around the shoulders, changing the knitted fabric.

HASSELT is made from 100% silk, using a home hand weft knitting machine, and has a unique structure.

There's a secret hidden here.

You will be surprised when you wear it.

Well, the way to wear it is to place it firmly on your shoulders. It's not like that.

It is an image that is easy to wear and fluffy.

I think the sleeves are a little loose to take advantage of the drape of the silk.

As before, there are no ribbed changes on the cuffs.

This is the inside of the sleeve.

The left side is the armhole side.

The right side is the cuff side.

Due to the structure of sleeves, when comparing armholes and cuffs, the armholes are larger and the cuffs are smaller.

Therefore, the number of eyes formed also differs.

You can see that the number of stitches decreases one by one as you go from the armhole to the cuff, and they meet in the middle.

Normally, the inner sleeves are sewn to form the sleeves, but at MOTHER HAND artisan, we use a home hand flat knitting machine to increase or decrease stitches, so the backs of the sleeves are sewn without seams. There are no seams on the inner sleeves.

Therefore, it is extremely comfortable.

In addition to the feel of silk against the skin, there is no looseness caused by the seams.

In particular, when wearing this knit, it is ideal to wear a T-shirt or tank top underneath.

That way, in addition to silk, you can feel the maximum comfort of this knit.

The front edge of the body is also beautifully processed.

It's not cut straight, so you don't have to worry about it fraying.

It is a well-processed structure.


If you look at the back, you can clearly see the structure of this knit.

A sewing point that enters horizontally just above the tag and changes to a switch halfway through.

There's a secret hidden here.

In terms of this knit, there are three sewing points: the horizontal seam that goes into the back neck, the armholes, and the sides of the body.

It comes in sizes 2 and 4, but I think it would be difficult for taller people to wear it this time.

I'm 167cm tall and 52kg, but size 2 feels good.

Size 4 is suitable for people who are around 170cm tall.

Also, I think this knit is suitable for people with a slightly slimmer body.

I think there are only a few people who can wear it, but I think those who like it will love it. HASSELT.

And one more thing.



material _ SILK 100% (silk spinning)

color _ PAVEMENT



A knit with a slightly higher neck design.

When I first met this model, HUY, I wanted to wear something other than a shirt from the bottom of my heart.

The neck is rolled, and like previous sweaters, the only seams are the armholes and the sides of the body.

The body is knitted together from the front hem to the back hem, but of course there are no seams on the back of the neck.

Therefore, the 100% silk knitted fabric feels extremely comfortable on your neck.

The direction of the knitted fabric is switched at the shoulder.

The HASSELT and HUY we mentioned earlier have different knitting methods due to their different structures, but this HUY looks very simple, but it's been put a lot of thought into it.

Regarding the construction of the shoulders, the HASSELT mentioned earlier has a lower shoulder line.

This HUY has a relatively snug fit. Relatively.

The sleeves on this one also taper sharply from the armhole to the cuff.

It's not that the arms are thin, but I get the impression that the silk falls off quite well.

As I mentioned earlier, the body of MOTHER HAND artisan sweaters is knitted as one piece, from the front hem to the back hem.

For this reason, the armholes and neck areas are knitted using a home-use hand flat knitting machine to create a design that either reduces or increases the number of stitches.

It seems that there are extremely few people who can perform this process these days.

When you look at the finished product, it seems like the body is structured and the sleeves are attached, but this brand is completely different.

It's God. God.

I say this every time, but seriously, it's a divine knit.

I think everyone would be better off in life if they had MOTHER HAND artisan.

The concept of knitting will change. Ultra seriously.


Same as before, the sleeve width gets narrower from the armhole to the sleeve, but by knitting by reducing stitches one by one, there are no seams on the back of the sleeve.

Details that guarantee comfort when worn.

The hem is also curled.

Also, regarding HUY, the side seams are not sewn by hand, but using a special linking tool.

We previously displayed this tool when Mr. and Mrs. Nagai visited our store.

A super analog tool.

And the back.

It may look simple, but it has the ultimate specifications that are lavished with the skills and ideas of MOTHER HAND artisans.

This is true, because you can feel it when you wear it.

As mentioned earlier, there are no seams on the neck, so I think it feels really comfortable.

The armholes are sewn by hand by Mr. Nagai (her husband), not by a linking sewing machine.

For the armholes, the number of stitches on the body and sleeves are completely different, so I make more stitches on the sleeves so that the arms can move, but I count each stitch and sew it exactly as I want.

The same goes for the theory and design of knitwear, but MOTHER HAND artisans require a great deal of concentration and patience to create each piece.

It's been more than 10 years, maybe 15 years? Since we are a married couple who continue to work together, I don't think it would be easy to find something similar at this level.

And look, this.

The shine of silk and the bulge of knitted fabric.

This touches your body.

Sounds amazing, right?

When the weather gets warm, the wind passes through your body and gently and softly wraps your upper body.

If you get your hands on this, be sure to be blown away.

And this.

All MOTHER HAND artisan knits come with a tag with washing instructions, and of course this silk spun knit is the same.

You can wash it at home.

However, this kind of knit is of a level that not just anyone can make, so it is extremely special.

It is a knit that has disadvantages when handled properly.


First, it can be washed, but when it dries, the knitted fabric will look crooked.

This is not actually wrinkled; it is similar to wrinkles on a shirt, for example, caused by washing.

Due to the bulge that is unique to knitted fabrics and the softness of silk, such wrinkles may appear to be ``twisted or stretched'' after washing.

Actually, it doesn't twist or stretch.

Therefore, if you are concerned about it after washing, please iron or steam it.

That way, it will be resolved in one go.

By the way, there is no shrinkage even after washing.

However, please dry it flat.

The second is static electricity.

Silk is the most electrically charged plant fiber.

Therefore, static electricity may be generated when putting on and taking off clothes, so please take your time when putting them on and taking them off.

Also, when you first wear it alone, a little bit of fuzz may stick to your car seat belt.

Additionally, unlined cotton jackets, especially moleskin.

Silk fuzz may also stick to such items, so when using it as an inner layer for the first time, wear it inside a jacket with a slippery lining.

Because of this static electricity, I think you can feel the unique texture of the knitted fabric that sticks to your body.

There are disadvantages as mentioned above, so I would appreciate it if you could understand that point.

Everything else is perfect.

The pullover type HUY is available in sizes 4, 5, and 6.

I am 167cm tall, weigh 52kg, and wear a size 4.

I think it's best to wear something a little loose, so I consider size 4 to be equivalent to size S.

I don't think you can find knits like this anywhere other than MOTHER HAND artisan.

The best season to wear it is yet to come, but if you like it, please take a look.

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