Extremely dangerous scarf and ring Araki Yuu

Yesterday, I introduced Kesennuma knitting, and today I would like to introduce you to something else.

Araki Yuu.

Lately, I haven't been able to introduce Araki Yuu at all on my blog, but before I introduced it, customers were liking it at the store, so it seems like I haven't been carrying Araki Yuu's clothes at all. It might be. lol

We continue to handle them as we have always done. lol

For me too, Araki Yuu is very essential, and although I can't make many clothes, there is something unique to this brand.

This time, I would like to introduce you to a scarf made by Alashan Cashmere.I had a field jacket made from the same Alashan cashmere as last year, and I was selling it, but that one also sold out before I could introduce it on this blog.

It's a very powerful piece of clothing.

But today, it's a scarf.

I ordered 5 items as soon as I saw this. Plus 1 point for yourself. Total of 6 points.

Until the other day, I was selling Suvin Gold Supreme's clothes, so I thought I'd wait until things had calmed down, but among the customers who were coming to visit, I quietly thought it might be a good product for them. Well, I took a quick look at it, but then I added the items I had originally planned to keep and ended up with only two items left. lol

Everyone who sees it will want it. A scarf that can be said to be.

I don't think you can find anything like it anywhere else, but they make amazing things. Araki Yuu.

To begin with, I was shown a sample of this scarf more than a year ago when it was in the prototype stage.

Even though it was a prototype, I fell in love with it and thought I would definitely want it if it were ever to be released as a product.

Something I've been looking forward to for over a year.

The moment I saw it finally appear, I was so happy that I ordered it on the spot.

I've been waiting for this scarf for over a year now, so much so that I can say I've never forgotten it even for a day.

I would like to introduce that to you today.

Because it's really a ridiculous thing.

Araki Yuu

Scarf & Ring set

material_ALASHAN CASHMERE 100%



price_ ¥88,000- (in tax)


This set includes a scarf and a brass ring made of 100% worsted Arashan cashmere from Kuzuri Keori, which I also love.

The brand gives the impression that the clothes are made with brass buttons, but this time the brass is used to make scarf rings.


brass scarf ring.

Thick hexagonal shape.

This is a piece of work that Araki Yuu hammered a bar-shaped piece of brass into a flat shape, bent it accurately, joined it together, and finally processed it to take advantage of the texture of the brass.

Even though I'm a person who makes clothes, hammering brass into shapes to form scarf rings is no longer something that ordinary people would do. lol

To begin with, my clothes have always been the same, and I have never shifted to factory production, sewing everything myself.And this time, are you a jewelry craftsman? I've done things like this.

There is no one in Japan today who continues to make things like this.

He continues to do so without any change, or rather, continues to improve his skills.

I think it's really amazing. When I look at the products made by Araki Yuu, I can see that even the details of the clothes are getting better and better, and it's not like we're maintaining the status quo at all.

As I wrote in yesterday's Kesennuma Knitting blog, the current trend is to "make things easier."

But neither is Araki Yuu.

You can really feel this when you look at Araki Yuu's products, and that's why I really like Araki Yuu's clothes and things.

Brass plates are welded together at this location.

The texture of the brass changes on various sides of the hexagon.

I saw and felt the brass that Araki Yuu hammered herself.

As usual, the scarf itself has antique lace sewn on both sides.

This antique lace is not just an iconic piece, but I felt that it also acts as a stopper to prevent the ring from slipping when the scarf is passed through the ring.

It's sewn in that position, so it's well thought out.

And the contrast with Kuzuri Keori's dangerous fabric, ``worsted Arashan cashmere'', is so beautiful that it will grab your heart.

Although it is a soft fiber, the thread has a tight texture and a deep shine.

Added to it is a ring made of hard brass plate.

I don't think this scarf would be as good as it is with just the Arashan cashmere fabric or the forged brass ring.

The combination of Arashan cashmere and scarf rings creates something truly spectacular.


Arashan cashmere by Kuzuri Keori.

As mentioned earlier, worsted.

Kuzuri Keori is a weaver in the field of dresses, so all of the fabrics are worsted.

This fabric is designed and woven using the traditional high-density weaving technique, using three pieces of Arashan cashmere.

I don't usually use the word very often, but this one is "excellent."

In the photo above, it looks quite navy, but in reality, the fabric is woven with navy and black thread, and the product is dyed using Araki Yuu, resulting in an uneven black coloring.

It seems like navy is peeking out here and there. The real thing.


Well, I don't think I understand it at all. lol

The Arashan cashmere was so shiny that I couldn't take a proper photo of it. lol

And the scarf itself has this shape.

It has a different shape from the scarves that have existed under the brand so far.

This is Araki Yuu, and in order to create this scarf, they sought the best balance between full volume and a fit around the neck.

As a result, the scarf itself has such a unique shape.

The fabric is herringbone, but I used it horizontally. This is also a result of considering the volume when worn.

It is made up of three pieces of fabric, and antique lace is placed at the seams.

A scarf may seem to have a simpler structure than clothing, but there is also a brand's thoughtful intention behind it.

antique lace.

This is also dyed black by product dyeing.

And when you look at the back...

Do you understand? ?

All hand sewn.

Until now, the scarves that have been released by the brand have had the edges of the fabric machine-sewn, but this one is sewn by hand.

The seams are not stiff and you can really feel the characteristics of Arashan cashmere on your neck.

・Worsted Arashan cashmere

・Brass ring formed by hammering


There's nothing to complain about anymore.

This is a crazy piece of shit.

I don't think ¥88,000 (tax included) is expensive at all.

I'm sure those who get their hands on it will feel that it's more than just the price.


When worn.

Do you know that it's quite voluminous?

I think you can also wear it like a scarf.

The sheen of the fabric is amazing and you can feel it even when you wear it.

Overflowing with a sense of luxury. An overflowing aura.

And yet, it's made from Kuzuri Keori's fabric. Washable.

I think this is really good for people who like it.

I think I'll be releasing something that I had ordered for myself, but I'm both happy and disappointed, so I'm quietly introducing it in the store.

If you are considering it, please take a look.

But I don't think I can hide my elation in front of the mirror.

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