Irenisa from tomorrow

As I was informed, it will be held from tomorrow.



It will be 9 days from tomorrow, February 17th (Saturday) to February 25th (Sunday).

We hope you will be able to experience IRENISA's 2024 Spring/Summer season.

Also, the lineup posted on Instagram is only part of the lineup, so I think you can see quite a lot of variation.

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, IRENISA designers Abe-san and Kobayashi-san will be at our store for the umpteenth time.

We would be happy if both customers who have met us in the past and those who are visiting for the first time look forward to visiting us.

Also, in line with this IRENISA event, we have completely redesigned our store lineup.

We are changing all the displays in our store.

There are two brands that we carry from this season, and we have so many other brands that we've introduced so many new ones. lol

In addition to IRENISA, we hope that you will enjoy it when you visit our store.

IRENISA's 2024 Spring/Summer season items, with the exception of some lineups, will be posted on our online store from the evening of Sunday, February 18th, the day after tomorrow.

Until then, it will only be sold in stores.

We look forward to seeing you all starting tomorrow.

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