"Too amazing" cut and sew YE OLDE AND NEW MAN

DAN TOMIMATSU's LIMITED EXHIBITION has been held since last Saturday.

Thank you very much for visiting our store every day, and thank you for contacting us and asking questions from people who live far away.

This is the only jewelry brand that we carry in our store.

Especially from now on, it's going to be a good season to pay attention to that.

We will do our best to help you, so please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

And today, I'd like to introduce something that I think is "amazing" again.

I'm sure some of you already know about it, and it's been a while since the first delivery at our store.

And, normally I would like to introduce them on this blog, but I haven't been able to do so.

The reason is that it's the most amazing cut-and-sew I've ever encountered in my life as a fashion designer.

When I saw this for the first time and wore it myself, the quality was so amazing that it took me a long time to incorporate it into myself, or rather, to understand it.

This feeling is very similar to what I felt when I saw Isabella Stefanelli's clothes for the first time.

Cut and sew clothing can be made by any brand, and the market has given it an image of being cheaper and simpler than fabric clothing, but this is amazing.

I've said it many times, but I think this is truly amazing. Put aside your appearance preferences.

Mr. Fukuhara, whom I met at OLDE HOMESTEADER, produces products for several brands, and I think the world should know that he creates so many products.

However, it took me a lot of time to put it into words, or rather, to put it into words like this.

To begin with, I can't remember exactly whether it was six or seven years ago, but at the time, Mr. Fukuhara was only making socks and trunks as OLDE HOMESTEADER.

Around that time, we met, and our store started by selling only one type of "undyed socks."

From then on, Mr. Fukuhara's creations quickly improved to the next level, and now they come in an incredible variety, and each level is excellent.

Among them, it has been clearly stated that what is suitable and what is not suitable for the current CASANOVA&CO.

I have also said things to Mr. Fukuhara that could be considered extremely rude, and on the other hand, I think I have also given him tremendous praise.

In my own way, I wanted to face Fukuhara-san's creations head-on, and I felt like Fukuhara-san welcomed that as well.

When I look at the things that Mr. Fukuhara makes, I can imagine to some extent how much work he has put into it, and I really learn from the way he approaches things when making things, and I have a lot of respect for him. .

However, that doesn't mean we don't handle all of them, and we only introduce a limited number of products to our customers.

That's my answer based on what I saw.

However, the one I would like to introduce today is, in my opinion, "by far the best" cut and sew.

It's at that level.

Mr. Sugihara of nonnotte, with whom I have a close relationship, also has a career and is a professional cut-and-sew designer, and he also said things like, ``I wonder how they make all these things.'' , I was so surprised.

Also, oh yeah.

This is a little off topic, but for this summer, I've been introducing a sleeveless tank top called "SLEEVELESS" that I've been introducing to you all this year, so please look forward to it this year.

We've had good things made so far, but since we've been working on it since last year, I think we'll be able to make something amazing.

I'm looking forward to it.

Well, as I said earlier, the cut and sew I'm introducing today is the best for me at the moment, so maybe its "SLEEVELESS" will come into play. lol

Let me introduce you.

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