Today, I'll let you know.

The event is for 9 days from April 6th (Sat) to April 14th (Sun).


We will be holding a limited time event.

This is an event that has been held over the past several years.

The quality, including the beauty of the materials, and the brand's philosophy are something I can really relate to, and I think this brand is extremely valuable.

Our store is mainly visited by men and is the only brand that carries "jewelry", which is something that can be worn in addition to clothes.

There are many different accessory brands around the world.

I personally have always thought that DAN TOMIMATSU is the best.

This has never wavered over the years that I have been handling it.

That's why, up until now, our store only handles DAN TOMIMATSU.

The brand's jewelry collection, which I deal with on a daily basis, is extremely diverse.

Therefore, the lineup and size are always limited.

I think about a lot of things when making my selections.

However, once a year, I make it a point to display "all" of the brand in stores.

Fortunately, we always get cooperation from brands, and I think it's really rare that we can have this many variations.


Now, more than 15 years have passed since the brand was founded, and I think the concentration of the collection is incredible.

They are different from "accessories" that can be changed according to the coordination of the day.

100 years is a very difficult time to pass when it comes to clothing, but if you go to a museum, you can still see gold and silver ornaments from ancient times, as if they have transcended time and space.

Physically, it is an ornament that has a completely different timeline from clothes made of cloth.

At DAN TOMIMATSU, we create jewelry in this modern era, and we are a brand that is striving to become that kind of presence, both for its owners and for the world at large.

Therefore, in our store, we carry the collection created by DAN TOMIMATSU.

We call it "jewelry" rather than accessories.

As someone who spends most of the time each month or year at work, I always wear DAN TOMIMATSU jewelry when I go from home to work.

However, you should not wear it when you are taking time off from work or when you are not working.

In a sense, DAN TOMIMATSU jewelry is like a talisman for me when I interact with clothes, and it greatly supports my spirit.

That's why we've always sold and handled them in stores, and we always hold an event like this once a year.

There is a deep spirituality embedded in each item of the brand, and I strongly feel that this is something that cannot be replaced by anything else.

Of course, the quality is first class.

As a fan of the brand and someone who wears DAN TOMIMATSU jewelry almost every day, I would like to introduce to you the full lineup of products made by this brand during this period.

We believe that not only customers who visit our store on a daily basis, but also those who are seeing DAN TOMIMATSU for the first time, will be able to appreciate the greatness of this brand.

Also, although we call it an order event, there will not only be items that can be ordered, but also quite a few items that will be on sale at the same time during the event.

I'll introduce you later.

Please look forward to.

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