We are recruiting staff

Today, as the title says, I will write about staff recruitment.

At our store CASANOVA & CO, we would like to recruit staff who will work with us in the future.

As a select shop, we carry clothes and goods from a variety of brands, but there is something very moving about the things that are made with careful attention to detail.

We are moved by such things every day, and we would like to share that excitement with those who visit our store and support us.

In addition, as a store, we must always be aware of the fact that we are not only "dealing with brands," but also "taking care of the brands," by properly communicating the brands that create such products. I feel that.

In that sense, I think you should not only be a salesperson, but also be a ``communicator.''

Also, through such things, we aim to be able to have a positive impact not only on our own lives, but also on the lives of customers who visit our store and support us, although this may sound arrogant. .

There are many things I think about every day, but this time, the person I want to have a relationship with is that I like him and have passion for him.

That's kind of what I've been doing myself. lol

"I like what although Nare good"

"There's nothing like passion"

Just as the word exists, I think so too.

If anyone is interested, I would be happy to hear from you.

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