PETROSOLAUM's PERSONAL ORDER EVENT has been held since Saturday.

On the first and second days, designer Ogino brothers were at CASANOVA&Co.

I think that people who regularly visit us and who are particular about things, who place importance on the originality and quality of things, and the mindset that includes the process up to completion, will enjoy seeing it.

If you have already placed an order, please wait patiently.

Also, I think that everyone who actually visited the store felt how wide-ranging and diverse the products of this PETROSOLAUM shoe brand are.

I introduced various things before this period, but today I would like to introduce some sample variations prepared by the brand.


02 LAST whole cut

material _ garment dye cordvan butt


color _ (you can also choose black)

A model of 02 LAST that has not been introduced so far.

02 LAST is a square toe style.

It may be good for those who like that kind of part because the size of the waste is less.

The material is cordovan bat.

And, as you can see above, garment-dyed shoes.

In the case of so-called clothes, product dyeing is sometimes done to create a unique expression, but when it comes to shoes, the story is different.

The texture of the leather is drawn out, and the color is heavyweight overall.

This is the only place that has a contrast with the stitching by product dyeing.

It's not one-size-fits-all, but you can instantly sense the artisan mood created by PETROSOLAUM.

The unique leather quality of cordvan butt is pulled out through another process.

As a result, the fiber quality of the leather stands up as a whole and it looks like suede. Glimpse.

However, the gradation from the toe to the heel is still there.

Also, due to the nature of garment dyeing, the shoes are dyed after completion, so the overall shrinkage occurs.

There is no half size setting for this garment die because each item has a slight difference in shrinkage ratio.

39, 40, 41, 42, etc. are incremented by one size.

This model does not have a heel rubber due to shrinkage during dyeing.

If rubber is attached at the time of production, the leather will shrink, but the rubber will not.

Therefore, if you wish, you may specify that rubber be attached when you place an order.

However, about the upper, of course, the leather will stretch as you wear it.

At first, let this hard leather stick to your feet.

And enjoy the unique look and texture.


02 LAST show stitch

material_transparent cowhide



I'm out. this.

No matter where you look in the world, this will not exist in shoes.

"Transparent cowhide" shoes.

The transcendental mysterious leather used in the "see-through flip-flops" that I had made with the cooperation of the brand in April.

"Untanned" leather made possible by a certain overseas tanner's unique production method.

However, it is completely no chemical and 100% natural raw materials.

thus like this.

This appearance that feels like it's shining, but the scent of the earth that seems to contradict it.

You can see the lineage, and it's bling, but the touch feels so moist and wet that it's irritated.

Transparent shoes that completely deviate from the world of "men's shoes".

Well, this shoe is for those who already have many pairs of PETROSOLAUM shoes.

It is a special shoe in both existence and characteristics.


03 LAST hidden derby low

material_cordvan butt



These are 03 LAST shoes.

So far, I've mainly introduced McKay's, but this is handsawn.

It is a 90% tailoring of the hand sewn welted manufacturing method. Strictly speaking.

Production using this process is extremely rare in modern shoemaking, but I think it should be left to future generations.

It's a hand-sewn tailoring, but what it means is that the invisible and important part is hand-sewn.

It's a part that can't be seen when the shoes are completed, but this is important.

After fishing, the upper, inner material, and sole are sewn together to integrate them, and this process is hand-stitched.

Watching a skilled craftsman make a hole for a hand-stitched needle, slowly and surely, and powerfully, is a process that makes the viewers shudder.

After the inner hand sewing, only the edge of the sole is sewn precisely with a special sewing machine.

There is no problem with the sewing machine here.

This is called ninety percent tailoring.

Even McKay shoes are very comfortable when worn properly, but handsorns take the owner to a paradise that envelops the whole foot even more.

However, in terms of appearance, McKay has no overhanging edge and gives a clean impression, but the hand sewn has protruding stitches, so it looks a little heavy.

Also, as a similar manufacturing method, compared to Goodyear welted, which was born in pursuit of time reduction and rationality of hand sewn welted, the difference in quality is huge. In terms of results.

Hidden derby with no stitches on the front side of the opening.

It is a technique that can only be achieved because it is cordovan bat leather,

There is a stitch on the opening of the lining side (back side).

I think you'll understand if you look at the real thing. I can't tell from the photos.

This technique is also exhibited at the store, where some of the making processes are framed like specimens.

If you are visiting, please let me know.

Even so, the outline of the opening is scooped out.

Astonishing beauty.

This model is also a cordovan bat that I have been talking about before, so the finest cordovan is placed on the toe.

And as it goes to the heel, it gradually changes into a suede-like shape.

I introduced this cordovan bat before, so please take a look at it.

Originally, I was going to introduce another one, but since I was able to talk a lot about shoes to those who came today, I will stop here for this blog.

The period is until the 27th, and there is a little more, so I will introduce it again.

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