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Fibers that exist in the world and are taken for granted.


It is said that there are more than 110 types of cotton in the world, but among them, only 5% of the total is the so-called cotton that we like.

My favorite type of cotton is "long-staple cotton".

The 2020 AW season is about to start as early as the beginning of July, but there may be many people who can't escape from the first shot.

First, let's start with the shirt. There are 2 types.

Both are very dangerous.

The first picture is cotton thread, but it is a substitute that can be said to be "phantom cotton".

sea ​​island cotton.

When written in kanji, it is Kaishima cotton.

This cotton is not distributed at all.

Hmmm, I can't get it.

It's like KING among the world's high-end cotton, but you can't meet it.

At our store, Araki Yuu used Dead Sea Island in the 2020SS season, but that's about it these days.

Not only is the fiber length long, but it is also thin and has a wonderful luster that makes each fiber shine.

Shirt fabric made from 100% Sea Island cotton.

140/2 "140 count sea island cotton poplin".

I will explain them one by one.

・Count (Bante) = Standard of length for a certain weight.

*Cotton count (British cotton count): 1 pound (453.6 g) of yarn with a length of 840 yards (768.1 m) is the first count.

In other words, No. 140 is 140 times longer. → 453.6g with a length of 107534m is No. 140.

・Two-ply thread (soushi) = Two threads are twisted and combined to make one thread.

・Sea Island Cotton <Kaito Nen> = "Phantom cotton" grown in the Caribbean Sea. Softness, smoothness, suppleness and luster are the strongest.

・Poplin = densely twisted plain fabric typified by shirting. Derived from the 14th-century Pope.

something like.

Well, simply put, insanely good dough.

The number 140 is about 60 to 80 for most common shirt fabrics, so you can understand that the number is high. (The higher the number, the longer and thinner the thread. Usually in increments of 10.)

I think that you can see the difference if you compare this fabric with a general shirt fabric.

It's about 60-count single yarn plain weave shirt fabric.

Single thread = 1 thread. General shirting and

Appearing again, this time this shirt fabric.

Both photos are enlarged at the same magnification and in the same range, but I think you can feel the number of threads and the fineness of the texture.

in the first place,,

There are warp threads and weft threads in the fabric.

The warp threads are the vertical threads shown in red.

Weft threads are horizontal threads shown in yellow.

Plain weave fabric is created by alternating warp and weft threads.

In addition, the green circle shows that "two threads are twisted into one thread" because it is a two-ply thread.

Compared to ordinary single-ply shirting, there are no twisted parts of two threads.

In the first place, the use of two-ply yarns greatly increases the strength of the yarn.

Was it like three times? Two-ply yarn is stronger than single-ply yarn.

Originally, the 140th thread is thin and delicate, but by using two-ply yarn, the strength is increased and the fabric can withstand heavy use.

While it is durable enough for everyday use, you will be able to feel the quality of the diamond fiber that only Sea Island cotton possesses. this fabric.

And one more thing.


Here is another shirt.


200 count two-ply yarn.

For the past few years, our shop has been using 140 count cotton as the highest count.

There are numbers that go far beyond that.


Using the formula above, 453.6g is 153620m long.

I'm no longer an idiot.

Moreover, the fibers are not just thin and long.

The highest peak of cotton, Giza cotton.

Was Giza about Giza 1 to Giza 90? This is Giza 45, a type of cotton characterized by numbers in the order in which it was found.

If you like it, you can see it in one shot, but it is known that the highest in Giza is 45.

I myself have pursued a lot of shirts so far and have experienced the best of various brands, but this is another dimension.

This shirt not only has the smoothness, softness, and luster of the Giza 45 fibers, but also has a raw number of 200.

I think that 100 out of 100 people will be surprised if they put it through their sleeves. Everyone.

that level. Astonishing texture.

Well, I don't want to sing about how comfortable it is, but if you're going to wear it anyway, wouldn't it be better to wear something that's comfortable than clothes that make you feel uncomfortable every time it touches your skin? I think this fabric will be very comfortable even if you roll up the sleeves in the hot summer.

The twist of the thread is strong at the stage where the fiber becomes the thread, and this fabric is soft with little fuzz, and it is really high quality.

We have two types of shirts this time.

Sea Island Cotton 140/2 is regular color white.

200/1 of Giza 45 is a fine striped band collar.

By the way, the interlining of the collar and cuffs is a temporary adhesive interlining, but it has been washed once and finished. That's why it's a plush core.

I don't think there is anything to worry about, such as being stiff when you wear it.

I wonder if it's about time.

It will start sometime in the beginning of July.

I've been wearing a lot of shirts like this lately. You can enjoy wearing it and washing it.

This shirt is the start of our autumn/winter season, but it doesn't matter if you buy it or not, I'll leave it up to you. It's obvious.

However, I would like people who like clothes, especially those who like shirts, to take a look at these two shirts.

One thing I want people to know about the world is that there are shirts like this, as a clothing store, and in the sense that what we do gives a little bit of breadth to the drawer as a lover of clothes.

But I think there are quite a few people who would want to see this shirt.

Well, it doesn't look outlandish,

Whether you like it or not is up to each individual.

So it might be best for you to actually see it.

So, I really wanted to tell you about textiles, so I didn't take a picture of the shirt in this blog, so I'll introduce it in the near future.

It's a shirt that I'm excited about too, so I'd be happy if you could look forward to it.

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