ACRONYM clothes

Today, I would like to introduce ACRONYM.

I think most of you are familiar with this brand.

It's the king of brands in this genre. King.

At our shop, we have recently been focusing on clothes made from natural fibers, but we have always been looking for clothes in this field.

So, I searched for various things both in Japan and overseas.

Because I thought in myself that there was only one brand.

In the past, I used to handle Norwegian Rain, but after I finished handling it, I kept that frame open.

Really, I think I saw a lot of things.

However, none of them were truly convincing. For me.

ACRONYM's information is very closed, so I don't know where or how to contact them, but fortunately I had a connection, so I spent some time talking to them.

And the time has come for the brand side and our timing to match.

Then, I visited a place where I could see the brand collection and took a closer look.

Then, after all, it's here. I thought.

So I decided to handle it.

So, it will start sunny from this time.


Well, basic information about the brand can be found by searching the internet, but it all started when Mr. Errolson founded the company with his partner in 1995.

At that time, it seems that he was active as a black child of manufacturing.

In 2002, I heard that you started your own label, Acronium.

At that time, when I was flying around the world to work for clients, I went to areas with various climates, such as cold places, hot places, and places where it often rained.

So I felt

“Casual wear that can be worn comfortably in any environment”

I want to make.

So that's exactly what ACRONYM is aiming for.

You can wear it in various environments using the best materials that make full use of technology.

Aiming for "the best casual wear".

So, as a brand, ACRONYM clothes are

I think of it as "casual wear".

Casual wear made from the best materials.

But it's always evolving, and I think it has to evolve.

In the brand's collection, there is no such thing as a "standard" that continues to appear.

always changing.

That is ACRONYM.

First of all, this time, there are 4 kinds of things, so let me introduce a little.


Gore-Tex 3L Pro Rider Jacket

material _ Gore-Tex Proshell 3L



The best of Gore-Tex, top quality.

A rider jacket that uses 3-layer (three-layer structure) "Proshell".

Mr. Errolson belongs to Acronium as an advisory staff of Gore-Tex in the United States. It seems to be used with ACRONYM.

It's a 3-layer pro shell with a unique crispy texture, but I think it's super comfortable.

And about the “casual wear” I mentioned earlier.

As a symbol of that, the brand values ​​the fineness of sewing, especially the movement of the needle.

One example is the fineness of the stitching pitch.

Certainly, compared to other “tech-type” wear, I feel this point more and more when I see that it is very detailed and carefully made.

In general, this kind of thing is centered on disappointing sewing, but ACRONYM is not at that level at all.

It seems that the production used to be in the Czech Republic, but now it is in Hong Kong in order to “always evolve”.

It took us three years to make various machines and set up the equipment, and the site that produces acronium is equipped with the “world's best equipment” for clothes in this field.

Grosgrain tape with hook-and-loop closure on the neck for a snug fit and high design.

The other side has the same tape, but this side has a built-in magnet.

You can attach AirPods.

If you don't use this, tape with the brand logo is also included, so it might be a good idea.

As a brand, the distinctive feature is the pockets.

Pocket with gusset on the right side.

On the other side, there is a gussetless pocket on the left side.

It is also a feature of ACRONYM that it is full of amazing pocket details.

It is also called a rider jacket, so it is a deep front fit.

The part of the double zip reflected in the photograph is a pocket.

It can be opened and closed from either the top or the bottom.

The reason why the zipper pulls are different is that you can tell by touching them even when your eyes are closed.

Snap inside.

This snap button is also a very thoughtful specification.

The snaps are attached to the tape instead of being driven directly into the body.

For this reason, it is possible to insert a finger and support it during installation.

These clothes are full of well thought out details.

If you take off the hood that can be removed with snaps, the rider's feel will increase even more.

And another fastener appeared.

When tightening the neck, open and close it here.

The lower part of the zipper is waved.

The cuffs are adjusted with hook-and-loop fasteners,

Zipper on inner sleeve.

As a result, once the cuffs are fastened with hook-and-loop fasteners, the cuffs can be opened and closed smoothly with the fasteners.

Easy and speedy putting on and taking off is also one of the characteristics of the brand.

The hood is made up of multiple darts that form a rounded shape that fits over the head.

The inside is full of seam tape.

Because it is a professional shell, the water repellency performance is also excellent anyway.

This rider jacket has seam tape on all seams.


Comes with a jacket sling that you can take off and carry on your back.

It can be removed, or it can be attached to the outside instead of the inside, depending on the situation.


back side.

The curvature of the arm and the inner structure are amazing.

Perfect seam tape everywhere you look.

The structure is complicated, and the seam tape is crackling.

A lump of security.

This rider jacket is available in 3 sizes.

Size S and 160cm.

About 170 cm to late 170 cm in size M.

It's an image of size L and late 170cm.

Well, it depends on your physique.

In addition to being able to move, it is a preeminent fitting.


Schoeller Dryskin Wide Drawcord Trousers

material _ Schoeller Dryskin + 3XDry




It's also very good.

You can move stress-free and it is very suitable for long-distance travel.

The fabric is from a Swiss company called Schoeller, and is a high-class functional material.

Super comfortable fabric that is water repellent, breathable, and stretchy.

The large waist can be adjusted with a cord.

These pants also have a lot of ACRONYM nuances, just like the jacket I mentioned earlier.

The length is short and the waist setting is large before tying, so we have 3 sizes from XS for petite people.

A pocket that looks like it could hold anything.

Also against.

Pocket with gusset.

Of course, still water zip.

I think that you can feel that there is quite a lot of capacity when you open it.

On top of that, there is also a pocket that uses a switch.


You can see that the gusseted pocket mentioned earlier also has corners and a unique shape.

The back pocket has a hidden pocket opening, but it is also opened and closed with a waterproof zipper.

Circular switching reinforcement on the buttocks.

In addition, gussets are placed on the inner thighs so that the legs can be spread widely.

Tucks on the knees.

As expected, here too, the sewing pitch is neat and neat.

Seeing this makes me feel very safe.

Making clothes you can trust.

The knees on the back of the body are also often switched.

And from around the tibia?

Similarly, the Schoeller ounce is different, with a slightly thinner, more stretchy fabric.

This part will give you a better fit.

Nice fit though.

And also the back.

If you take a look at the back of ACRONYM pants, you will be able to instantly judge the complexity of the pocket structure.

This spec is amazing.

However, once you get used to it and use it properly, it is extremely convenient.

In other pants, I have a bag cloth shape that I have never seen before.

More appear when you turn over. smile

Inner waist back.

You can really see how much attention is paid to not only the design of the fabric and pockets, but also the structure of the clothes themselves, such as the design of the endpaper and the piping specifications.

I think it's very rare in this genre of clothing.

Schoeller's tag.


Schoeller Dryskin Gakuran Jacket

material _ Schoeller Dryskin + 3XDry




This jacket is made from Schoeller Dryskin fabric, just like the pants.

Since the brand started in 2002, it is the first tailored jacket in ACRONYM, which boasts a history of over 20 years.

Includes shoulder pads.

Because the sleeves are high, it is a tailoring specification for raising and lowering the hands.

However, because the elasticity of the Scherer fabric is excellent, it is very comfortable to follow the back.

As the name suggests, the motif is the Japanese school orchid.

When you say gakuran, it looks like gakuran, but it's the first type of jacket in the brand.

Also, I was attracted to the beauty of the shape when worn and the excellence as a stand-up collar jacket, so I ordered it.

Stand collar specification.

Mr. Errolson was fascinated by Japanese school run, and based on that, it was made to ACRONYM specifications.

As I said earlier, this jacket has a beautiful shoulder outline and waist shape.

To achieve this, the waist has darts and switching.

Of course, the pocket with a large capacity is still alive.

The front is all snap button closures.

The buttons are also designed so that you can put your fingers under the snap receiver.

This makes it much easier to use while holding it.

The cuffs are ACRONYM-style main face.

This jacket is equipped with tailoring, so there are no stitches on the front.

The back is a full back specification.

Comes with a jacket sling, so you can carry it on your back when you take it off.

The part under the side is switched to mesh.

This part is also called mesh, and if you look through this fabric to the shoulder, you can see the built-in items such as shoulder pads.

What's going on with ACRONYM's jacket like this? If you are interested, it might be good to take a look at the structure of the shoulder. smile

The back of the placket and the hem are facing specifications.

The back is also very beautiful.

Can you see it?

Edge stitching at the very edge of the hem.

This is the first time I've seen such precision in a brand that uses this kind of fabric.

I think this level is also an important factor for a brand that has fans all over the world.


Schoeller Shape Wide Leg Pants

material _ Schoeller Shape + 3XDry



Finally, here.

This fabric is made by Scherer in Switzerland, but it has a slightly different touch.

A lighter image.

And it is the brand's first wide-leg 2-tuck pants.

It seems that the image of these pants is bontan against the gakuran.

Errolson thought of the pants worn by the delinquent.

The fabric is different from the stand-up collar jacket I mentioned earlier, but I wonder if it's a good image of the style.

2 tuck front specification.

There are no stitches on the front of the pants except for the placket.

If anything, the image might be closer to collection brand wide pants.

However, I think that such brands are mostly wool fabrics such as 100 wool.

ACRONYM uses high-spec fabrics all over the world, so it's a completely new genre of pants.

The front has a zipper opening and closing, and snaps are also included, but the belt prevents the front from opening completely.

Grosgrain tape is sandwiched between the pocket openings.

As a result, the hardness comes out, and the pocket opening can be recognized as soon as you touch it, and the durability of the pocket opening is greatly improved.

Also, there's a hidden pocket just below this pocket, so I guess it's because you can tell the difference just by touching it.

pretty detailed specs.

And also the back side.

Already, it's spectacular.

Pockets are intricate.

However, once you get used to it, it is very easy to use to fix things in place.

When you flip it over, another bag is hidden.

The back of the waist is also neatly processed.

front side.

Piping is applied not only to the inside of the waist band, but also to the back of the placket.

These pants have wide hem widths, so there are adjusters on the inside of the hem.

Some styles are brand new, so even those who have seen it before will be able to see it.

As a brand, there aren't many variations in the collection, but all of them are very rich clothes.

Furthermore, the more you use it, the more you can feel its performance.

If you like it, please take a look.

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